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LED Commercial Lighting

By now we all know that in the world of lighting, LEDs reign supreme. With a longer lifespan and a brighter, more economical shine, no one could argue otherwise. If you’ve been looking to upgrade the lights at your commercial facility, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. We’ve curated a wide selection of the highest quality commercial LED lights on the market. If it doesn’t meet our high standards of quality, durability, and functionality, you won’t see it here. Shop everything from High Bays and Low Bays to Shop lights and Vapor Tight Fixtures, knowing that you're looking at the best modern technology has to offer.

Where Commercial LEDs Work Best

We know that no two commercial facilities are the same. Thus, no two commercial facilities have the same needs. Upgrading a metal halide or HPS light to an LED fixture is a great way to cut maintenance costs and minimize energy usage. And, whether your facility is a school, office, warehouse, or something else, there’s a commercial LED lighting solution here for your business. Not only do they cut electrical costs, but they emit less heat than other bulbs. And, their bright, cool light is perfect for a working environment. Our experienced team of lighting experts can guide you through your purchase to ensure that your facility is outfitted with the perfect commercial lighting setup. Pop into the chat or head over to our contact page to get started on a new lighting experience.

What Commercial LED Fixture is Best for My Facility?

Every commercial facility has different needs and will need different lights. LED flat panels and LED troffers are ideal for offices and retail spaces. Their slim silhouette enables them to be installed flush with grid ceilings. This creates an even light distribution, perfect for bright continuous light. If your facility has tall ceilings and needs a good source of bright, general light High Bays are a great option.  All-in-all, the commercial LED light that’s best for your facility will depend on how and where you need to use them. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out.

How many Commercial LED Lighting Fixtures Do I Need?

One of the biggest challenges you'll face, when upgrading the lighting in a commercial facility, is deciding how many fixtures you need to light your space. The light LEDs emit is brighter and of higher quality than other types of bulbs. So, when upgrading from traditional fixtures, it can be a challenge to find an LED lighting layout that’s comparable. Instead of worrying about your lighting layout, use our free lighting plan tool. Our advanced software will create a lighting layout that fits your space.

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