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UFO LED Lights

Need a Free UFO High Bay Lighting Plan?

UFO LED Lights

Need a Free UFO High Bay Lighting Plan?

UFO LED Lights - or Round High Bays - are fixtures designed to replace metal halide lights and high pressure sodium bulb high bays. Our UFO led lights are ideal for pendant mounting or with a hook and cord in factories, arenas, gymnasiums, sports arenas, airports and swimming pools. UFO high bays have the driver installed on top of the fixture inside the heat sink. These fixtures are robust with high impact rating and are typically IP rated - or - water resistant.

LED Watts
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

LED Wattage
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions around UFO high bay lighting, so we’ve created the list below from first time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most frequently asked questions below or call us on (888) 423-3191 to find the right lights for you.

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What Are UFO High Bay Lights?

UFO LED lights are a type of LED high bay that gets its name from its shape - it resembles what we think a UFO space craft looks like. The design was pioneered about 10 years ago and has been one of the mainstay offerings in high bays ever since. Their round, robust, impact resistant design makes them a perfect replacement for metal halide high bays.

What Are the Different Types of UFO High Bay Lights?

There are 2 types: high bay UFO lights and low bay UFO lights. Lower power UFO lights are considered low bay lights.

What Are the Benefits of Using UFO High Bay Lights?

There are extremely durable, high impact, waterproof fixtures that are the perfect replacement for metal halide high bays. They consume 50% to 70% less energy than the same metal halide fixture, and provide year after year of bright, high quality, maintenance free lighting without bulb changes.

How Many UFO LED Lights Do I Need?

That depends entirely on your building size and your lighting requirements. Are you adding new lights or replacing existing lights, 1 for 1? At LED Lighting Supply, we provide free lighting plans. We will model your indoor space inside our lighting software and add in different UFO models to meet your requirements.


What Is the Weight of 240W UFO High Bay Lights?

Around 12 lbs. UFO high bays are lighter than the equivalent metal halide high bay in most cases.

How Many LED Lumens Do I Need to Replace Metal Halide?

10,000 - 12,000 LED lumens replaces 250 watt metal halide
15,000 - 24,000 LED lumens replaces 400 watt metal halide
39,000 - 60,000 LED lumens replaces 1000 watt metal halide

The actual lumens required will depend on the mounting space and the light levels required.

Are UFO High Bays a Good Solution for Industrial Applications?

Industrial installations can vary from commercial installations and can have different operating temperatures, can be very dirty and require very rugged fixtures. We have several UFO fixture options that are designed for industrial applications. We offer high impact, high temperature and hazardous location options, if that is what you require.

UFO or Linear High Bay, Which Is Better for Me?

Each fixture type has its pros and cons. For example, UFOs are more robust. Linear lights are more panel-like and by default have a less intense singular bright source of light. If you like metal halide lighting, UFO's are a good choice. If you like fluorescent lighting, then panel linear fixtures may be your best option.

Coca Cola Warehouse 150w High Bay

How Many Amps Does X UFO High Bay Light Draw?

LEDs use less amps than metal halide. It is Watts / Volts Draw - Amp Draw. Let’s run two examples with 300 Watt lights:

300 Watts / 120V = 2.5 amps
300 Watts / 277V = 1.08 amps

This is why it is more efficient to run lights at a higher voltage - you can install more lights on one circuit.

Do You Have UFO High Bay Lights in Stock?

Yes, we have several warehouses, including our main one located in Nashua, NH, with 1000's in stock. Once an order is placed, we can ship to your location in 1-6 business days, depending on where you are and the warehouse the lights ship from.

Are UFO Shop Lights Better Than Strip Lights?

They are better in terms of they are much more powerful and robust than a strip light. But to be clear, there are specific applications that make sense for UFO shop lights and specific applications where you want to use a strip light. It really depends on what will work best for your shop.

Is a UFO High Bay Powerful Enough to Replace Metal Halide?

Yes. UFO High Bay’s can easily replace 250 Watt, 400 Watt, 1000 Watt and even 1500 Watt metal halide fixtures. With every product listed here, look for the "Replaces:" specification that indicates what metal halide light that UFO light is designed to replace.

Coca Cola Warehouse 150w High Bay2

Do I Need a Reflector for High Bay Lights?

No. Reflectors are really meant for non-directional light sources, like metal halide, where the lumens it produces needs to be “collected” and then reflected back down to the floor. LED Lights are already directional, so reflectors are not needed. We do offer several reflector options if you require one.

How Do I Select Which UFO High Bay Should Be Used?

Start with determining the amount of foot candles you need. Then, create a lighting plan for your space. This way, you can find the right combination of fixture and lumen output to create the right amount of balanced lighting in your space.

What Is the Coverage at X Height?

The lights we offer have interchangeable optics, like 60, 90, and 120 degree beam angles. Each will produce a different result. Coverage is also impacted by how close the fixtures are together.

What Is the Life Expectancy for UFO High Bay Lights?

Under normal operating conditions, if the lights are on 12 hours a day, 365 days a year - that would be a total of 4380 run hours per year. You could expect 10-15 years of run life based on that operating schedule.

Are UFO High Bay Lights Waterproof?

All our UFO High Bay Lights are waterproof. They are rated IP65 or higher, which means they can also be used outdoors.



What Are the Best Applications for UFO High Bay Lights?

Large open spaces are perfect for LED high bays, these include:

Recreation Centers
Convention Centers
Industrial Facilities
Manufacturing Facilities
Large Retail Box Stores
Pole Barns
Indoor Sport Courts

Can UFO High Bay Lights Be Equipped with a Bracket?

They can, typical mounts are eye hook, pendant mounts or surface mount.

Can I Dim the UFO High Bay Light Fixtures?

Yes, many of the UFO lights on this page are equipped with 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable LED drivers.

What Are the Lens for UFO High Bay Lights Made Out Of?

Lens that act to generate a beam angle are typically polycarbonate lenses. Other options are tempered glass, but they tend to beam only for 120 degree operations.

How Long Is the Power Cord?

Standard whip sizes vary from fixture to fixture, ranging from 3 feet to 6 feet.

Can I Get a UFO High Bay Light White or Black?

Yes, we offer both options.

Can You Put a Plug on the End for Me on the UFO High Bay Lights?

Yes, we can. Our fixtures are meant to wire directly into a junction box or a plug to be added at the time of installation.

LED UFO High Bay

White LED UFO High Bay

LED UFO High Bay

Black LED UFO High Bay


How to Install UFO LED Lights?

Installation is easy, and we provide all the instructions you will need. Any qualified electrician should be able to install and wire a UFO high bay very quickly.

How to Wire UFO LED Lights?

Wiring is simple. Our wire whips contain three wires - line, neutral and ground. This is a very easy connection for a qualified electrician to make.

How to Hang UFO High Bay Lights?

There are two basic options - eye hook and pendant. Eye hooks just clip in, so if you are replacing an existing metal halide with an eye hook, this is a very simple installation. Same with pendant mount, they will screw right into the existing conduit wire.


Get Your Free UFO Lighting Plan

Founded in 2008, LED Lighting Supply has been providing UFO LED lighting solutions to facilities across the country for more than a decade.

Whether you need a free UFO lighting plan or have questions about LEDs, our expert lighting team will help you make the right choice – whether that’s for a school gym or a 1,000,000 square foot facility.

Contact us for a free lighting plan or to discuss your LED lighting goals.

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