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Robust UFO Round High Bays to replace Metal Halide
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What are UFO LED Lights?

UFO LED - or LED Round High Bays - are fixtures designed to replace metal halide lights and high pressure sodium bulb high bays. Our UFO high bay led lights are ideal for pendant mounting or with a hook and cord in factories, arenas, gymnasiums, sports arenas, airports and swimming pools. UFO high bays have the driver installed on top of the fixture inside the heat sink. Its often though led low bays are led warehouse lights, as they often perform the same function.

These fixtures are robust with high impact rating and are typically IP rated - or - water resistant.

The two most common mounts for UFO High Bays are hook mounts and pendant mounts. Installing UFO High bays are quick and easy - hang the fixture and wire your source wires to the driver wires. Dimming is available if required. Our UFO LED Lights can be equipped with motion sensors to turn on with motion or off / dimmed when no one is around.

How to Choose the Best LED UFO High Bays

Ceiling height

UFO High Bay lights are the best option for your warehouse, gym or workshop for ceiling heights of 20 feet or higher. Anything less, consider a LED Low Bay Light. UFO High Bays, because of their design, are robust and tough, and provide excellent lighting.

Your Area

How much light do you need? Are there obstructions. A simple way to determine how much you need is to create a lighting plan. We offer these for free

Work Performed

Fine detail work requires more foot candle. General Warehouse lighting can be less, and should turn off when no one is around. Consider adding a motion sensors.


 Replacing Metal Halide

10,000 - 12,000 LED lumens replaces 250 watt metal halide

15,000 - 22,000 LED lumens replaces 400 watt metal halide

45,000 - 60,000 LED lumens replaces 1000 watt metal halide

Looking for LED UFO Warehouse Lighting?

Two common lights used for warehouses are Linear High Bay Light Fixtures and High Bay UFO lights. Which one to choose? Only a lighting plan will tell you. We offer free, no obligation lighting plans so that installing the right light to get the right light levels is determined before you have to spend 1 dollar.

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