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What are Metal Halide to LED Retrofit Kits?

A Metal Halide Retrofit Kit is a LED Kit that comprises of a LED Head, Mounting Arm and LED Driver that is installed inside an existing Metal Halide fixture. The Metal Halides bulb and ballast, as well as socket and reflector, are removed. The reflector is removed because LED light is directional, and therefore, there is no light to reflect.

What Metal Halide Wattage can be retrofitted with these LED Kit?

We have 11 kits that replace everything from 150 Watts Metal Halide to 1000 Watts Metal Halide

Will these retrofit kits last as long as a new fixture?

Yes. They are even backed with a 10 year warranty on the head. Our kits have been installed in 24X7 operations and high heat areas in Africa and the Middle East.  They are built to last.

Are the Metal Halide Retrofit Kits UL Approved?

Yes. Our retrofit kits are all ETL listed and DLC Qualified. Our LED Retrofit Kits are tested to the UL1598C standard, which means they are designed to be used inside existing fixtures.

Do Metal Halide to LED Retrofit Kits work with Motion Sensors and Photocells?

Yes. For motion sensors, a dimmable LED Driver is necessary. Our kits are also instant-on, instant-off, so they work perfectly with both Motion Sensors and Photocells.


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