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Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers about questions they had on LED Industrial Lighting and LED Aircraft Hanger Lighting. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.

General Information About Aircraft Hangar Lighting

What is Aircraft Hangar Lighting?

Aircraft hangars are large open areas with high ceilings. High Bay LED Lights are perfect for this area as they can deliver the power and lumens to light up the hangar. For tall ceilings, you may want to consider adding a narrower beam optic. It will ensure the light output delivered to the aircraft and the floor space below.

How Important Are Reflective Surfaces in a Aircraft Hangars?

It will help light up areas that may block direct lighting, like under the wings. Having reflective surfaces will help redirect light from those surfaces to areas blocked by the aircraft. You can also correct this by having lighting fixtures mounted closer together.

Aircraft Hangar Using Hbho 150 1

How Many Foot Candles Do You Want for Aircraft Maintenance Hangars?

If the hangar’s used for storage, then 30 to 50-foot candles are more than adequate. If the hangar’s used to work on aircraft in need of repair, you may need 50-100 foot candles. You can add portable lighting to provide horizontal lighting. It will light up areas that might block the light out, like under the wings.

How Do You Reduce Lighting Glare in a Hanger?

There are several options for lighting. Like adding an acrylic dome or frosted lens cover to the high bays. Both will reduce the “LED dots” and reduce the glare. Many fixtures also come with special ribbed optics to reduce side glare.

How Much Hanger Lights Do I Need If I Only Store Planes?

Between 30 to 50 foot candles should be more than enough. The reason we stated 50-foot candles is to allow the space to be dual purpose. As storage and the occasional maintenance.

What Is the Best LED Aircraft Hangar Lighting?

Based on our experience, we really like how high bays perform inside hangars. We have many options that replace metal halide and fluorescent lights 1 for 1. Finding the right combination of power, lumens, and beam angle requires some planning. Starting with a lighting plan. We’re proud to offer free lighting plans for aircraft hangar owners and contractors.

Aircraft Hangar Lighting Requirements

Aircraft hangar lighting requirements usually fall between 75-100 foot candles. This mainly depends on the maintenance tasks that are being regularly performed. It’s not excluded that more detailed maintenance tasks may require additional illumination.

Aircraft Hangar Before Led Upgrade
Before Converting to LED

Aircraft Hangar After Led Upgrade
After Converting to LED

Are There Any Certifications Needed for Airplane hanger lights?

There are no certifications, per se. But providing adequate and proper lighting to perform aircraft maintenance is important. That is why aircraft hangars tend to be very bright areas.

Before You Buy: Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Can I Use Fewer Higher Power Fixtures to Cut Down on the Quantity Needed for My Hanger?

The two most important things to consider are light levels and light balance. Achieving one without the other means the light isn’t bright enough or well-balanced. A lighting plan will discover any issue before you buy. So, let’s start with a lighting plan. We’ll confirm the light levels are correct and the lighting’s balanced. Then you can rest assured that there will be no surprises after the installation.

It Gets Up Over 100 Degrees in the Hangar During the Summer. Is That a Problem for the Lights?

Not necessarily, but it pays to do your homework and look at the temperature at which the light can operate in. ‘Cheaper’ led fixtures have a harder time dealing with hot ambient temperatures. We have LED UFO High Bays that can easily handle 130F to 150F without affecting performance or lifespan.

Are Light Fixtures for an Aircraft Hanger Impact Proof?

Yes, they can be. If you need impact-proof fixtures, we would generally recommend UFO fixtures over linear high bay fixtures. We offer UFO fixtures with an impact rating of IK08.

What are Recommended Foot Candles for Airplane Hangars?

General Work / Storage 30 fc
Aircraft Maintenance with some detailed tasks 30-50 fc
Aircraft Maintenance with fine detailed tasks 70-100 fc
Drilling, Riveting, Screw Fastening 75 fc
Final Assembly 100 fc
Inspection 50-200 fc
Welding 50 fc


What is the most popular LED Aircraft Hanger Lighting you sell?

The most popular aircraft hangar lights are our family of UFO LED High Bay Fixtures. 150 watts and 200 watts to replace 400 Watts Metal Halide lamps. To replace 1000 Watts Metal Halide, our 300 Watt UFO fixture is very popular.

Aircraft Hangar Hbc 200

Is It Better to Use a UFO or Linear Style Fixture in an Aircraft Hangar?

That is a matter of preference. If you like ‘metal halide’ fixtures, then choose round UFO fixtures. If you like fluorescent tube fixtures, then choose linear-style panel fixtures. If you need a high impact rating, then UFO fixtures offer more options. If you have tall ceilings, then there are more optic options available with UFO fixtures.

How fast can you ship aircraft hanger lights to my location?

Depending on where you are, and where what warehouse we ship from. It usually takes 1 to 7 business days to get the product to your location.

Installation Information On Aircraft Hangar Lighting

What Is the Best Way to Mount Lights in an Aircraft Hanger?

We offer many different options to mount lighting in hangars. Eye-hook, pendant, and chain mount, that we can suggest or match your existing fixture mount.

How Do I Replace A Aircraft Hanger Lighting System?

This is an easy task for a qualified electrician. LED Lights have the same mounting options as metal halide and fluorescent lights. And there are only three wires to connect to the junction box.

Aircraft Hangar