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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers what questions they had about LED Baseball Field Lights. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Check out our Baseball Sports Park Case Study here and our Buyers Guide to Baseball and Softball Field Lighting


What are LED Baseball Field Lights and how well do they replace Metal Halide lighting?

The most commonly used lights for baseball fields are usually metal halides. These types of led ball field lights can range from 400 to 1500 watts. Most baseball fields use 1500-watt lights, because of the need for high-intensity lighting.

High Power LED Field lighting can easily replace metal halide lights used on baseball fields, one for one. They produce high lumen – high quality lighting. They turn on instantly and are virtually maintenance free. How do you know what light is best for you?

The best way to start is to have us create a lighting plan based on your needs and requirements. The plan will allow us to design and set the lights to achieve the right amount of foot candles. We can also check the balance across the playing surface.

Types of Lights for Baseball Field

The most common types of lights for baseball fields were metal halides. This is due to the fact that these sports lights range in watts from 400 – 1500 and for sports fields in most cases 1500 watts lights are used since they are producing high-intensity lighting.

Is LED Stadium Lights Better Than Metal Halide?

Yes, on many levels. First, you can expect energy savings of at least 50%. Your maintenance cost will drop as there will be no bulbs to change. It’s well known that HID / Metal Halide Sports Lights lumens drop over a short period of time. That’s not an issue with LED Baseball Stadium Lights.

Plus, LED Baseball Field Lighting Fixtures are instant on and instant off. So, you can use the lighting right away. There’s no need to turn on the lights 30 minutes before they’re needed.

What are the benefits when using LED lights for baseball fields?

By far the biggest benefits are:

Instant on / Instant off
Big savings on your lighting bill
High quality lighting that will last for many years to come.

How Does LED Lighting Supply’s LED Baseball Field Lights Compare To Musco Lighting?

Musco offers a very high-feature and performance system that you typically see in professional stadiums that can include specialized RGB lighting and sophisticated controls for the fixtures. The cost level is reflective of this advanced functionality for their baseball field lighting system.

In comparison, LED Lighting Supply primarily focuses on school and recreational baseball fields. We offer both cost-competitive and performance options for baseball fields that meet the needs of most schools and recreational applications.

lights for baseball field

What fixtures do you recommend for baseball park lights?

We’ve had a lot of success using our family of high-power sports flood lights. They can easily match and exceed the output of the old-style HID lights, and have optic packages available that allow us to light up almost any field.

Baseball Field Imf 400

Can LED Baseball Field Lights Replace Metal Halide?

Yes, and we can replace these lights one for one. We have powerful LED Baseball Field Lights that can replace 1000 Watt to 2000 Watt HID / MH. And your existing lighting infrastructure should be good enough for LED lights. Since it uses a lot less electricity than these older fixtures do.


How much are LED Baseball Field Lights?

Baseball field lighting cost can vary based on the light levels you are trying to achieve. We do 2-5 lighting plans a week for high school, college and community baseball fields and the costs are usually within the range of $25,000 to $100,000 for the lights.

Adding light poles for baseball fields would be an additional over cost of lights.

One common layout uses 8 poles, 4 in the infield area and 4 in the outfield. One common request is 50-foot candles in the infield and 30-foot candles in the outfield. We can do this using 48 400 Watt LED fixtures. From there, the math is pretty similar. If half the foot candles is acceptable, then you can use the same layout using the same 200 Watt LED fixture.

Other layouts we’ve developed lighting plans for are 6 poles and 4 poles for smaller recreational fields.

How Much Do Little League Field Lights Cost?

Once we know your requirements, we can come up with a quote. The actual cost per fixture depends on the fixture we use to meet your lighting requirements. There are a number of baseball field lighting companies on the market with very high-end and expensive fixtures. Little league fields do not need this level of sophistication to make the players and parents happy.

How Many Lights Do I Need for Baseball Field Lighting?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our lighting plans can give you a roadmap on how many and what type of lighting will meet your needs.

How High Do Baseball Field Lights Need to Be?

There is no minimum height. Based on our experience, we’ve found that higher pole height is better than lower pole height. It’s easier to achieve balanced lighting with higher mounting locations. Many of the fields we create lighting plans for range from 30 to 60 feet.

How to Select the Most Suitable Model of Light for Your Baseball Field?

The best way to start is to determine how many foot candles you need in the infield and outfield. And whether you are going to use your existing pole locations or new locations. Guessing is never correct, especially when it comes to baseball field lighting. Power, lumens, fixture count, and beam angles play a big part in finding the best lighting solution.

What Are the Main Points for Baseball Field Lighting Design?

How much light do you need in the infield or outfield?
Are there poles? Where are they located? Do you need pole locations?
What are the light mounting heights?
How many lights per pole do you currently have – if any?
How do the current fixtures mount – if any?
What is your budget?

How Many Light Poles Do You Need to Light a Baseball Field?

For recreational, high school, little league field lights, and other related fields, we have found 4 infield poles and 4 outfield poles are enough. But we have also done fields with 6 poles.

Should You Buy Used Baseball Field Lights on Sale?

We would not recommend buying used lights. Buying used lighting is hoping the lights will work out, with a very low probability of success.

What Is the Recommended Pole Height?

There is no recommended pole height, other than some basic rules, such as – higher is better than lower. It’s easier to light a field from 35 feet over 20 feet. For the most part, we can light a field with pole heights of 30 feet or higher.

How much do baseball field lights cost?

We have baseball lights that start at just over $300. Prices vary based on the requirements of the field we are asked to light up. We can create a lighting plan to show you exactly the cost of lighting up a baseball field.

What Is the Ideal Color Temperature to Use for Baseball Lighting?

We find the best color temperature is 5000K. 4000K would be a second choice if you’re looking for a warmer light.

What Optics Should I Use for LED Baseball Field Lights?

There is no one optic that meets all needs. It depends on your pole heights and lighting requirements. A lighting plan will sort that all out for you. Fixture, wattage, lumens, optics, number of fixtures, and where to point them. Everything will become much clearer.

Baseball Field Photometrics

Baseball Imf 400 2

How Many Foot Candles Do You Need for Different Levels of Athletes?

The table below reflects the guidelines for baseball field lighting. Infield lighting levels are higher than the outfield levels.

Different Levels of Play and Foot Candle Lighting Requirements
Outfield (FCs) Infield (FCs) Outfield FCs (Max/Min) Infield FCs (Max/Min)
Collegiate (Televised) 70 100 2.5 2
Collegiate Field Lighting 50 70 2.5 2
High School Field Lighting 30 50 2.5 2
Little League Baseball Field Lighting 30 50 2.5 2
Recreational Field Lighting 20 30 2.5 2


How can I calculate the number of fixtures I need for a baseball field lighting layout?

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about that. The lighting layout will do the calculations and tell you the number of fixtures you’ll need to meet your lighting requirements.

How many Lumens do you need to light a Baseball Field?

Per fixture, each light should be at least 56,000 lumens or greater. This amount of lumens is enough to replace a 1000 Watt Metal Halide Light. Lumens can go up or down (per fixture) based on the lighting needs of the specific baseball field.

Mason Field Panoramic

Can I Replace Some of My Baseball Field Lights Now and Some Later?

Yes, but it’s better to do a pole at a time, rather than replacing individual lights.


How Do I Aim the Lighting When Installing Lights on a Baseball Field?

A lighting plan shows you where each light’s aiming point’s located on the field. Mark all those locations on the field with a flag. We can provide a laser pointer that will allow you to aim each fixture at the flag on the field. LEDs are very tolerant. The direction does not need to be exact.

How Much Does It Cost to Run the Baseball Stadium Lighting?

The best way to determine stadium light costs is to think of cost reduction. If you are running 1000 Watt HID / Metal Halide, you can expect a 50-75% cost reduction in your lighting bill.