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Warehouse Lighting Calculator

Get Your Free Warehouse Lighting Design Plan

For a warehouse that needs lighting the first question is How Many Light Fixtures Are Needed? Answering this question correctly will have ramifications for the quality of illumination, safety, and security within the space. Our team can determine how many fixtures are needed and where they should be placed, be it for new lighting projects or replacing existing lights.

What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?

  • Custom lighting layout with count & placement
  • Foot candle and light balance calculations
  • Light fixture recommendation and quote
  • Dedicated lighting specialist to assist with your project

How long does it take to get a plan?

Indoor1-2 business days
Outdoor2-3 business days


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What is Warehouse Lighting Design?

A warehouse lighting design uses sophisticated lighting design software to model warehouse spaces. It calculates the number of fixtures, fixture locations, and spacing, light levels on the floor or a work plane, and light balance. The latter is just as important as light levels. The resulting design guide for warehouse lighting will ensure you get a lighting solution that is not only bright but balanced.

We offer lighting designs for free for our commercial lighting and industrial lighting clients, electricians, electrical contractors, and ESCOs.

What are the Recommended Lighting Levels for a Warehouse Using LED Light Fixtures?

The recommended levels vary depending on the customer’s needs and the purpose of the warehouse space. We have created light plans for warehouses averaging 20-foot candles to 70-foot candles.

How Many Foot Candles is Ideal for a Warehouse Using LED High Bay Lights?

A good starting point, for warehouses primarily used for storage, is around 30-foot candles. If the warehouse space is used for assembly or manufacturing, then more is needed.

For non-detail work, warehouse lighting levels of 40 to 50-foot candles are a good target. For detailed assembly tasks, 60 to 70-foot candles are optimal. Recommended lighting levels for warehouses are best described as a range of light levels based on activity and use.

LED High Bay Lights will be a significant upgrade to using a metal halide light. The lumen output of High Bay LED lights can easily provide the same lumen brightness and provide the desired foot candle level providing bright light, balanced and uniform lighting across the lighting space.

The LED Lights calculator will take into account lights mounted at the height of your facility.

What is the Ideal Warehouse Lighting Layout?

There is no ideal layout, but typical layouts are very symmetrical in columns and rows of lights used. The number of lights, spacing, and power needed depends on the warehouse space and lighting requirements.

How Do You Choose the Best Warehouse Lights for a Commercial Warehouse Facility?

The lighting plan we create for warehouses will assist in picking the best light for the facility. There’s no need to guess, the lighting is either bright enough and balanced or it’s not. All the guesswork is removed when you start with a lighting plan.

In general, LED High Bays, LED Low Bays and LED Shop Lights are the best options for warehouse lighting.

What’s the Difference Between a Warehouse Lighting Design Calculator and a Warehouse Lighting Plan?

Use a lighting calculator for the warehouse if:

  • You are looking for a free, quick online tool to calculate the number of fixtures you need.
  • You want quick, simple, and immediate results.
  • You are looking for a count of fixtures based on a specific budget.
  • You need a rough estimate on quantity and layout/configuration does not matter.
  • There is no need to include specific light balance and shadows in your documentation.

Use a lighting plan if:

  • You would like a professional lighting engineer to review your requirements.
  • You need a calculated lighting plan that shows foot candle readings.
  • You need to see how balanced the light levels are, and you care about reducing shadows
  • You want to show aiming angles, and light positions in scale with your indoor or outdoor area.

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