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Self Storage Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customers what questions they had about LED Lights for Storage Units. If you cannot find the answer to a question you have, please call us at (888) 423-3191. A lighting expert will assist you.

General Information About Self Storage Lighting

How Do You Add LED Self Storage Lighting to a Commercial Self Storage Facility?

There are many ways you can add light fixtures. If poles are available, install powerful LED Flood Lights. Install LED Wall Packs on the exterior wall faces of the storage units. Install LED Shoebox Lights or LED Parking Lot Lights on street light poles. For inside a storage unit, linear or vapor-proof fixtures work well.

Self Storage LED lights are energy efficient designed to provide ample lighting and reduce maintenance costs. Self storage operators should realize significant energy savings over traditional light fixtures like metal halide and fluorescent fixtures while ensuring they have adequate lighting for a well lit facility for customers and security cameras.

LED Shoebox 400 Watt LED Flood Light

LED Shoebox

LED Flood Flight


What Do I Need to Light My Storage Facility?

The three main types of LED Self Storage Lighting Solutions that can be used for exterior lighting applications. Wall packs, flood lights, and shoebox lights. Inside storage lighting includes panel lights, low bays, strip lighting, and Shop Lights. If the ceilings are over 20 ft high, you can also use High Bay LED Lights.

What are the most popular LED Lights for Storage Units you sell?

For outdoor facilities, the most popular lights are wall packs. They’re mounted to the sides of the storage unit’s exterior walls. The most popular interior lights are our low bay lights and linear strip fixtures.

Do Storage Facility LED Lights Need to Be Dark Sky Compliant?

Check with your planning authority to determine if lights need to be dark sky compliant. We have many options that include full cutoff wall packs and shoebox lights.

Self Storage Interior Lighting

How Tall Should the Poles Outside of a Storage Unit Facility Be?

Higher is always better since it naturally allows for better light distribution. We recommend poles that are at least 20 feet high.

What Type of Storage Facility LED Lighting  Should You Use in the Hallway of a Storage Unit Facility?

Linear fixtures work well as they provide good coverage.

Before You Buy: Self Storage Lighting

Do You Have White LED Lights for Storage Units Available?

We have some parking lot / shoebox fixtures that are white.

Can You Add a Motion Sensor to LED Lights for Storage Units?

Yes, you can. We offer both indoor and outdoor lighting options that work well with a motion sensor. The lights can also dim when no one is around. Most outdoor storage facilities. Use a timer or photocell to turn the lights on at night and to turn them off in the morning.

Do the Fixtures Come with a Cord and Plug?

Yes, many of our fixtures come with a cord that an electrician can easily add a plug to. Most of our wire whips mount inside a junction box. Some fixtures do not come with a power cord and should wire into the driver box on the fixture.

How fast can you ship the lights to my storage unit?

That depends on your location, and the USA warehouse we ship from. Shipping can range between 1 to 7 business days (we ship UPS ground).

Is There a Photocell Option for Outdoor Storage Facility Lighting?

Yes, many of our outdoor lighting fixtures come with a photocell option. Either using a NEMA socket or hardwired button photocell on some wall packs.

What Does the Back of the Wall Pack for Outdoor Lighting Look Like?

It is a flat surface and mounts against the wall or a junction box.

Installation Information On Self Storage Lighting

Where Is the Best Place to Install Outdoor Security Lighting for a Storage Facility?

There is no one best place for every storage facility. Each place is different. We’ve created many lighting plans for storage facilities located all over the USA. And while they are similar, they are also different.

I Have Ribbed Metal Walls at My Storage Facility. How Can I Mount Wall Pack Lights to This Type of Wall?

Yes, we have installed many wall packs on metal wall structures. A qualified electrician will have no problem installing our lights. Either it will stretch two ribs or will fit between the ribs.