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Outdoor Perimeter Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

In conversations with our customers, we asked them what questions they had asked about LED Perimeter Outdoor Lighting and Perimeter Fence Lighting. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer to your question, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Information About Outdoor Perimeter Lighting

What’s LED Outdoor Perimeter Lighting?

LED Perimeter Lighting is security lighting installed for large outdoor space and areas. These LED Commercial Lights could be pole mounted lights or mounted on a tall building. Or LED Flood Lights or LED High Mast Lights installed on tall poles lighting up large spaces.

Where Should I Install LED Perimeter Lighting Products?

You should install commercial perimeter lighting when you need to light a large outdoor area. Commercial perimeter lights provide a great form of security for areas that need protection.

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Perimeter Lighting

Do you offer solar powered perimeter lighting?

Yes, we have solar perimeter lights. You can find them here. We have 100 Watt fixtures that can produce 20000 lumens.

Before You Buy: Outdoor Perimeter Lighting

What’s the Brightest LED Outdoor Space Perimeter Lighting?

We have many bright light options. One of the brightest we have is a 1200 Watt LED Flood Light that produces 168,000 lumens of brightness. This light is powerful enough to replace two to three 1000 Watt Metal Halide bulbs.

What Type of Light Levels Do I Need on the Perimeter?

Outdoor Perimeter lighting does not have to be too bright. Unless you want to use security cameras. 2 to 5-foot candles would be more than adequate.

Do You Have LED Fence Perimeter Lighting in Stock?

We do. We have many options inside our main warehouse in Nashua, NH. As well as other warehouse locations across the USA.

I Need a Photometric Plan. Can I Send It To You?

Yes. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “Request a Free Lighting Plan” button. You can submit your information and provide your site layout as well.

Besides Flood Lights, What other Fixtures Are Good for Security?

Flood Lights, LED Shoebox Lights, and high mast lights are excellent forms of perimeter security lighting. They’re powerful lights that can project wide beams over large areas. Or tight beams to light up specific areas from far away.

What Are the Mounting Options for Security Lighting?

These types of lights are available with slip fitter mounts, trunnion, and yoke mounts.

Should I Use Type 3,4 or 5? or Are There Specific Optics I Should Be Using?

Type 3’s considered a forward throw optic, would make the most sense if the light’s on the edges of the area. If you want to use flood lights, make sure they have the right optics available.

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Beam Angle Examples

Installation Information On Outdoor Perimeter Lighting

How to Install Perimeter Lighting?

Since we mount these lights on high poles, you should work with a qualified electrician to install them. The lights themselves are easy to install and wire. And each light includes an easy-to-follow set of instructions for installation.

How to Wire LED Perimeter Lights?

There are only 3 wires for all types of perimeter lighting: line, neutral, and ground.

How High Should You Mount Perimeter Lighting?

There is no set height, but we can create a lighting plan modeling our high-power perimeter lights for your area. We can tell you where to locate the poles. And provide you with a report detailing light levels and light balance.