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LED Shoebox Fixture Retrofit Kits


Need a Free Shoebox Lighting Plan?

<p>Need a Free Shoebox Lighting Plan?</p>

These kits are designed to replace the metal halide or high pressure sodium bulbs inside your existing shoebox fixtures. They are a complete kit and come with everything you need and are designed to replace 250 Watts to 1000 Watts Metal Halide 1 for 1.

LED Watts
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

LED Wattage
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

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What are LED Shoebox Retrofit Kits?

A Shoebox Retrofit Kit is a LED Kit comprising of a LED of a LED Plate and Driver. The plates come in 2 sizes, ones designed to fit a 16 inch shoebox and another to fit a 23 inch shoebox. The plates have adjustable tabs that allow you to mount to existing screw holes of the fixture. The plates are designed to fill the glass window of the existing shoebox light for a finished, professional look. 

How do you install a shoebox retrofit kit?

For the most part, any qualified electrician familiar with bulb and ballast replacements can perform this retrofit.

First, the bulb, ballast, socket and reflector is removed from the fixture.

Next, the LED Driver is installed in the place of the old Metal Halide ballast, and wired into the main power source.

The LED Plate is then connected to the driver, and using the four tabs, mounted into the shoebox using the fixtures existing screw holes.

Finally, the glass is cleaned, and the retrofit conversion is done.

What Metal Halide Wattages can be replaced with our Shoebox Kits?

The kits are designed to replace 250 Watts, 400 Watts and 1000 Watt Metal Halide. You can also use a Universal Metal Halide Retrofit Kit. We have 11 models that can replace 150 Watts to 1000 Watts.  Both are good options.


What are the benefits of a Shoebox Retrofit Kit over a new fixture?

There are several, and is specific to your application.

Do you have a major investment in architectural fixtures and want to convert to LED? 

Do you have expensive fixtures that would cost a lot to convert over to LED?

Do you require permits or permission  to replace an existing fixture? Retrofitting may allow you to convert to LED without these lengthy and costly processes.


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