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American-style football is the most popular sport in the United States. It is played at many different levels which range from pee wee, middle school, high school, college, semi-professional, and professional.

For games to be played at night, a robust lighting system is required due to the large area of the field and possibly large seating areas for spectators.

This is accomplished by mounting powerful flood and area lights on tall football stadium light poles. They need to be mounted up high so that there is a uniform light spread on the field and to prevent light glare.

How Much Do Football Field Light Poles Cost?

The cost of football field light poles will depend on several factors.

  • Height – Taller light poles will cost more than shorter poles.
  • Material – Steel, fiberglass, and aluminum light poles will cost more than wood or concrete poles.
  • Thickness – Some poles need to safely handle large wind and/or weight loads. They are generally thicker and thus more expensive.

What is the Ideal Spacing for Football Field Light Poles?

Regardless of the number of poles that you use, you’ll want to have an equal number of poles on each side of the football field. This helps to eliminate shadows.

  • A 4-pole configuration will place each pole around the 20-yard line.
  • A 6-pole configuration will place 4 poles around the 10-yard lines and 2 poles at the 50-yard line.
  • An 8-pole configuration will place 4 poles around the goal lines and 4 poles around the 30- or 35-yard lines.

Another spacing consideration is how far the poles are placed outside of the field. The general range is 50-100 feet. This will depend on the layout of the field and the type of seating that it has.

How Tall is a Typical Football Light Pole?

Football field light pole height is dependent on the stadium size and/or level of play.

Here are our recommendations:

  • Training/Recreational = 4-pole configuration/40-50 feet
  • High School = 6-pole configuration/40-70 feet
  • College/Pro = 8-pole configuration/50-90+ feet

How Many Light Poles Do You Need at a Football Stadium?

Unlike other outdoor sports fields, football fields are the same size no matter what the level of competition. They are always 100 yards long x 53.5 yards wide with the two end zones being 10 yards deep.

You can utilize a 4, 6 or 8-pole configuration where the light poles are placed along the sidelines.

I Have a Football Field Lighting Project. Can You Supply the Poles and Lights for the Project?

Yes, first and foremost, LED Lighting Supply is a lighting company. We offer high power sports lights for football fields, and can supply lights and poles or just lights for your existing poles. We have engineered lighting solutions that include lighting plans based on the customers location and needs.

The 4-pole configuration will provide minimum uniform light levels and can be used for recreational or small high school fields.

4 Pole Football Field

A 6-pole configuration should be used for larger high school and smaller college stadiums. This is the minimum number of poles/lights that you’ll want to use if games are being broadcast or streamed.

6 Pole Football Field

An 8-pole configuration should be used for large colleges and pro stadiums. In this scenario, there is usually supplemental lighting used in addition to the light fixtures mounted on the poles.

8 Pole Football Field