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Our 60+ foot light poles are robust and durable, designed to withstand wind and wet weather while serving their lighting purpose efficiently.

What are 60 + foot poles made of?

The light poles are crafted from corrosion-resistant steel and aluminum. We also offer 60 ft wood pressure treated poles made of southern yellow pine.

The steel light poles demand minimal maintenance while providing strength in high wind zones. Our aluminum light poles, on the other hand, offer strength in a lighter format making it easier to install and manipulate.

The 60 ft wood poles are available in class 1 to class 4, to meet most requirements.

What are the Mounting Types of these poles?

We present two types of 60 foot light poles – anchor-based and direct burial. Anchor-based light poles employ a concrete base and anchor bolts for enhanced stability and security. For a more seamless look, our direct burial method, primarily used for wooden poles, may be your preference.

What are the Shapes and Color of our 60+ foot  poles?

Our 60+ foot light poles come in square and round tapered pole shaft shapes. You have the option to choose from square steel light poles and round steel light poles. We offer these poles in a dark bronze shape powder coat finish.

All our wood poles are round, and the dimensions of the poles are based on its class.

What are the Lighting Options Available for these poles?

With multi mounting options, our 60+ foot light poles accommodate a versatile range of lighting solutions. Having supplied LED Outdoor Lights to our commercial and industrial customers for over 15 years, we can assure you that matching lights to poles is one of our core specialties. We house thousands of fixtures in our USA warehouses ready to meet your needs.

What is the Lead Time for these poles?

While each of our light poles is custom-built for your project, we strive to deliver in a timely manner. You can expect a lead time between 4 to 12 weeks, depending on your project’s specifics. We also have quick-ship light poles for more urgent requirements.

What are the EPA Considerations?

Our light pole design takes into account the wind loads across the United States, and we perform an EPA calculation to establish the appropriate size, strength, and number of lights you can install on your 60+ foot pole, making sure it perfectly suits your location.

Where are you located? It makes a difference…

Wind loads across the United States vary from region to region. A pole installed Memphis will have a lower wind load than one installed in Miami. Understanding the load will determine the size of the pole, its strength, and how many lights you can install on that pole. This is known as an EPA calculation, and we can provide you with that calculation before you purchase. In many cases, a custom light pole is the best solution for your region.

Epa Wind Map

I have a lighting project. Do you offer LED Light Fixtures that I can mount on these poles?

Absolutely, LED Lighting Supply is first and foremost a lighting company. We have been selling LED Light Fixtures since 2008 and can provide lighting plans, a data sheet and a spec sheet.