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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to new customers and asked them their biggest questions relating to LED Pole Top Lights and LED Decorative Pole Top Lighting. Can’t find an answer below? Call us at (888) 423-3191 and our lighting experts will support you in this process.

General Information About LED Pole Lights

What Are the Benefits of Using Outdoor LED  Pole Lights?

LED outdoor pole lights are a special type of lighting that sits on top of a pole and shines lights downwards. Commercial LED area lights are usually mounted on lower poles of around 10 to 16 feet in height. They can provide bright and high-quality lighting to pathways, building perimeters and large outdoor spaces. You’ll also see them around swimming pools and pedestrian areas in commercial settings providing general and ambient light.

What Are the Best Types of LED Pole Top Lights to Use?

LED top pole lights provide high-quality, bright light that’s more energy efficient than metal halide area lights. Commercial LED pole lights provide years of maintenance-free lighting with outstanding light output and better light quality. You can expect lifespans exceeding 10+ years under normal conditions with these led lights.

Where Should You Use Commercial Pole Lighting?

You can replace HID / MH / HPS pole lights with LED Pole Lights 1 for 1. These lights are great for lighting pedestrian pathways, corridors, parks, and outdoor playgrounds. Commercial LED pole lights works well in areas close to building perimeters. You can see LED pole lights installed as commercial lighting for businesses and school campuses. They are also a great replacement for pole-top decorative lights.

You might also find them being used as an area light or as parking lot lights providing great Type V light distribution.

Led Pole Top Customer Install Led Pole Top Customer Install

Before You Buy: LED Pole Lights

How Much Electricity Do LED Post Top Lights Use?

You can expect a LED Post Top Lights to save between 50% to 80% over a metal halide. So, if your existing light is a 400 Watt fixture, you should be able to replace it with a 100 Watt to 150 Watt LED fixture.

What to Look for When Buying Pole Lights?

You want to find the pole light that matches your needs and lighting requirements. Start by first creating a lighting plan, which we can do for you. We can add our lights to your existing pole locations or suggest new locations.

Make sure you’re working with a reputable company that provides quality lighting. That same company should be there for after-sale support. This helps if you need installation support or need to make a warranty claim.

If you want your lights to work with a photocell, make sure it includes a NEMA socket. If you want your lights to work with a motion sensor, make sure that the driver in the pole light is dimmable.

What Are the Standard Pole Lights at a Public Pool?

It would be hard to say one light is a standard over another. We have worked with many municipalities and pool owners. We have done many lighting plans for them to find the perfect pole lighting solution. What works for one customer may not be the best solution for your facility. That’s why we recommend a lighting plan.

How Many Watts Does an Outdoor LED Pole Light Use?

LED  commercial pole lighting start at 30 Watts. Our largest post top lighting is 300 Watts and will replace a 1000 Watt fixture.

Do You Have Retrofit Kits for a 250 Watt to 1000 Watt Pole Lights?

Yes, we do. We have a full series of retrofit kits. They’re designed to replace the lighting components inside the fixture.

Are All Your Fixtures Bronze? Do You Have Any Other Color Fixtures?

Most of our fixtures are dark bronze in color. Other color options may be available and are fixture specific. Please contact us if there is a specific color option you would like.

How Many Pole Light Fixtures Do I Need?

We recommend you create a lighting plan. Start with your outdoor area layout and your requirements for foot candles. We can put together a free plan. It will provide you with a report showing how well the area will look under the lights. It will also give you the number of fixtures you will need.

Led Pole Top Customer Install

What Lumens Do I Need for Exterior Commercial Pole Lighting?

That depends on your lighting requirements. Start by letting us know the light level you need or the foot candle requirements you need to achieve. We can find the right lighting to meet your requirements.

How Does a LED Pole Light Sensor Work?

If you are going to use a motion sensor, make sure the LED Pole Light has a dimmable driver. When motion’s detected, the light will go to full power. After a specified period of time, when movement is no longer detected, the light will dim.

Do you sell LED Pole Mounted Shoebox Lights?

We do, in fact, we have a large selection of pole-mounted shoebox lights that can replace anything from 150 Watts to over 1000 Watts Metal Halide.

Installation Information On LED Pole Lights

How do you Install LED Pole Lights?

The fixture sits on top of the pole. You need to make sure the fixture pole mount size and the tenon on the top of your pole are compatible. Or you’ll need an adapter. The installation process is simple for a qualified electrician.

How Do You Wire LED Pole Lights?

It’s easy and straightforward. There are only three wires that you need to connect – line, neutral, and ground. Like all instructions, we recommend using a qualified electrician with experience in commercial outdoor lighting.

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