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What are LED Pole Top Lights?

LED Pole Top lights provide an effective way to light up walking paths and outdoor spaces by providing dark-sky compliant a large area with ease. They are pole mounted lights found in parking lots and large outdoor areas. Current traditional models include Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium ranging from 250 Watts, 400 Watts and 1000 Watt.

LED Pole Top lights direct all their light downward. They have a simple, pole top mounting system. By design, they are dark sky compliant.  

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What are LED Pole Top Lighting Plans?

 LED Pole Top Lighting Plans model your outdoor space and area with LED Pole Top Lights inside photometric software. By modeling your outdoor space inside the software, the resulting lighting plan shows how well our LED Pole Top lights with brighten your area.

A pole top lighting plan will display light levels (in foot candles or lux) and provide you with an indication of how well distributed the lighting is.

We can optimize your lighting plan to provide you with the best option and lighting solutions - before you have to spend any money on any lighting fixture.

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What are the best optic options for LED Pole Top Lights?

By far, the most commonly used optics in large outdoor areas are Type 3 and Type 5. Choosing the right optic outdoors can make a dramatic difference to the end result of your outdoor area, pathway or parking lot.


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