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How many Stadium Lights do you need?

The best way to determine how many stadium lights you need is to get a Stadium Lighting Plan done. Guessing, or replacing lights one for one is not a good plan or strategy. Picking the right power / lumens / optic package is not easy. Choosing a stadium light with a 45 degree beam angle when 10 degrees is needed can make the difference between a successful conversion to LED and a bad conversion.

What is a Stadium Lighting Plan?

A Stadium Lighting Plan is developed by specialized Lighting Photometric Software. It allows you to create or import the dimensions of a sports field, place or locate the poles on the field, and add lights to the poles.

Using the the software, each light is aimed to light up a specific location of the field. The software calculated foot candle readings, and also shows you how evenly and well lit the field is.

Without a lighting plan, you would essentially be guessing on what wattage, lumen package and optic is right for you. The probability of you "guessing" right is < 1%.

A lighting plan takes away all the guesswork, and is the first step to having a successful stadium light conversion over to LED.

Baseball field lit to 70+ foot candles infield and 40+ foot candles outfield

Foot Candle Recommendations for Stadiums and Sports Arenas

Sport Class I Foot Candle Levels Class II Foot Candle Levels Class III Foot Candle Levels
Athletics 50 20 5-10
Basketball 50 20 7.5
Baseball - High school 50 (outfield) 30 (outfield) 20 (outfield)
Baseball - College 75 (infield) 50 (infield) 30 (infield)
Equestrian 50 20 10
Hockey 50 20 7.5
Soccer 50 20 20
Horse Racing 20 10 5
Rugby 50 20 7.5
Tennis 50 30 20
Netball 50 20 7.5
Volleyball 50 20 7.5
Tennis Court Lighting
Led Stadium Lights

Frequently Asked Questions: LED Stadium Lights

What Are LED Stadium Lights?

LED Stadium lights, or LED Sport Lights,  are high power replacements for metal halide stadium lights. These lights are found lighting up baseball fields, foot ball fields and other large outdoor sporting venues and fields. LED Wattages range between 300 and 2000, producing 50,000 to over 200,000 lumens.

But power and lumens by itself is not enough. A LED Stadium Flood Light need optic packages to be able to deliver the light where its needed. The light on the fields needs to be bright. And collectively, the light needs to be uniform. Optics between 10 and 150 degrees provides all the options needed to brighten any field.

What are the best LED Stadium lights?

There is no such thing as one "Best LED Stadium Light". The Best LED Stadium lighting is the one that lights your stadium up properly to your requirements and specifications. This is a function of choosing the right lumen/wattage, the right optic, the right color temperature and the right CRI.

It involves modeling your sports field into a lighting plan. By trying different options, and manipulating the lighting plan, the "Best Stadium Light" is determined. What works best to light up a baseball field may not be the best choice for your outdoor area.

Are LED Stadium Lights a good replacement for Metal Halide?

LED's have come a long way in the past 5 years. They are now high power, high lumen fixtures that can easily replace 1000W, 1500W and 2000W Metal Halide.

Beyond that, lifespans of LED are significantly longer than Metal Halide, so maintenance becomes a non-issue. And LED lights are instant on, instant off. There are no long warm up periods to get the benefits of the light. Other reasons why LEDs outperform Metal Halide Stadium Lights:

Models designed to replace 400 Watts, 1000 Watts, 1500 Watts and 2000 Watts Metal Halide

Turns on instantly. No long warm up periods.

High quality lighting (CRI) - making the sports experience better for players and fans

Long life and great lumen maintenance - no longer are you replacing dim metal halide bulbs

Are Stadium lights the same as Arena Lights?

Yes, and no. It depends on your definition of what a outdoor arena flood is. If you believe an arena is an indoor facility, like a hockey rink, then there are better lighting options available, like high power high bays that mount from the ceiling. However, if your idea of an arena is an outdoor area, like a horse arena, then yes, you can think of LED Stadium Lights and Outdoor Arena Flood Lights as the same thing. 

Similarly, we offer powerful LED flood lights that can be used as led stadium flood  and outdoor arena light areas. The lights are rather inter-changeable.

How many LED lumens do you need to replace Metal Halide Stadium lights?

To replace 1000 Watts Metal Halide, you should consider a LED Lumen package 50000 lumens or greater.

To replace 1500 Watts Metal Halide, you should consider a LED Lumen package 75000 lumens or greater.

To replace 2000 Watts Metal Halide, you should consider a LED Lumen package 100,000 lumens or greater.

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