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LED Stadium lights are found lighting up baseball fields, football fields and other large outdoor sporting venues. LED Wattages range between 300 and 2000, producing 50,000 to over 200,000 lumens. Stadium Lights need optic packages to be able to deliver the light where its needed. The light on the field needs to be bright. And collectively, the light needs to be uniform. Optics between 10 and 150 degrees provides all the options needed to brighten any field. Get Your Free LED Stadium Lighting Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying stadium lights. Browse the list below or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert. We’ll do our best to support you in this process.



What Kind of Lights Are Used in Stadiums?

LED stadium lights are commonly used on stadiums. This is a special type of high power flood light - it has high wattage and high lumen fixtures that come with a series of low beam angles.

In the most extreme cases, high power stadium lights are mounted high and far away from the playing field, and they need a very tight focused beam angle to ensure the light it produces lights up a very specific location on the field.

Are all Stadium Lights LED?

Not exclusively so. Another type of common stadium light type is metal halide. More stadiums are converting over to LED due to all the advantages that LEDs have to offer, like lower energy consumption, high quality lighting and reduced maintenance costs.

How Do you Turn on Stadium Lights?

If you have an existing stadium and are thinking about converting to LED, you’ll be happy to know that LED lights turn on the same way as the metal halide lights they replaced. However, there are two big exceptions:

The amount of energy drawn is much less
They are instantly turned on and do not take 30 minutes to warm up like metal halide fixtures.

Led Flood Light 600 Watt With Pole Mount

600 Watt Stadium Flood Light

How Bright Are (LED) Stadium Lights?

Very bright. Our LED fixtures are designed to easily replace 2000 Watts metal halide lamps.

How Many Lumens Are Stadium Lights?

Our largest light is capable of producing over 183,000 lumens, more than enough to replace a 2000 Watts metal halide fixture. A lighting plan will determine the right amount of lumens required for your needs.

How Tall Are Football Stadium Lights?

We have found poles used for football fields range from 30 to 60 feet in grade school and recreational fields. And up to a 100 feet in college and professional fields. Our lighting software can easily handle these heights. Based on experience, we learned that it is easier to light up a sports field with a taller pole than a shorter pole.

What Are the Different Types of Stadium Lights?

The main types we offer are low beam angle flood lights and high power stadium lights. It depends on your specific requirements as to which option will perform best for you.

Football Field Layout

What Are the Benefits of LED Stadium Lights?

The main type of lights that LED stadium lights replace is metal halide. They can reduce your lighting bills by 50-75%, they are instant on, instant off and require very little maintenance over their very long expected lifespan.

You can expect 10-20 years of life out of a LED light used in a stadium. This is due to the fact that, on average, our stadium lights customers do not use their lights for long periods of time every week.

And if you think specifically about metal halide bulbs - their expected lifespan is 15000 hours. At only 7500 hours, they will have lost about half of their lumens. This means you will be changing out bulbs quicker than you might be if this bulb was used in another application.

With LED, lumen loss is very slow and very little over the light’s long lifespan.


Before You Buy

How Much Do Stadium Lights Cost?

The cost of stadium lights can be quite high. The smallest light we offer is 200 Watts, currently priced at $285. Please contact us for pricing on our 1420 Watts light and we will make sure the light we quote you is only what you need to help keep the cost of the project down.

How Much Does It Cost to Run Stadium Lights?

The best way to answer this question is to try and calculate the savings if you replace metal halide lighting. You should be able to save at least 50% and up to 75% on your utility lighting bill when you convert. You can calculate your savings here on our energy savings calculator page.

Led Flood Light 200 Watt With Pole Mount

200 Watt LED Flood Light

950w 1200w Stadium Light 4

1420 Watt LED Stadium Light

Why Do Stadium Lights Take So Long to Turn On?

This is definitely a “Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium” question. This is just the nature of these lights. They need a lot of time to warm up. What's worse, they also need a long cool down time before they can be relit. So, if for some reason you lose power at the stadium, your game could be delayed for an hour or so. LED lights, on the other hand, are instantly on, and if they are shut off during play, you can have the lights back on in seconds!

How Many Lights Do I Need for a Football/Baseball/Soccer Field?

The answer is… it depends. We can find your stadium in Google Maps, put lights on your pole locations, or add pole locations if this is a new field, and calculate light levels to meet your needs. A free lighting plan will tell you exactly how many lights and what type you need.

What Makes Your Stadium Lights Better Than Your Competitors’?

Our lights are strong, robust, powerful, and highly reliable. Plus, you can expect they will last a long time. The biggest difference you will see/ feel is the service we provide both during pre and post sales, including free lighting plans and consultations backed by great warranties and great warranty service.

You can read our reviews on TrustPilot here, many of them are from customers who purchased our stadium lights.

Do You Have Stadium Lights in Stock?

We do have many of the lower wattage models in stock. We will identify this in our quote to you and will always first try to use the products that we have in stock. If some of the products are not in stock, you can expect a 4-6 week lead-time for most models.


Fixtures and Fittings

What Wattage Are Stadium Lights?

Our wattage starts at 200 and goes as high as 1420.


How Long Does It Take to Install Stadium Lights?

It all depends on where they are installed and how easy it is to access the lights. High pole mounts are harder to install on a catwalk near the top of a stadium. Make sure you are working with a professional installer that is also a licensed electrician.

Foot Candle Recommendations for Stadiums and Sports Arenas

Sport Class 1 Foot Candles Class 2 Foot Candles Class 3 Foot Candles
Athletics 50 20 5-10
Basketball 50 20 7.5
Baseball - High school 50 (outfield) 30 (outfield) 20 (outfield)
Baseball - College 75 (infield) 50 (infield) 30 (infield)
Equestrian 50 20 10
Hockey 50 20 7.5
Soccer 50 20 20
Horse Racing 20 10 5
Rugby 50 20 7.5
Tennis 50 30 20
Netball 50 20 7.5
Volleyball 50 20 7.5
Tennis Court Lighting with LED

Do You Need a Stadium Lighting Plan?

A Stadium Lighting Plan is developed by specialized Lighting Photometric Software. It allows you to create or import the dimensions of a sports field, place or locate the poles on the field, and add lights to the poles.

Without a lighting plan, you would essentially be guessing on what wattage, lumen package and optic is right for you. The probability of you "guessing" right is < 1%.

A lighting plan takes away all the guesswork, and is the first step to having a successful stadium light conversion over to LED.

Baseball Softball Lighting Plan
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