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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out questions they had about LED Race Track Lights. Feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.

General Information About Race Track Lights

What are LED Race track lights?

LED Race track lighting are bright, high power LED lamps and fixtures with high lumen output. They provide balanced and distributed illumination across the race track surface providing excellent visibility for drivers and spectators alike.

How High Should you Mount LED Lights for Race Tracks?

Higher is better than lower. It aids in light distribution and creates balance across the track surface. Maintaining a constant light level void of shadows is ideal. Lights mounted higher have a better chance of creating balance. We would like to see lights at a minimum of 20 feet.

How Does Good LED Race Track Lighting Improve Driver Safety?

Creating balanced lights allows the drivers to see dangerous conditions and avoid them. Lighting should always enhance and never distract. The lights should point in the direction of the race traffic to avoid glare.

LED lights do not flicker. They produce a constant source of lighting. Flickering lights will distract drivers and cause eye strain.

What Are Race Track Lighting Standards? How Many Foot Candles Do You Need?

Requirements can vary from track to track and level of racing. Nascar requires higher light levels than a local dirt track. We have created many light plans, ranging from 30-foot candles average up to 100-foot candles average.

Do I Need Special Optics for LED Racetrack Lighting?

You can determine that with a lighting plan. You can’t guess the number of lights, lumens per light, and optics needed. Creating a lighting plan takes all the guesswork out of determining this.

How Many Lumens Is Good for a Small Race Track?

Never start with lumens, always start with light-level requirements (foot candles). Create a lighting plan. The plan will tell you the number of lights, optics required, and lumens per fixture to light up any track.

Can These Fixtures Damage If Debris Hits Them?

Many of our fixtures have a high impact rating. Large flying car parts can wreak havoc on almost anything they hit. So it depends on the size, mass, and velocity of the projectile.

What Voltage Lights Do You Have?

The two standard voltage ranges are 100-277V and 277V-480V. We also have 347-480V.

Race Track With Led Lights

How Long Do These LED Lights for Race Tracks Last?

LED Lights for Race Tracks should last 10+ years. Unlike most commercial lighting applications, race track lights are not used 12 hours a night, 365 days a year. Under those conditions, our lights last 10 + years, so it’s not unreasonable to think that they will last 20+ years.

Do you offer Motocross Track Lighting and BMX Track Lighting LED Solutions?

We do, we can and have lit up both Motocross Tracks and BMX Tracks with LED fixtures mounted on poles. We can provide a (Free) Lighting Plan to show you how well your track can be lit up once you convert it to LED. And for new tracks, we can offer both light poles and lights.

Before You Buy: Race Track Lights

How Many Lights Do I Need for My Race Track?

That’s hard to answer because every track is different and has different requirements. We never guess, we offer our race track customers a free lighting plan so we can determine the type and number of lights needed to light up their track.

Are LED Lights for Race Tracks Powerful Enough to Replace My Existing Lights?

Yes, we can replace 400 Watt, 1000 Watt, and even 2000 Watt Metal Halide, 1 for 1.

How Can I Ensure That the Fixtures Won’t Have Glare?

You can do this with a good light design. Aiming the lights in the direction of the car can cut almost all the glare. Using side shields on the light also helps.

Do These Fixtures Angle or Shine Straight Down?

Most of the fixtures we use to light up race tracks are high-power flood lights and stadium lights. These are always ‘aimed’ or angled to where their light is needed.

Racetrack Lighting Plan

How Can I Avoid the Long Start-Up Times That I Currently Have with Metal Halide?

LEDs are instant on, and instant off, so the light is there and operates at full power within 1 second.

Are These LED Lights for Race Tracks Dark Sky Compliant?

No, unless the lights are pointing straight down, they are not dark sky compliant. If they need to be we can create a lighting plan that will be dark sky compliant. But there may be some limitations on the light levels. It depends on the number of poles and pole locations.

Are These Lights Waterproof?

Yes, all our LED Lights for Race Tracks are IP65 or higher waterproof rated.

Installation Information On Race Track Lights

I Need to Keep Light Off the Highway That Runs Along the Race Track. Is This Possible?

Yes, we would need to know that. And we can model our lighting plans to check how much light is being leaked onto the highway. We would adjust our plans to ensure we take this criterion into account.

We Have Wooden Poles, Can We Mount Them on the Pole?

es, some of our fixtures can bolt to wooden pole structures. Make sure the pole’s rated to carry the weight and load of our lights.


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