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What Is an LED Emergency Driver?

An LED emergency driver is a battery pack that, when installed inside or outside the fixture, provides battery power for the fixture if the main power is interrupted.

When Does It Make Sense to Use an LED Emergency Driver?

LED emergency drivers are commonly used in any location where people work or function. They are usually used in case of a power failure to light up the inside or outside area and make it safer. LED emergency drivers may also be required by law in certain locales.

Is a LED Emergency Driver and a LED Emergency Backup the Same Thing?

For the most part, yes, it’s essentially two ways of saying the same thing.

What Types of LED Fixtures Can You Use an Emergency Driver With?

For the most part, any fixture that has a 0-10V or 1-10V dimmable driver is a candidate. There also has to be room to install this battery backup driver. Sometimes the drivers are external to the fixture, eliminating the need for internal installation.

Can I Add Emergency Drivers to Only a Portion of the Units?

Yes. EMBs do not have to be on every fixture. We have done several lighting plans that represent all the lights being on, and then what it would look like under EMB power. Only a portion of the total fixtures has EMBs.

How Long Will an Emergency Battery Backup LED Driver Last For?

They typically last for 250 cycles, which means they could last for a very long time.

Under What Conditions Will the Emergency Driver Start Delivering Power?

The emergency driver will start delivering power when the main power to the light is disrupted for some reason. It takes a few seconds for the EMB power to turn on.

How Do You Install an LED Emergency Driver?

Some are already installed as a feature of the product. Aftermarket installations can easily be accomplished by a certified installer, and we are always able to help and assist.

Emergency Led Drivers

Will an Emergency Backup Driver Work with 277-480V Fixtures?

No, our emergency drivers support 100-277 VAC. We also have some options that will also support 347 VAC (for Canada).

Do You Have an Integrated Version or Does It Mount Externally?

We have both, some are integrated and some are installed externally as an additional option.

How Long Does an Emergency Backup Last Without Power?

They are designed to deliver 90 minutes of backup power.

Can I Wire Multiple Fixtures to One Emergency Backup Driver?

No, they are only meant as a 1-for-1 install and should not be shared among fixtures.