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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have many questions about LED Football Field Lights. Here’s the list below. If you couldn’t find the answer, contact us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution.

General Information About Football Field Lights

What are Football Field Lights?

As the name suggests, football field lighting are sports light fixtures designed to light up a football field. Typically,  football led fixtures are installed at 70 ft high, football field lights can often go as high as 250 ft for professional football stadiums.

What Are the Most Common Types of LED Football Stadium Lighting?

We use a combination of high-power LED Flood Lights and LED Stadium Lights. The lights we use depend completely on the requirements of the specific football field. A lighting plan will sort that out quickly.

How Powerful Are LED Football Stadium Lights?

If you have 1000 Watt metal halide lights, expect the LED replacement to be between 400 Watts and 600 Watts. A lot of times, fields are underlit. So using a more powerful LED light can provide both better lighting and energy savings.

How Do You Light Up a Football Scoreboard?

Lighting a scoreboard is like lighting up a billboard. Depending on where the lights mount, you can either use a billboard light or wide beam flood lights.

What Light Levels Needed for a College-Level Football Stadium or Field?

Depending on the school division, light levels for college football fields range between 80 to 150-foot candles.

What Light Level’s Needed for a High School Football Field?

That depends on the size of the school and the size of its football program. High school football fields need 30 to 60-foot candles.

How Much Light is Needed for a Professional Level Football Stadium

Lighting up a professional field usually means light levels exceeding 200-foot candles. You also have to consider vertical foot candles, as the ball needs to be lit up as it travels through the air.

Light Levels for Football Fields and Football Stadium Lighting

Location Ideal Light Levels in foot candles
Recreational Football 20 – 30
Middle School 30 – 50
Small High School 30 – 50
Larger High School 50 – 70
College 80-150

Football Lighting

How Does LED Lighting Supply’s LED Football Field Lights Compare To Musco Lighting?

Musco offers a very high-feature and performance system that you typically see in professional stadiums that can include specialized RGB lighting and sophisticated controls for the fixtures and lighting system. The cost level is reflective of this advanced functionality.

In comparison, LED Lighting Supply primarily focuses on school and recreational football fields. We offer both cost-competitive and performance options for football fields that meet the needs of most schools and recreational applications.

What are the benefits of using LED Lights for a football and sports field?

There are many benefits including less energy consumption, uniform lighting, increased service life over metal halide lamps, high CRI (color rendering index), multiple beam angles, lowered maintenance costs and high efficiency uniform illumination.

Before You Buy: Football Field Lights

How Much Does Lighting for a Football Stadium Cost?

It all depends on the lighting requirements and the number of lights required. We have 200 Watt lights that are budget-friendly.

Does the Lighting Level Differ Between Football Stadiums and Football Fields?

This depends mostly on the level of football played. NFL requirements for televised football games are higher than a high school football field. In the past, we have created lighting plans for college-level fields and high-school fields.

Metal Halide Lights on My Football Field Take Forever to Light Up. Are LED Lights Different?

That’s one of the benefits of LED Football Field Lights. They are instant on and instant off. There is no need to turn the lights on 30 minutes before they’re needed. Metal halide lamps have a very long strike time.

What Are the Lighting Requirements for a High School Football Field?

The lighting requirements for a high school football field vary depending on the size of the school and the budget. 30 – 80 foot candles are a good target light level.

What Is the Best LED Football Stadium Lights to Replace 1000 Watt Metal Halide Lights?

We have many options. The best light depends on the pole placement, mounting height, and lighting requirements. Start by having us create a lighting plan for your field. It’s a process we use to find the best lighting solution for your needs and budget.

Can a Frosted Lens Be Used to Reduce Glare on the Field?

Yes and no. It will reduce glare. Many times we need to use optics to narrow down the beam to light up specific locations on the field. We do not offer frosted optics to do this. But with the optics, they’re targeted towards a location on the field and reduce the glare to the sides.

Do the Fixtures Support 277 to 480 Volt Systems?

We do offer both standard 100-277V and 277-480V driver options for our stadium lights. Let us know if you need high-voltage fixtures.

Installation Information On Football Field Lights

How High Should you Mount LED Football Field Lights?

There is no one standard height. But higher is better than lower as it helps improve light balance across the field. If you already have existing poles, don’t worry. We can create a lighting plan and suggest lights that will work well for your field.

Can You Install Drivers on the Ground Away from the Fixtures?

We do have remote driver options if that’s what you need. Contact a lighting expert at LED Lighting Supply for help.

How Much Does It Cost to Install LED Football Field Lights?

This varies from field to field and the requirements of how easy it is to get to the lights on the field. An electrician can replace a light in less than 30-60 minutes. Aiming the lights can take a bit longer.

The first step is to add flags to the field as light aiming points. Use a laser pointer to aim the lights at these flags. If you need a full estimate, we recommend you consult with a local electrician.

Can We Use 1 Pole and Flood the Area with Fewer Fixtures?

That would be hard to do. We like to see at least 4 poles used.