LED lighting continues to advance as a cost-effective and environmentally preferable alternative to more traditional bulbs. Unlike other options, LED lights produce little to no heat and do not need a warm up time. They’ll cut energy and cooling costs and needs less maintenance with a longer lifespan. Whether you’re making the switch from an outdated light source or looking to update your current lighting, you’ll find that our high-quality Industrial LED lights are an all-around upgrade.

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What Industrial LED Fixture is Best for My Facility?

Industrial settings are notoriously harsh conditions for lighting. In these conditions, there are a lot of threats to the longevity of a light. Things like high heat, large debris, water, or even a combination of these can damage a bulb. LED Explosion Proof Lights  produce bright light in the presence of dust and flammable petrochemicals. If a chemical reaction were to cause an explosion, these lights will prevent debris from escaping. Similarly, although not interchangeable, vapor tight lights are completely sealed to protect the light from corrosive fumes, non-explosive vapors, or gases. If you have a facility in need, we have an industrial LED lighting solution for you.

Where Industrial LEDs Work Best

Industrial LEDs endure some of the most intense working environments in the world. These lights use the most advanced technology to survive in unusually difficult conditions. In addition to extra protection from the surrounding environment, these fixtures are often ultra-powerful. From airports and chemical labs to construction sites and stadiums, we can provide you with the right LED industrial lighting for your space. If you have any questions or want some guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff.

How many Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures Do I Need?

LEDs are a huge technological advancement compared to other lights. So, you can’t swap the old light out for a new LED. With a more powerful shine and a higher-quality light, chances are that you’ll need less wattage and fewer lumens. But, don’t leave things up to chance. Use our free photometric lighting plan to help map out your best lighting layout.

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