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Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting is a broad category of powerful and purpose-full built lights including explosion rate fixtures, lights that can withstand high temperatures, food safe NSF lights, marine grade lighting and fixtures that can light up stadiums, to name a few. These fixtures are robust, powerful and can accommodate the harshest of environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for industrial LED lighting? You’ve come to the right place. We asked new and existing customers the questions they wish they had answered before making their first purchase. Below you will find the complete list. For more information, please call (888) 423-3191.

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What Is Industrial LED Lighting?

We think of industrial lighting as a series of lighting products designed for industrial applications. Those applications include:

Hazardous locations
High temperature areas
Dirty or dusty locations
Extreme environments
Indoor and outdoor locations that need high power solutions
Ports, airports, container ports and rail / intermodal locations
Correctional facilities
Power plants

Can You Use Common Neutral for Industrial Lighting?

Yes, we have options that can wire to common, 277V, 480V, single phase and three phase installations.

Do Industrial LED Lights Save Energy?

They typically can save at least 50% and as much as 80% over metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures.

What Are the Advantages of Using LEDs for Industrial Lighting?

Our industrial-grade products provide high power and high quality lighting in robust, impact-resistant fixtures that work well in extreme environments. The biggest benefit is that they will dramatically reduce your maintenance costs over an expected lifetime of 10+ years.

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Why Is Industrial Lighting 120V to 277V?

Industrial LED lighting typically runs in several voltage ranges, the first and most common is 100-277V. The drivers are designed to automatically adjust to the voltage provided in that range. Here are the common voltage ranges we see offered across many of our industrial fixtures:


How Is Glare from Industrial Lights?

Many of our lights are high lumen fixtures, and glare can be an issue, but there are ways you can control and limit the effect of glare. This includes selecting the right fixture for your light level required, adding frosted lenses to indoor fixtures and shields to outside fixtures.

How Many Lumens Per Square Foot do I need for Industrial LED Lighting?

We never advise our clients to determine lumens per square foot. We work with them to determine the right amount of lighting in terms of foot candles on the ground, and then recommend a fixture that, when installed within their facility, will hit the mark.

Do You Offer Bulk or Contractor Discounts?

We do, our staff will work with you to select the correct fixture or fixture options and will provide you the most competitive pricing.

Where to Buy Industrial High Bay LED Lighting?

LED Lighting Supply specializes in Industrial and Commercial LED Lighting. We offer many of the fixtures you would associate with indoor and outdoor industrial lighting:

High Power
High Voltage
High Temperature
Explosion Proof
Impact Resistant
Marine Grade Epoxy Coatings

What Are the Different Types of Industrial Lights?

Industrial lights can be split into two groups – indoor and outdoor. Here are a few we offer:


Indoors Outdoors

Explosion Proof
High Bays
Vapor Proof
Food Safe NSF
High Temperature

High Mast
Flood Lights
Airport Lighting
Security Lighting
Street Lights


How to Hang Heavy Industrial Lighting from the Ceiling?

Many of our indoor fixtures include all the hardware required to hang from the ceiling, and we also provide the option for mounting, depending on what is required in your installation. LED lights tend to be lighter than the metal halide lights they replace.

Linear fixtures are not heavier than the fluorescent lights they replace.

Typically mounting options include eye-hook, pendant, surface mounting or wire, and cable.

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How to Install Industrial Lighting?

A qualified electrician can easily replace an existing metal halide, high pressure sodium or fluorescent fixture with a 1-for-1 replacement of a LED fixture. We offer the same mounting systems, so there is no need to modify. And, our lights wire directly into the same junction boxes as the old fixtures do.

How to Wire Industrial Lighting?

If you are wiring to 100-277V, it’s a simple 3 wire connection. Line, Neutral and Ground. We also have options that can connect to 347-480V, single phase or three phase. For the most part, a qualified electrician can easily wire our industrial lighting into the existing infrastructure of the facility.

And since LEDs use less power, there is no need to modify the panel to add more circuits. Amp draw will be less per fixture than the fixtures they replace.

Do you want a Free Industrial LED Light Plan?

Lighting Plans for Industrial Areas, indoors or outdoors, provide the proper assurances that the lighting project will meet your requirements. We supply free lighting plans for our industrial customers. Ask for yours.

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