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Construction Lights

Need a Free Construction Light Fixture Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Construction Light Fixture Lighting Plan?

Construction Lights


Construction Lights allow you to string multiple LED lights together in a construction area to provide bright and powerful high quality lighting to make the construction area safe for the workers. Waterproof and impact rated, these lights are powerful enough to replace up to 400 Watts Metal Halide.

LED Watts
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customer base for questions they wished they had answered before they made a work light purchase. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 to speak with a lighting expert.

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What Are Work Lights?

Work lights are temporary lighting solutions designed for worksites. They are designed to hang and connect together, and can be moved from one place to another.

What Is the Minimum Illumination Required for General Construction Area Lighting?

According to OSHA, a minimum of 5 foot candles is required.

How Many Foot Candles Are Recommended for General Construction?

At least 5 foot candles.

Can LED Drivers Be Remotely Mounted at a Construction Site?

They can, but most of the lights we sell have internal drivers. If you need an external driver configuration, contact us.

Are Halogen Work Lights Dangerous?

They can get very hot, relative to the heat generated by a LED light which is very low.

What Are the Best Construction Work Lights?

The best lights are the ones that meet your requirements. There’s not one light that is best for all applications.

underground lighting in a mine

What Are the Typical Work Area Lighting Standards?

At least 5 foot candles.


How Do You Calculate the Cost of Temporary Construction Lighting?

The first step is to determine the size of the space you are trying to light up. We can then create a free lighting plan to achieve the foot candle requirements, and then provide a quote for the lights required to light up your space.

Do You Have Portable Construction Lights?

We do, these lights are designed to be strung together.

Do Your Lights Meet OSHA Standards?

Yes, for the most part, OSHA standards are for foot candle light levels. We can easily meet every OSHA standard, but first we recommend creating a lighting plan to show light levels and light balance.

Do Your LED Retrofit Kits Work on Our Portable Light Trailer?

They do. We can replace metal halide bulbs with our LED retrofit kits, and can replace 150 Watts to 1000 Watts metal halide.

What Is the Best Light to Use on a Pole for Lighting Up a Construction Site?

We would recommend our flood light options. These units can produce up to 168000 lumens and will light up a large area.


How Many Lumens Do Construction String Lights Produce?

Our most powerful light, 100 Watt temporary construction light, produces 12586 lumens.

Which Temporary Construction Light That You Sell Covers the Most Area Per Fixture?

Our 100 Watt temporary light does.

Are Your Lights Able to Run on a Generator?

As long as the power is stable, and produces 100V-277V, our lights will work.

Are Work Lights Dangerous?

Our LED lights aren’t. They run cool and produce powerful high quality light.

Are Work Lights Waterproof?

Our flood lights are waterproof and our temporary lights are IP65 rated and are also waterproof for outdoor usage.

IP Rating


How Do You Wire Work Lights?

The temporary construction lights come equipped with cord and plug. The floodlights need to be wired into an existing junction box.

How Do You Install Construction String Lights?

These lights hang, and plug into a socket. Providing strong hanging points is the hardest part of the installation.

How Do Construction Sites Hang String Lights?

There is an eye hook on the top of the fixture.

Can You Install a Timer on Work Lights?

Yes, our lights work well with timers.

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