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What are Baseball Field and Softball Field Light Poles?

Constructing a baseball field involves thorough preparation when it comes to meeting proper standards and dimensions. This is especially true for the illumination of the field. It will involve custom solutions depending on many factors. These will include the location, size, and level of play on the field.

High-powered flood LED lights and spot lights will always be the fixtures used for these fields, regardless of the level of play. But the number and height of the poles that they will be mounted on will not be the same. A little league baseball field will not have the same requirements as a college or major league baseball stadium, obviously. The size of the field will increase along with the level of play and therefore require more LED lighting fixtures.

More lighting will require more baseball light poles because you will need more light fixtures. We are a professional sports lighting company, so feel free to reach out and ask us questions about poles and LED Fixtures for a baseball and softball field project.

How Much Do Baseball Field Light Poles Cost?

Pole costs will vary a lot based on the pole height required [based on level of play], number of fixtures per pole [effects pole diameter and number of cross bars required], are you using wood or steel poles and on your installers costs.

How Many Baseball Field Lighting Poles Are Required for a Typical Baseball or Softball Field?

The size of the field will determine how many light poles you will need for sports lighting systems. You should plan on a 4-, 6-, or 8-pole layout. At least 2 poles are needed for infield lighting and then an additional 2 to 6 for infield and outfield lighting for a baseball field lighting system.

One of the best ways to determine the number of poles that you will need is dependent on the distance between the home plate and the center field fence. Here is a handy reference:

Home Plate to Center Field Fence Number of Poles Needed
200-250 feet 4-pole layout
300 feet 6-pole layout
400 feet 8-pole layout

Any ballpark that needs to meet the lighting standards for TV broadcasts will require an 8-pole layout.

What Is the Proper Spacing for Baseball Field Light Poles?

Poles For Baseball And Softball Fields

As you can see from the diagram above:

There are two poles located behind the diamond for infield lighting. This is the case for all layouts.
Two to four light poles are located outside the outfield fence in a 6- and 8-pole layout, respectively.

What Is the Ideal Baseball Field Light Pole Height?

As with everything else, it depends on what level of play the field is used for. Also, local ordinances need to be considered. Here are some recommendations:

At the recreational/little league level, you’ll want the pole height to be 30 to 50 feet.
For high school it should be around 40 to 60 feet.
College fields should be around 50 to 80 feet.
The widest range is found with MLB. It is 80 to 190 feet.

How can we add LED Stadium lights into the poles – baseball field lights lighting package?

LED Lighting Solutions is what we specialize in. We can supply only the lighting fixtures if you need, the poles, or both lights and poles. We can replace your existing lighting system infrastructure with new LED fixtures.

LED Lighting Supply is first and foremost a lighting company, so providing lights and doing lighting plans using our LED Technology is what we’ve been doing for years.

We have retrofitted and added new lights to recreational fields, high school baseball field and softball fields. Our baseball lighting solutions provide high quality light for sports facilities and little league games.