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Commercial LED Flood Lights

Need a Free Flood Lighting Plan?

Commercial LED Flood Lights

Need a Free Flood Lighting Plan?

Commercial LED Flood Lights are designed to illuminate large areas and are primarily used outdoors for horse arenas, stadium lighting, and perimeter security areas. They are typically wall mounted or pole mounted fixtures designed to 'aim' light into a specific area. Flood lights with narrow beam optics are typically called "Spot Lights" where as flood lights with wider beams are what we think of as "Flood Lights".

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Frequently Asked Questions

We asked our customer base for questions they had when it came to purchasing flood lights. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you couldn’t find an answer to the question below, please call us on (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.


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What Is a Flood Light?

A flood light is typically a pole, wall or roof mounted outdoor fixture designed to send a beam of light to a specific outdoor area that needs to be lit up. It could be used as security lighting and it can light up a parking lot.

Flood lights can also be used to light up outdoor sports courts and tennis courts, baseball and softball fields as well as basketball courts. It can be configured with different beam angles, from narrow to wide, to provide varied lighting options for different needs and requirements.

Are All Flood Lights LED?

No, you can still purchase halogen, metal halide and hps flood lights. However, LEDs provide significant energy and maintenance cost savings.

What Are the Benefits of Using LED Floodlights?

We have many flood light options that serve specific needs and requirements.

But for the most part they all offer:

Powerful light beams with configurable optics;
Tremendous energy savings over halogen and metal halide;
10+ years of maintenance free lighting;
High quality light source

What’s the Difference Between a Flood Light and Spot Light?

The real difference between floodlights and spotlights is the spread of the light beam they produce.

Flood lights typically have wider beam angles meant to “flood” a large area with light
A spot light has a narrowly focused beam pattern meant to throw a large amount of light tightly out to a specific point. Some of our flood lights can do either.

Screen Shot 2021 05 22 At 4.30.11 Pm

How Do I Choose the Right Beam Pattern for a Flood Light?

Most lower wattage flood lights come with a wide beam angle. But, the answer is simple - create a lighting plan.

In the case of large areas or outdoor sports facilities, having a lighting plan is a great idea. By manipulating the quantity, power, lumens and beam angles of the floodlight fixtures within the plan, the light plan will help you choose the best fixture for your application.

Flood Light Wide Beam Angle

Wide Beam

A wide flood beam for Wide floodlight beams serve general lighting purposes. They are used for wide and even lighting in big spaces. Parking lots and security lighting's are practical applications.

Flood Light Medium Beam Angle

Medium Beam

Medium floodlight beams serve high intensity and area lighting purposes. They are used for high coverage and uniform patterned lighting in target areas.

Flood Light Narrow Beam Angle

Narrow Beam

Narrow floodlight beams serve symmetrical and confined lighting purposes. They are used for brightening the landscapes, monumental buildings, and storefronts.

Flood Light Spot Beam Angle

Spot Beam

Spot floodlight beams serve precision and controlled lighting purposes for huge and closed spaces. They are used for tall facades, flag poles, column grazing, and accent lighting.

What’s the Difference Between a Flood Light and Stadium Light?

There is a close resemblance between these two types of fixtures. In some cases, flood lights can be used in place of stadium lights.

A stadium light is really a very powerful flood light and has a series of optional “tight” beam patterns, like 10, 15, 30, 45 and 60 degree beam patterns so its light can be pointing from high mounting points to specific areas of a field.

A flood light can also be a high power fixture. However, its range of optics is typically not as narrow and it has wider options available.

We have performed and installed many powerful commercial grade flood lights in recreational baseball, football and soccer fields. They work well in these situations because the available beam patterns work well with the existing pole heights. We can create the proper light levels and balanced lighting without resorting to using a stadium light.

What’s the Difference Between a Flood Light and Shoebox Light?

A shoebox light is a parking lot fixture that’s mounted on a pole with the head of the fixture pointing straight down. It uses street lights designed “Type” optics to distribute the light over the parking lot. A flood light also can be a pole mounted fixture, but uses different optics and tilts to “throw” its light out to a specific location or area.

NEMA Beam Spread Classifications

Beam Description NEMA Type Beam Spread in Degrees
Very narrow 1 10°- 18°
Narrow 2 18°- 29°
Medium narrow 3 29°- 46°
Medium 4 46°- 70°
Medium wide 5 70°- 100°
Wide 6 100°- 130°
Very Wide 7 130° and above


What Wattage Should I Use for Outdoor Flood Lights?

This really depends on your area, needs and requirements. We do have flood lights that can match and replace metal halide and halogen floods, 1 for 1. However, we can take it a step further and help you select the right amount of lumens and the proper beam angle to help narrow down your options so that you can choose the best light.

How Much Light Coverage Do I Get?

It depends on the beam angle you choose. If you are unsure, contact a light expert at LED Lighting Supply and we can help you with that.

What Are the Best Outdoor Flood Lights?

The best flood light is actually the one that fulfills your requirements. Flood lights are a very broadly defined light source and have so many options, such as power, lumens and beam angles. What works best for one application may not be the right choice for the next.

We offer free lighting plans that will help you find the best lighting option for your needs.

How Much Light Coverage Do I Get?

It depends on the beam angle you choose. If you are unsure, contact a light expert at LED Lighting Supply and we can help you with that.

How Bright Are LED Flood Lights?

The brightest flood lights we offer produce 168,000 lumens. It is a 1200 Watt LED flood light. This of course is only needed in very specific requirements. We can easily replace anything from 150 Watts metal halide up to 2000 watts metal halide fixtures.

How Long Do Flood Lights Last?

If you use one of our floodlights 12 hours a night, 365 a year, you can easily expect their lifespan to be at least 10-15 years. All our flood lights come with a 5 year warranty.


How to Replace Flood Light?

Our LED flood lights are designed to be 1 for 1 replacements of your existing flood lights. We offer slip fitter, trunnion and threaded npt options that wire directly into existing junction boxes.

What Are the Options for Mounting Wall Flood Lights?

We offer trunnion mounts with adjustable pivot points that can easily be installed on a wall. We also offer wall mounted “flood”, or forward throw, wall packs that also might be a great option for you.

What Are the Best Applications of LED Flood Lights?

LED flood lights can be a great option for security lighting, or lighting up large areas when installed on poles. We have also used them to light up parking lots, light up tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, and softball/baseball/football and soccer lighting. They are really an all purpose light with limited applications.

Do You Have Any Marine Grade Options?

If yes, you can find our marine grade options here. These lights have a special powder coat, marine grade epoxy paint that makes them perfect for harsh salt water ocean environments.

I Need a Knuckle Mount Flood Light. What Do You Have Available?

We offer several models and styles that are knuckle mounted. From 15 Watts to 90 Watts.

I Have 'X' Watt Metal Halide Flood Lights. Do You Have a Replacement?

Yes. We can easily replace 100 Watt to 2000 Watt Metal Halide. 1 for 1. Without the need to install multiple fixtures, add new poles, or change your wiring.

Outdoor Arena


How to Install Flood Lights?

The installation process of flood lights is simple, and a great part of it depends on the mount option.

If you are replacing your existing flood lights and you chose a flood light from us with a similar mount, then the installation is as simple as disconnecting the light from the power source, removing the fixture, mounting the new fixture, and connecting the new LED flood light to the power source.

How Do You Connect Flood Lights?

All our lights have 3 wires, line, neutral and ground. For a qualified electrician, this is a trivial wiring connecting task for them to perform.

How to Reduce Glare on Flood Lights?

You should consider adding some side shields to the lights in order to block direct view of the light source.

600w With Basketball

How Many Flood Lights do you need?
A good way to figure this out is to create a Flood Lighting Plan. A flood light light plan positions LED Outdoor Flood Light fixtures in a simulated space that represents your area and details lighting level (in foot candles) as well as how even and balanced the light is across the entire outdoor area.

Want a Free Flood Lighting Plan?
A lighting plan shows you how LED Lighting would look in your area using software. It allows us to  run different lighting options and provide you different lighting options to meet your needs.


Baseball Field Lighting Plan

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