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How Many Flood Lights do you need?

A good way to figure this out is to create a Flood Lighting Plan. A flood light light plan positions LED Outdoor Flood Light fixtures in a simulated space that represents your area and details lighting level (in foot candles) as well as how even and balanced the light is across the entire outdoor area.


Why should you do a flood lighting plan? 

A lighting plan shows you how LED Lighting would look in your area using software. It allows us to  run different lighting options and provide you different lighting options to meet your needs.


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What are Flood Lights?

Flood lights are typically wall mounted or pole mounted fixtures designed to 'aim' light into a specific area. Flood lights provide narrow beams of light (called Spot Lights) or wide beams of light (called Flood lights). A flood light 'floods' an area or space with light. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as LED Area Lights. They are one of the go-to fixtures for commercial outdoor security lighting. 

Commercial flood lights are available with multiple mounting options. By far the most popular are trunnion mount or yoke mount, which allows you to mount them to a flat surface, like the side of a building. Other common mounts are:

Pole mount 2 3/8" and 3"

Slipfitter Mount

Knuckle Mount

Yoke Mount

What are the Best LED Flood Lights?

The better question is - what is the best led outdoor flood light for you? What works for one space may not be the best solution for your space. The way to determine what the Best Flood Light is - create a lighting plan. Understanding your needs or requirements will allow us to choose or select the best led flood light for your application. Rebates are available - be sure to look for DLC or DLC Premium Certifications.



If you are trying to light up a specific point within a large area, a flood light with a tight optic - 10 to 30 degrees - would be your best option.

If you are trying to light up the facade of a building - a small wattage spot light would be a great lighting choice

If you are trying to provide general purpose security lighting, consider a flood light with a wide beam - 90 to 150 degrees. And for security lighting purposes, consider pairing these lights with motion sensors. A motion sensor will turn a light on when motion is detected and off when no one is around

What wattage of LED flood light fixture do I need?

Wattage is the wrong way to ask this question. You need to first understand how many foot candles you need to light your area. You then need to find a fixture that produces enough lumens to create those foot candles. 

From there, you need to be thinking about light efficiency. The more efficient the light, the less wattage you need. For example, a LED Flood Light producing 20000 lumens at 100 lumens/watt draws 200 watts to make those lumens. A more efficient flood light rated at 200 lumens per watt only draws 100 watts. 

So starting at wattage is a bad idea. Thinking about foot candles and light efficiency to get the right answer. The good news - the Pros at LED Lighting Supply are here to help you.

Where are Flood lights used?

Flood lights are typically found outdoors to provide lighting for large outdoor spaces. These spaces can vary - from sporting stadiums to perimeter lighting to security lighting. They are designed to focus beams of light at specific areas.  Flood lights are perfect for providing light to areas that would otherwise be dark without adding additional poles or structures. Commercial outdoor flood lights are also commonly found in parking lots, lighting up dark corners without the need for adding another pole.

It is not uncommon for Commercial LED Flood Lights to be used as Stadium Lights, and a LED Stadium Light to be used as Flood Light. They are essentially the same.

Can Commercial LED Flood Lights replace Metal Halide Flood lights?

Yes. We have many options, wattages and lumen packages. We can easily replace 250W metal halide,  400W metal halide and 1000W Metal Halide flood lights with LED. Energy savings and maintenance savings drop dramatically when you convert to LED Flood lights, and paybacks are relatively quick. LED Flood lights have higher lumen counts that are perfect for powerful flood and led security light purposes. Our rugged, tough industrial lighting fixtures  can be used in large areas like ports, ship yards and train yards.

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