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2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

What are 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights?

Our 2000-watt equivalent LED flood lights are top-tier LED outdoor lighting solutions, engineered to replace traditional 2000-watt Metal Halide and other HID lights such as High-Pressure Sodium. They emit an incredibly bright and focused LED Lumens Light Intensity, making them an excellent choice for illuminating vast outdoor spaces.

These lights are not only energy-efficient but also exceptionally durable, rendering them perfect for commercial, sporting, and industrial applications, and as an efficient alternative to high-power LED stadium lights.

Comparing a 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Light to Metal Halide Flood Lights

  • Energy Efficiency: Our LED Flood Lights consume about 50% to 75% less energy compared to traditional Metal Halide lights, leading to significantly lower utility bills and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Light Output: Our LED Flood Lights offer a high lumen-directed output, ensuring they meet or surpass the light output of equivalent metal halide fixtures.
  • Lifespan: Many of our models feature an L70 lifespan that often exceeds 150,000 hours, compared to Metal Halide fixtures which require frequent bulb and ballast replacements.
  • Improved Light Quality: We prioritize High CRI (Color Rendering Index) in our LED lights, ensuring the lighting quality is top-notch.
  • Instant On: Our LEDs reach full brightness immediately, unlike Metal Halide lights which can take up to 30 minutes to achieve full lighting strength.
  • Dimming: These lights are fully dimmable and compatible with advanced lighting controls, including motion sensors and photocells.
  • Input Voltage: Available in 100-277V or 277-480V configurations.

Ideal Applications for 2000-Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

  • Perfect for sporting venues, including large baseball and softball fields, football and soccer stadiums, and expansive sports fields such as track and field.
  • Ideal for large-scale outdoor security lighting in commercial and industrial settings.
  • Suitable for lighting extensive public spaces, including parks and outdoor event venues.
  • Car dealerships and other large retail environments.

How 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights Are Suitable for Sports Facilities

These lights are our premium choice for replacing 2000 Watt Metal Halides in sports applications. With their superior power output and focused coverage, they excel in sports field lighting. They provide uniform, balanced, and intense illumination, with customizable beam angles to cover every part of the field or court effectively.

These lights are about 30% brighter than our 1500 Watt LED Equivalent lights, making them ideal for larger stadiums and sports arenas.

We offer free lighting plans to demonstrate the exceptional performance of these lights.

Selecting the Right Beam Angle for 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

We provide customized lighting plans to ensure the perfect lighting solution for your specific needs. Our flood lights come with:

  • Narrow beam angles for targeted, intense lighting on particular areas or features.
  • Wide beam angles for comprehensive lighting coverage over large areas like sports fields.

Beam angles range from 10 degrees to 60 degrees to cater to different lighting requirements.

Lumen Outputs for 2000-Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

Our range includes lighting solutions of 180000 lumens. The ideal lumen output for your needs can be determined with a tailored lighting plan.

Marine-Grade 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

We also offer marine-grade options, perfect for challenging offshore environments. These fixtures are built with superior corrosion resistance and robust construction, making them suitable for:

  • Coastal and maritime facilities.
  • Harbors, docks, and container yards.
  • Offshore structures and vessels.

Mounting Options for 2000 Watt Equivalent LED Flood Lights

The mounting options available include:

  • Pole mounts for area lighting.
  • Wall mounts for perimeter lighting.
  • Trunnion mounts for targeted lighting.
  • Yoke mounts for versatile installation.