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Outdoor arenas require powerful flood and spot lights to provide illumination for events held at night. These fixtures are mounted on light poles and then aimed down into the area of activity. These poles are placed around the arena so that their light fixtures will give uniform lighting without causing glare issues for participants. One of the most common activities held in these outdoor arenas is equestrian events. These events include show jumping, equestrian vaulting, and dressage.

How Much Do Arena Light Poles Cost?

The cost of arena light poles depends on certain factors:

Material – Materials that the pole is constructed from will vary in cost. For example, steel or aluminum poles will be more expensive than wood or concrete.

Height – The taller the pole, the more expensive it will be.

Number of Fixtures – Poles that can bear more weight (hold more fixtures) will be more expensive.

Do you offer a LED Equestrian Lighting Package?

LED Lighting Supply is first and foremost a lighting company selling LED Fixtures. We are well equipped to handle a lighting project for indoor arenas and outdoor arenas. We offer free lighting plans for these areas to ensure the arenas are well lit, bright and void of shadows. For outdoor arenas, we can use existing poles or suggest and supply new arena poles.

What Is the Ideal Spacing when using a Horse Arena Light Pole?

It is recommended that you use 4-6 light poles, depending on the size of the arena. Once you’ve determined how many you’ll need, they should be placed at the corners of the arena. You can also add some sideline lights for additional lighting.

What Is the Ideal Height for Horse Arena Light Poles?

This will depend on the size of the arena. The general range is 20-60 feet. For larger arenas, you’ll need the poles to be on the taller end.

The taller the pole, the more output you’ll need for the light. Also, the taller the light pole, the more focused (narrow) the beam angle for the light will need to be. This will help prevent light loss and light spillover into unwanted areas.

For shorter poles, it’s important to understand that you’ll need to use light fixtures that have a wider beam angle. This makes the light more uniform across the space and prevents bright spots.