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LED Post Top Bulbs

Need a Free LED Post Top Bulb Lighting Plan?
Need a Free LED Post Top Bulb Lighting Plan?

LED Post Top Bulbs


Post Top Bulbs, or Corn Bulbs, are LED lights that retrofit existing pole top bulbs and provide 360 degrees of lighting. They are designed to replace Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights rated up to 400 Watts. The smaller wattage bulbs on this page can also retrofit Bollard Lights.

LED Watts
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

LED Wattage
Metal Halide Equivalent
Color Temperature

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Why choose LED Lighting Supply LED Corn Cob Retrofit Bulbs?

These outdoor light fixtures are generally fitted on poles ranging from 7 feet to 20 feet. Depending on the use, a pole might have several fixtures on it using different mounting methods.

LED Post Top bulbs contain everything you need to produce light including the internal driver and heat sink. These bulbs are designed for a quick, fast and easy installation.

LED Outdoor Lighting with Post top bulbs

150W Metal Halide
250W Metal Halide
400W Metal Halide

1. Replace up to 400 Watt Metal Halide

We have many retrofit post top bulbs that produce from 2300 to 15,600 lumens. This is more than enough to replace a metal halide bulb in a post top or acorn style fixture. Why replace the entire fixture? All that's needed is a replacement of the bulb and ballast with a new LED Post Top bulb.

E26 Medium Base
E39 Mogul Base

2. E26 Medium or E39 Mogul bases available

We have bulbs both E26 and E39 based bulbs. The lower wattage bulbs are replacements for 100W and 150W Metal Halide and HPS. The E39 based bulbs are found in the higher wattage metal halide fixtures, like 400W.




3. High Voltage up to 277V

All our post top bulbs come with builtin 100-277V universal LED Drivers. This means they adjust automatically to the incoming voltage source without any configuration. Once the ballast is removed, directly wire the incoming feed to the socket, screw in the bulb, and that's it!



4. 360 degree light distribution

Our post tops offer omni-directional light distribution. This means light is distributed evenly in every horizontal direction. We even have a few LEDs on top of the bulb to light up the top of the acorn fixture.


* A Poor Choice as a High Bay Retrofit Bulb

Be wary of anyone who suggest a post top bulb as a highbay or lowbay retrofit solution. High Bays are effective when the light is directional pointing downwards. Post top bulbs are not designed for this application.

Important Considerations When Choosing LED Post Top Retrofits

The Type of Fixtures

If you have ample space, IESNA recommends mounting high with high-wattage and well spaced for uniform lighting. Recommendations in pedestrian zones are mounting heights of 10 ft to 20 ft and 30 ft to 60 ft for larger spaces.

High-mounted, high-wattage post top fixtures disperse light in a broad range. Some municipalities and zones restrict mounting heights for lighting fixtures. It pays to first ask – especially if you are installing post top light fixtures afresh. IESNA recommends using more poles for low mounting heights. Also with lower LED wattages to ensure uniformity and reduce light wastage.


Useful Features

Tool-less openings on poles make it easy to unhook snaps that open hinged fixture doors. Re-lamping is much easier because juggling screwdrivers on a bucket truck is not easy. If the screws drop during installations 20 feet down, too much time is spent recovering them. Then getting back up again to complete the job.


Sturdy Build

Post top light fixtures are exposed to harsh weather conditions and vandalism. They need to be well built with high-quality materials to outlast the abuse. Three types of lens materials available: acrylic, polycarbonate, and glass. The latter is very brittle and damages.

Poly-carbonate lenses are the most durable lenses out there. Acrylic lenses come in a close second. Ensure you buy long-lasting LED post top retrofits. Make sure they have the right Ingress Protection- IP rating.

A well sealed light fixture will have an IP rating of 66 and above. This means that it's impermeable to dirt and wetness. The lenses last longer since dirt and water will not clump inside the fixture. The dirt reduces its light efficiency and destroys the electrical components.


Spectral Output

Low quality lights placed wrong can obstruct surveillance cameras, compromising a property's security. Always match your light fixtures’ spectral output to your surveillance to ensure the cameras work.


Light Pollution and Trespass

There are many forms of light pollution. One is glare. It is excessive intense light that causes visual discomfort. There's also light trespass that happens when light creeps out to areas where it is not required. Sky glow occurs in urban areas, causing the over-brighten sky in residential spaces. There's also light clutter. This is excessive groups of light fixtures too bright due to the intensity and placement.

The IDA estimates that over 30% of all light produced is wasted. This annual loss of 22 billion kWh can compare to the cost of 12.9 million oil barrels or 3.6 million coal tons.

Light pollution and trespass affects commercial property areas and becomes a nuisance. IESNA advises post top light fixtures should have a well-controlled distribution of lumens. You should use LED light fixtures because they disperse their light in one direction. This controls upward light emissions that cause light pollution.


Place post top lights on the same level to cut the shadows that turn curbs and steps into tripping hazards. Dark areas between outdoor lights decrease the ability to see activities. Post top fixtures should be well spaced to cut dark spots that impair vision.

People perceive light in relation to its surroundings. Poor lit outdoor spaces look much darker when compared to bright lit spaces nearby. The spacing of post top fixtures on sidewalks affects the sidewalk's usage and appeal.


The Quality of Illumination

HID bulbs have limits in customization, efficiency, and wattage range, but LEDs do not. They are powerful and efficient. A LED light fixture of 6W to 9W is capable of providing as much light as a 60W HID light bulb.

With LEDs wattage does not quantify their level of brightness. So a metric known as a footcandle measures illuminance adequacy. Wattage measures the amount of electric power a light fixture utilizes. LEDs are so energy efficient they use less power to produce as much light as higher-wattage bulbs. Since you can’t retrofit HIDs with LEDs watt for watt, you use foot candles.

A foot candle (FC) equals one lumen of light per square foot of space. Foot-candles determine the amount of light enough for a space. The foot candles recommended by the IES for LED post top retrofits are as follows:


Area Uses fc
High traffic Outdoor lighting used in larger shopping complexes, fast food centers, large civic and cultural centers, or athletic events 3.6
Medium traffic Residential buildings, hospitals, offices, shopping centers in the community, and airports 2.4
Low traffic Religious buildings, educational complexes, industrial facilities, and neighborhood shopping centers 0.8
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