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LED Sports Lighting

What is LED Sports Lighting?

LED Sports Lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor Sports lighting is special high-power lighting designed to be installed on tall poles to light up outdoor sports fields, like baseball/softball fields, football fields, sports and athletic fields, and outdoor tennis courts. Sometimes you will also see this type of lighting referred to as LED Sports Lights or LED Stadium Lights.

LED Sports lighting solutions are high-performance LED Technology lights. They are known for lower energy consumption, longer life, reduced energy costs, and lowering maintenance costs. They can easily maintain or exceed light levels that you have come to expect with HID Lighting solutions at sporting events.

LED Sports Field Lighting Designed to Replace Metal Halide

Yes, LED Lighting is not only as bright, but brighter. Metal Halide bulbs are very bright when they’re brand new but suffer from quick lumen depreciation and loss. LED Lights maintain their lumen levels over long periods. We have powerful options that can easily replace 1000-Watt, 1500-Watt, and 2000-Watt Metal Halide fixtures, 1 for 1.

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LED Watts to Replace 1500-watt Sports Light Fixtures

We have done several lighting plans using our 600-Watt High Power Flood Light with a 15 or 30-degree beam angle, and have provided more foot candles on the ground than the 1500-Watt Sports light fixture.

We have also been told by several customers that the field is brighter after they’ve installed 600-Watt fixtures.

Why Choose LED Lighting Supply as Your LED Sports Lighting Manufacturer?

We’ve been a sports lights supplier since 2008, and have lit up 1000’s of sports fields, athletic fields, gymnasiums, arenas, and other sports venues. We can handle large and small projects and can provide you with a free lighting plan to show you how well our lights will work inside your sports venue.

Best LED Lighting for Indoor Sports

When it comes to indoor LED Sports Lighting, the ideal choice is UFO high bays. They provide powerful bright light from above and can come with special optics to focus more light on the ground. Plus, their design is impact-resistant in case they are struck by a ball or other object.

Best LED Outdoor Sports Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to outdoor field lighting, we recommend either high-power flood lights or stadium lights. These sports lighting LED fixtures are very powerful and can easily replace traditional lighting like high-power Metal Halide and high-pressure sodium lighting that you may be currently using. It also pays to choose a sports field lighting company that stands behind their products.

LED Watts to Replace 1500-Watt Sports Light Fixtures

We have created several lighting plans using our 600-watt High Power Flood Light with a 15 or 30-degree beam angle, and have provided more foot candles on the ground than the 1500-watt Sports light fixture. We have also been told by several customers that the field is brighter after they’ve installed 600-watt fixtures.

LED Watts to Replace 400-Watt Metal Halide

For indoor sports lighting, we recommend either the 150-watt LED UFO or 200-watt UFO lights. Both produce enough lumens to easily replace 400-watt Metal Halides.

LED Watts to Replace 1000-Watt Sports Light Fixtures

We recommend the 400-watt version of the high-power flood light. It produces 56000 lumens. We can easily replace existing metal halide lights, 1 for 1, with our existing lineup of LED Lights.

Impact Resistant LED Sports Lighting

Check the impact rating of the fixture. We list those on the specifications of the fixtures. IK10 is the highest available rating. Most sports lights are IK08 to IK10.

Voltage Options for Indoor and Outdoor Sports LED Lighting

We offer 3 ranges of voltages with our LED Lights designed for sports facilities. The standard range is 100V-277V. Two High Voltage options are available, 347V-480V and 277V-480V. All these drivers are auto-switching, which means the drivers will automatically adapt to whatever incoming voltage is set.

Outdoor Sports Lights with Surge Protection

They do, and if you are concerned about lightning strikes and other grid-related issues, talk to us and we can provide additional protection.

When Upgrading to New LED Sports Lighting, Does it Matter if We Do One Post at a Time?

That’s really up to you. However, this could create a situation where the lighting on the field is unbalanced, with the new lights outperforming the old ones.

How Long Does it Take to Install Sports Field Lights?

It depends on the access to the lights. The lights themselves are not hard to install, it’s all the preparation and access to the lights that can take some time.

Free LED Sports Lighting Plans

Lighting Plans for Sports fields and facilities provide the proper assurances that the lighting project will meet your requirements. We supply free lighting plans for our business customers. Ask for yours. We are your commercial and industrial lighting expert's resource partner.

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BaseballField Lit Up With LED Sport Field Lights

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Soccer Field Lit Up With LED Sport Field Lights