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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for Sports lighting? You’ve come to the right place. We asked new and existing customers the questions they wish they had answered before making their first purchase. Below you will find the complete list. For more information, please call (888) 423-3191.

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What Is LED Sports Lighting?

Sports lighting is special high power lighting designed to be installed on tall poles to light up outdoor sport fields, like baseball/softball fields, football fields and outdoor tennis courts.

It can also be indoor lighting for basketball courts, indoor tennis courts and indoor horse arenas.

600w With Basketball


What Are the Best Lights for Indoor Sports?

We recommend LED UFO High Bays. They provide powerful bright light from above and can come with special optics to put more light on the ground. Plus, their design is impact resistant in case they are struck by a ball or other object.

Is It Better to Retrofit Existing Sports Lights or to Use New Fixtures?

We believe new fixtures are better, in that the fixtures come equipped with specialized optic packages that allow us to use inside lighting plans. Retrofitting a fixture is a bit harder to determine how the light levels will work out, since you can’t know how the LED retrofit kit inside the fixture will perform and how that will impact lighting on the field.

LED High Bay Light
LED UFO High Bay

What Are the Best Lights for Outdoor Sports?

We recommend either high power flood lights or high power stadium lights.

Do You Sell LED Sports Lighters?

Yes. We refer to them as LED Stadium lights

How Many LED Watts Do I Need to Replace Our 1500 Watt Sports Light Fixtures?

We have done several lighting plans using our 600 Watt High Power Flood Light with a 15 or 30 degree beam angle, and have provided more foot candles on the ground than the 1500W Sports light fixture. We have also been told by several customers that the field is brighter after they’ve installed 600 Watt fixtures.

How Many LED Watts Do I Need to Replace Our 1000 Watt Sports Light Fixtures?

We recommend a 400 Watt version of the high power flood light.

Led Flood Light 600 Watt With Pole Mount
600 Watt Led Stadium Light


How Can I Tell If a Light Is Impact Resistant to Balls?

Check the impact rating of the fixture. We list those on the specifications of the fixtures. IK10 is the highest available rating. Most Sports lights are IK08 to IK10.

Do You Offer a Screw in Retrofit Option for Sports Lights?

We don’t. They don’t produce the required light levels.


When Upgrading to New Lighting, Does It Make a Big Difference If We Only Install One Post at a Time?

That’s really up to you. However, this could create a situation where the lighting on the field is unbalanced, with the new lights outperforming the old ones.

How Long Does It Take to Install Sports Field Lights?

It depends on the access to the lights. The lights themselves are not hard to install, it’s all the preparation and access to the lights that can take up some time.

Do you want a Free LED Sports Lighting Plan?

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