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LED Squash Court and Racquetball Court Lighting

General Information: LED Squash Court and Racquetball Court Lighting

Best Type of LED Lighting to Use in a Squash Court

There are several types of lights that you can use in a squash court. It all depends on what your existing courts have. You can use recessed panel lights that are installed inside the ceiling. Linear high bays mounted near the ceiling, canopies, UFO High Bays, High Bay LED Lights, and others.

Squash Court Lighting Specifications

The standards we follow are 30-foot candles for non-competition courts. 50-foot candles for competition level. And 120-foot candles for televised competitions.

Is it Better to Use Direct or Indirect Lighting on a Squash Court?

This question is more about glare reduction. Indirect lighting will always be the best choice if glare is an issue. However, there are options available for direct lighting that will reduce glare. Fixtures with frosted lenses are better than clear ones and show the LEDs. Also, for indirect lighting, you need more powerful lights.

LED Lights are Better than Fluorescent Lighting for Squash Courts

If you are currently using fluorescent lights, LEDs will be a significant upgrade: no flickering, humming, and better light quality.
Squash Court Lighting

Utility Savings When Converting to LED Lighting in a Squash Club

At least 50% or more. If you install motion sensors on the courts, you can dim court lights while they are not in use.

Before You Buy: LED Squash Court and Racquetball Court Lighting

Best Lux / Foot Candle Levels for a Squash Court

That depends if it’s used for competition or not. Your best bet is to target between 30 to 50-foot candles (300 to 500 Lux) for non-televised games.

Light Levels Required for a Professional Squash Court

50-foot candles are reasonable for a professional racquetball court.

Retrofit Existing 2×4 Fixtures in a Squash Court

Yes, you can. We offer retrofit solutions (LED tubes and LED magnetic strips) designed to retrofit existing 2X4 fixtures.

Free Lighting Plans for Squash Courts

We would be happy to create a lighting plan for you. They’re free. And it takes away all the guesswork and risk if you consider converting to LED lights.

LED Lights Material Lens

It depends on the fixture, but most of the fixtures are either acrylic lenses or tempered glass lenses.

Does it Make a Difference if the Court Walls are Painted White or Glass Walls?

Maybe. The best way to determine this is to create a lighting plan based on your specific needs. We have to assume the glass wall will not reflect the light as well as a highly reflective painted wall. That might change the light we use and the lumens required.

Ideal Light Levels for a Recreational Racquetball Court

30-foot candles are reasonable for a recreational racquetball court.

Do Your 2×4 Fixtures Have Hard Lens Covers?

Yes, they do.

Impact Resistant LED Lighting for Squash and Racquetball Courts

Some are. So if that is a concern of yours, then we can spec impact resistance fixtures.

Installation Information: LED Squash Court and Racquetball Court Lighting

Reduce Glare from LED Lighting used in Squash and Racquetball Court Lighting

Using frosted lens covers helps a great deal to reduce glare. Indirect lighting also works well.

Dimmable LED Fixtures for Court Lighting

First, figure out how many foot candles are in the bright courts. Can you dim the lights? Many of our LED fixtures are dimmable. We offer color-changing and dimmable 2X2 and 2X4 panels and canopies so you can soften the color temperature. If you’re looking to replace the lights, let’s do a lighting plan. Let us know your target foot candles.

How to Ensure Lights Won’t Fall if Hit by a Ball

We can supply safety cables as a secondary means of hanging the fixture. So if the light gets knocked off the primary mount, the safety cables will ensure the fixtures don’t fall.