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What Are the Types of Commercial Light Poles?

There are two basic type of poles based on mounting. One is anchor based, and the other is direct burial. Anchor based is a more complex solution that involves setting up a concrete base in which anchor pins are installed when the concrete is wet. Once set, these pins act as the anchor for the base plate of the commercial light pole.

Direct burial is the method where a hole is dug in the ground and the pole is buried in the hole. This method is used primarily for wooden poles and the poles need to be longer to accommodate for the burial depth.

We sell anchor based poles.

What are Outdoor Light Poles made of?

There are essentially 3 types of materials light piles are made of:

Steel Light Poles

Aluminum Light Poles

Wood Light Poles

The poles we offer are steel and wood. We can provide poles that are 10 ft, 15 ft, 20 ft, 25 ft, 30 ft and 40 ft in height. Although some of these height options are not shown on this page, you should contact us if you need a specific pole height.

Other commercial light pole options include wood, fiberglass and concrete. All have their pros and cons. Fiberglass is light weight, but not as structurally strong as steel or aluminum. Wood must be sealed, and all connections and wiring are external. Concrete is very durable and strong, but hard to move and install and is very expensive.

What shapes do light poles come in?

The two basic shapes for light poles are square or round. We offer:

square steel light poles

round steel light poles

round wood light poles

What commercial light pole height do you need?

Light poles vary in height from 10 to as high as 70 feet.  Street lights and parking lot poles are typically around 20 feet high. Sport fields vary from 30 to as much as 70 feet high. Usually, the higher the pole, the better the dispersion and balance of light. It is far more difficult to provide balanced lighting with short poles than taller commercial light poles.

Taller mounting heights will also reduce glare. This is important for sport fields where glare might cause athletes to lose sight of ball.

Where are you located? It makes a difference…

Wind loads across the United States vary from region to region. A pole installed Memphis will have a lower wind load than one installed in Miami. Understanding the load will determine the size of the pole, strength and how many lights you can install on that pole. Its known as an EPA calculation, and we can provide you with that calculation before you purchase.

Epa Wind Map