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About Commercial Outdoor LED Lighting

Looking to upgrade your HID Lighting to LED Outdoor Lights? Our lighting experts are here to help you in this process to make this conversion a success. We help you reduce the risk of a bad outcome by providing free outdoor lighting plans.

You can provide us with your location and we will create a lighting plan using available map data. We can adjust the LED Commercial Outdoor Lighting in the model to get the light levels right and the distribution levels to your needs. That way, after you install our lights, the results you saw in the plan will be the light you see in your outdoor space.

We have thousands of LED light fixtures for outdoor use available. We will quickly narrow down the best options and provide you with a detailed quote. We have thousands of high-quality commercial outdoor LED lighting – in stock and ready to ship – with competitive prices to fit any size budget.

Are you looking for more light? Less light? Photocells and motion sensors? Is your primary goal to save money? Reduce your maintenance costs. Brighten a dark space with bright outdoor security lighting.

Our seasoned team of lighting professionals can guide and assist you in finding the “right” commercial LED outdoor lighting for your commercial office building, warehouse lightingsports field lighting, storage yard lighting, street lights, or parking garage lighting.

It doesn’t matter if you’re lighting a large storage area with high mast lights, bollard lights/pathway lights, or adding outdoor wall lights, wall pack lights, or wall sconce to your building to provide better security lighting, we will help you make this project a success.

We’re here to help you and guide your conversion to LED commercial outdoor lights. When you need assistance, you can easily reach us with a simple call, contact us, or online chat.

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What are the Benefits of Using LED Outdoor Lighting?

There are many, but here are the top 5 reasons.

  1. Energy savings: you should expect upwards of 50% reduced costs over traditional lighting. There are even better savings when the lights use lighting controls.
  2. Less maintenance vs HID: Metal Halide (HID) bulbs need replacing at around 12,000 – 15,000 hours. At 1/2 life (~7500 hours), they have lost 1/2 of their initial lumens. So for those who need bright light (sports fields), you may be replacing bulbs sooner than you think.
  3. Turns on and off instantly. No long start-up/strike times with LED.
  4. Works great with motion sensors and photocells. Because they can turn on and off quickly, they work well with these energy savings controls
  5. They dim. Some LED commercial outdoor lighting (not all) can dim. In parking lot lights, this means you can dim the lights when the lot is empty. Works perfectly with dimming motion sensors. (if you need dimming, make sure the LED Light is equipped with a dimmable driver)

How Do I Choose the Correct Outdoor LED Technology for My Outdoor Space?

There are two things to decide.

  1. The type of light
  2. The right model

We can help with both. We’ve been helping customers since 2008 choose the right type and model of outdoor LED lighting fixtures. And it’s not guesswork. We will create a (free) lighting plan to show you that our outdoor commercial lights will properly light up your outdoor area.

What are the Different Types of LED Outdoor Lights Available?

Above is a list of Outdoor LED Lights we offer. They all have specific functions. So if you are not clear on what commercial outdoor lighting fixtures will be your best option, then reach out to us and we will guide you to the right selection.

Free LED Outdoor Lighting Plans

Lighting Plans for Outdoor Spaces provide the proper assurances that the lighting project will meet your requirements. We supply free lighting plans for our business customers. Ask for yours. We are your commercial and industrial lighting expert's resource partner.

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