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Outdoor Vandal Resistant Lights

Vandal Resistant Lights are used in many applications. These include hotels, parking areas, gas stations, bank drive-thrus and covered walkways. Vandal Resistant Lights are used in commercial applications to illuminate walkways and aisles and are excellent options for outdoor lighting. Vandal Resistant Lighting are the best replacements for HID lamps. Vandal Resistant lights are more efficient, have longer hours of operation and require less maintenance than HID Lights. The lights make building entrances safe and secure at night and provide a clean, modern look.

Why choose a LED Lighting Supply Vandal Resistant Light?

1. Replace your 150W to 1000W Metal Halide

Replace 250W Metal Halide
Replace 400W Metal Halide
Replace 1000W Metal Halide

We have models that replace 150W, 250W and 400W Metal Halide producing 2500 to 39,760 lumens at 130 lumens/watt or more. Some of our fixtures are warrantied for up to 10 years, providing you with a safe and reliable LED solution for years to come.

High Intensity Discharge Lamp to LED Conversion

Traditional HID Lamp LED Lumens (100% directional)
250 Watt MH 10,000-12,000 lumens
400 Watt MH 15,000-25,000 lumens
1000 Watt MH 40,000-55,000 lumens

2. Optics designed to light your outdoor space


Our LED Vandal Resistant Light fixtures are available with over 30 optic packages. More importantly, we have a special optic designed to light up indoor and outdoor areas. This ensures your facility is lit up properly after you convert over to LED.

3. Retrofit Vandal Resistant fixtures to LED

175 Watt MH
250 Watt MH
400 Watt MH
1000 Watt MH

Are your existing fixtures in good shape? Retrofitting your Vandal Resistant lights may be an option. Using one of our retrofit kits, you can simply replace the HID bulb and ballast. These work specifically well with fixtures that have existing lens/optics.

11 models available that produces from 5000 to over 50000 lumens

4. Do you have High Voltage? 


We offer both standard voltage options of 100V-277V (standard) and high voltage options of 277V-480V (optional). 

5. What Color Temperature is your best option?


We offer color temperature options in both 4000K and 5000K. 5000K is a perfect replacement for Metal Halide. 4000K is also an option for those states requiring a slightly warmer light. Other color temperatures available upon request.

Both offer a significant improvement over high pressure sodium lights, rated at 2200K.


6. Do you need photocells and motion sensors? 


Our Vandal Resistant lights are available with motion sensors that turn on when motion is detected. And because our LED Lights are instant on / instant off, gone are the days of long strike and re-strike times. So if there is a blip in your power supply, your Vandal Resistant lights will be instantly lit up when the power comes back on.

7. L70 Light Maintenance - 100,000 hours

100,000 hours

Lumen maintenance relates to the lifespan of a light source. LED lights do not burn out like traditional lights. They maintain initial lumens longer. What happens is the light intensity fades gradually, but this usually takes years.

A 70% deterioration in light output is the point at which the human eye notices a decline in the intensity. But, the human eye is only affected when the light intensity of a light source reaches a level of 30%.

Used 12 hours a night, our LED Vandal Resistant fixtures and Retrofit Kits will provide bright, maintenance free lighting for years.

8. What CRI should you use?

70 CRI
80 CRI

One of the specifications you need to pay attention to is CRI (color rendering index). This is a measurement of the quality of light that the fixture is producing. It is a scale between 0 and 100. Sunlight is 100. A general rule is that you need less quantity of light if you have better quality. LED has high CRI making the quality better than most traditional light sources. 

We offer 70+ CRI options, so we can meet any spec you need.

9. Energy and maintenance savings

50-80% savings

LED lights offer high-quality light and use fewer watts than traditional HID lighting. What this means is that you will have more intense light but your power bill will decrease.

Most of the traditional HID Vandal Resistant fixtures use between 250 and 1000 watts. That does not include the additional 15% energy used for ballast draw.

If we compare this to LEDs, which consume 40 to 300 watts – there is a 40% to 60% reduction in energy. Greater savings when lighting controls are added.

Maintenance costs drops to near zero. This means your maintenance staff will be not be fixing lights.

10. What Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt) do you need?

130 lm/w
155 lm/w
165 lm/w

Luminous efficacy is the true measure of a bulb’s efficiency. It indicates the lumens produced for every watt of electricity consumed. LEDs are more efficient than traditional bulbs with a higher luminous efficacy. High quality LEDs have awesome efficacy ratings. 

To calculate luminous efficacy, divide the number of lumens the lamp generates by the watts of electricity it consumes. LED light fixtures with a higher luminous efficacy  are more efficient than those with a lower luminous efficacy.

We have fixtures and retrofit kits rated between 130 and 165 lumens/watt. We can help you choose the right efficiency.


11. Your Paybacks can be short with LED Lights

Save Money with LED
But it's dependent on the "1+1+1 rule"

LED payback = Hours of Use + Reduced Use of Electricity + Rebates

Rebates may be the least important of the three. High hours of use and high cost of electricity will dwarf the benefits of a rebate.

Everyone likes a rebate. We have created many proposals where payback was under 1 year even without rebates. Contact us and we can help walk you through the math.

Outdoor Lighting with Cnaopy Lights

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