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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions about LED Vandal Resistant Lighting. So we’ve curated a list from first-time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most-asked questions below or call us at (888) 423-3191 to find the right lighting for you.


What Makes a Lighting Fixture Vandal Resistant?

It has a lot to do with the construction and materials used in the fixture. Having tough acrylic lenses is a part of it, so it can withstand assorted hits and abuse.

Is There a Vandal Resistant Certification?

There isn’t. Lighting manufacturers have had years of experience making these types of fixtures. They design and build these lights using materials that will help resist vandalism.

What’s the Difference Between Vandal Proof and Impact Rated Fixtures?

The big difference is in the design of impact-rated fixtures. It’s designed to withstand an accidental hit or strike, like a ball in a gymnasium. A LED Vandal Resistant Lighting Fixture is designed to withstand rock throwing and hits with a stick

Is Your LED Vandal Resistant Lighting Fixtures Rated for in-Cell Use?

No, there is another type of light specifically designed for in-cell prisons and jails.

What Types of Lights Are Vandal Proof?

LED Canopy Lights, LED Wall Packs, LED Shoebox Lights, and linear (vapor-proof lights). They are mostly outdoor fixtures.

300 Watt Shoebox in Parking Lot


What Are the Best Lights to Use to Light Up the Back of a Building?

Anything bright works well. Consider using LED Parking Lot Lights or LED flood lights. Putting the light on a motion sensor will make the area well-lit and turn on the light to full brightness when motion is detected in the area.

What Are Your LED Vandal Resistant Lights Made Out Of?

Aluminum with acrylic lenses.

What If Someone Strikes the Fixture with a Bat, Rock, or Hammer?

If someone is determined to damage a light, they will. But the lights are designed to handle limited attempts of this abuse.

If Someone Shoots an Outdoor Fixture Will It Survive?

Bullets are hard to stop unless the fixture is made from very expensive materials.


What Is the Best LED Vandal Resistant Lighting Fixture for a Stairway in an Apartment Building?

We have stairwell lights that are motion sensor driven. They turn to full brightness when it detects movement.


You’re Retrofitting an Existing Vandal Proof Fixture. How Do You Ensure It Is Still Vandal Proof After Installation?

Retrofitting does not alter the fixture itself, it’s a replacement of the lighting parts. So, as long as you assemble the fixture properly, you should be fine.

How Do You Install a Surface Mounted Light Fixture to Make It Vandal Resistant?

You want to make sure it’s securely mounted so any attempt to pull it from the ceiling or wall doesn’t work.

How Do I Make Sure That Someone Does Not Unscrew the Fixture?

If you think this can happen, there are screws with unconventional heads. They need special tools to screw in and out. Using this will discourage most people.

Vandal Resistant Lighting