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What are Vandal Resistant Lights?

Vandal resistant lighting are lights designed with high impact lenses, water tight seals and fixtures designed to deter prying and vandalism. You usually find vandal resistant fixtures installed in public locations, such as:

train stations


parking garages


The most common vandal resistant fixtures are:

canopy lights

vapor tight lights

wall pack lights

Vandal Resistant Lighting

Can vandal resistant lights use lighting controls?

Yes. However, its important that the lighting control is installed inside the fixture. The most common vandal resistant lighting controls are motion sensors and photocells. 

Photocells turn vandal resistant lights on at dusk - and - off at dawn.

Motion Sensors turn vandal resistant lights to full brightness when motion is detected. Vandal resistant lights are perfect for security lighting.

What are the best Vandal Resistant LED Lights?

The "Best LED Vandal Resistant Lights" are lights that work for your outdoor public area. There is no such thing as a single "Best LED Vandal Resistant light". Outdoor areas are not the same. So choosing the right light for the right application gets you closer to finding the best choice of outdoor lighting.

One way to find the best vandal resistant light is to ask for a Vandal Resistance Lighting Plan. We can help with that. We can create an outdoor lighting plan that represents your outdoor area and fixture locations. We then add vandal resistant lights, calculate foot candles and how well the light is distributed in your space.

What are the benefits of LED Vandal Resistant Lights?

There are many benefits that LED Lighting provides.

works well with lighting controls because LED lights are dimmable and turn on and off instantly.

color temperature options - 4000K and 5000K

lower energy bills and lower maintenance costs - no bulbs or ballasts to replace

high quality LED light (Color Rendering Index of 70 or greater)

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