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Commercial Indoor Lighting

LED Commercial Indoor Lighting

Converting commercial and industrial buildings to indoor commercial LED lighting can be challenging. LED provides so many choices and options and choosing the proper light, distribution, lumen package, and color temperature can make the difference between a successful conversion or one that comes up short.

Our experienced team can help you navigate indoor commercial LED fixtures that have been installed in 1000s of commercial buildings and commercial applications successfully.

  1. Your primary interest may be energy savings – we will show you high-lumen output / watt-efficient LED Technology fixtures. Or we can discuss de-lamping and reducing light fixtures.
  1. You may need high-voltage commercial lighting fixtures – we have high-voltage solutions up to 480 Volts.
  2. Looking for a specific foot candle target? Uniform light distribution? We will create a free lighting plan.
  3. You may want to add lighting controls – we will discuss sensor options and help determine which one would work best for your lighting system.
  4. You want to reduce your lighting maintenance costs in your commercial building. We can show you high-life commercial indoor LED lights.
  5. You want to upgrade your commercial ceiling lights. We have LED Solutions like flat panels for a drop ceiling for office spaces, small businesses, and retail stores.
  6. You may want to apply for rebates – we can maximize your rebates by figuring out the commercial interior lighting that maximizes your rebate with the utility.
  7. You have high ceilings. We will discuss optic packages.
  8. High-temperature issues? We will show you our industrial indoor LED lighting products designed for high-heat areas.

Looking for outdoor fixtures? We also have outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial, sporting, and industrial applications. We even offer commercial-grade grow lights.

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What are the Benefits of Using LED Indoor Lights?

There are several benefits. Besides high-quality lighting performance, here are the top 5 benefits of using LED Lights for Indoor lighting.

  1. Energy savings: you should expect 50% – 75% reduced costs over traditional lighting. There are additional savings when controls (like motion sensors) are used.
  2. Less lighting maintenance: Metal Halide (HID) bulbs need replacing at around 15,000 hours. At 1/2 life, they have lost 1/2 of their initial lumens. Fluorescent lights dim quickly and strobe/hum when they are near the end of life.
  3. Turn it on and off quickly. No long start-up/strike times using LED.
  4. Works well with motion sensors. They can turn on and off quickly – and dim – so they work well with these energy savings controls. Perfect for warehouses and gyms.
  5. Dimming: Some LEDs (not all) can dim. In warehouses, this means you can dim the lights when the space is empty. Works perfectly with dimming motion sensors. (make sure the fixture is equipped with a dimmable LED driver)

Are LED Indoor Commercial Lighting Fixtures Energy Efficient?

Yes, they are, when compared to fluorescent lighting and other types of lights, like Metal Halide. That means they will produce maximum efficiency and the same light levels while saving you 50%-75% or more on your lighting bill for your indoor applications.

No Project is Too Big

You may have a 50,000 square-foot warehouse and want 30-foot candles on average. We will do that calculation for you – FREE. If you decide you need more light? We will re-run the lighting plan until you’re happy.

We offer Free Lighting Plans to take the risk out of buying LED Interior commercial lighting. We want your conversion to LED Commercial Lighting to be successful. That means finding you the right light that offers proper light distribution. We have 1000s of high-quality commercial interior lighting in stock and ready to ship with competitive prices to fit your budget.

Our seasoned team of lighting professionals can guide and assist you in finding the best commercial indoor LED lighting fixtures for your space. When you need assistance, you can easily reach us by calling or chatting with us.

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Free LED Indoor Lighting Plans

Lighting Plans for Indoor Spaces provide the proper assurances that the lighting project will meet your requirements. We supply free lighting plans for our business customers. Ask for yours. We are your commercial and industrial lighting experts resource partner.

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