LED Exit Signs and Emergency Lights

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LED Exit Signs

LED Exit signs are essential for people's safety within a commercial building. Select exit signs made from polycarbonate, thermoplastic, acrylic or aluminum. LED Lighting Supply LED exit signs are equipped with emergency battery backups. This ensures they stay lit when the power is off. Red and green face letters can easily be seen.

What Color Should Exit Signs Be?

In the past exit signs were red; but they can have either red or green lettering. Check the building code requirements for the sign color.

Do Exit Signs have batteries? 

Exit signs with a back up battery are kept fully charged with the building's power.  If the emergency light is needed, it will light up for required 1.5 hours. 

LED Emergency Lights

LED Emergency lights with available backup batteries light up when the power goes off unexpectedly. It lights the hallways of commercial and industrial buildings. Choose single lamp head units or double lamp head emergency light units. The heads are adjustable. LED emergency light fixtures provide powerful lighting for stairways, hallways and building exits.

Exit Signs with Emergency Lights

LED Exit signs with emergency lights combine both a LED exit signs with a LED emergency light together. 

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