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LED Lights for Military Bases

Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they had when it came to purchasing LED Industrial Lighting and Military Base Lights. If it’s your first time making a purchase with LED Lighting Supply, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak directly with one of our lighting experts.


What Type of Lighting Can Be Used for a Military Application?

For the most part, we carry all the lights a military base requires, including High-Temperature LED Lights for overseas operations. We have supplied LED High Mast Lights for outdoor security, high-power LED Flood Lights, High Bay LED Lights for hangar lighting, and explosion-proof lights for ordinance rooms.

Old hangar before LED lighting

Do All Lights Used by the United States Military Need to Be American Made?

We have worked with military installations that require BAA / TAA lights, and others were able to purchase non-BAA under a waiver. In many cases, there is not a BAA / TAA option that meets the specific lighting requirements. Depending on the project, we can accommodate both requirements for many fixtures.

LED Hangar Conversion

What Is the Lighting Level Required on a Military Base?

Lighting in a hangar needs to be brighter than general office lighting. Runway lighting needs to be brighter than parking lighting. It all depends on the use of the light level required.


Why should you choose LED Lights for Military Bases and Applications from LED Lighting Supply?

  1. We already work with many Airforce, Army, Marine and Navy installations. Many are repeat customers.
  2. We have industrial grade lighting. Strong, robust, long lasting and powerful.
  3. We have solutions for hard problems. High Power Explosion proof lighting. High Temperature Lighting. Extremely powerful flood and security lights.
  4. We offer BAA and TAA lighting.
  5. We will do lighting plans to prove our lights will meet your needs.
  6. USA Based pre-sales and post-sales support. Call us, were here to help you always.

Do You Offer Lighting That is TAA Compliant?

We do, here are the lights we currently have. We also have a CAGE Code for direct military purchases. Our cage code is: 6JP16

What Are the Best Fixtures to Use for Military Airfield Lighting?

High mast and high-powered flood lights provide good overall area lighting and minimize the number of poles required.

What Are the Best Fixtures to Use for Military Base Lighting?

That really depends on the purpose and use of the particular location within the base.

What Options Do You Have for Flood Lights to Be Used for a Military Application?

We have high power, low beam angle flood lights rated from 200 Watts to 1200 Watts that can provide powerful spotlighting.

Do You Offer Explosion Proof Lights for Military Applications?

We do, and we also offer TAA explosion-proof lights

What Are the Best Fixtures to Use for Military Shelter Lighting?

Depending on the type of shelter, we recommend LED low bay lighting, High Bay LED LightsLED Canopy Lights, and LED vapor proof lighting.

What Options Do You Have for Military Parking Lot Lights?

We have a full line of LED Shoebox Lights that can easily replace 400 Watt or 1000 Watt metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights, 1 for 1.

Do You Have Other Military Customers?

Yes, we have several military customers, and work with many US armed force bases in the US and across the world.

Do you offer explosion-rated lighting?

We do. We also have TAA Certified explosion-proof lights.

What Are the Lens Options for Tight Mean Military Lights?

We can offer as low as 10 degrees all the way up to 150 degrees. The best option depends on the fixture.


Are There Any Special Considerations for Installation in Military Facilities?

None whatsoever, our lights can be mounted exactly the same as your existing lights.