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Outdoor LED High Mast Lights are high output fixtures mounted on top of very tall polls. Light poles can range from 50 feet high to a high mounting height of 150 feet. Each pole is capable of holding from 2 to as many as 16 light fixtures. Commercial and Industrial customers like to convert High Mast Lights to LED because versions are available to easily replace 400 Watt, 1000 Watt and even 1500 Watt Metal Halide High Masts. Optic packages ensure wide, balanced lighting on the ground. Energy usage is easily reduced by 50-75%, and maintenance costs drop dramatically with these highly durable, robust and impact resistant fixtures. Get Your Free LED High Mast Lighting Plan
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Need a High Mast Lighting Plan?

A LED High Mast Lighting Plan uses software to calculate how the lighting will look in your outdoor space. Using your existing pole locations (or new pole locations), we can place our High Mast Lights at the pole height you request and show you how well our lights perform.

A High Mast lighting plan provides both foot candle readings as well as how well the light is distributed across the plan. Changes can be made to the plan including:

raising or lowering the heights of the poles

adding or removing poles

adding or removing lights per pole

changing out a light with another high mast option

tilting the high mast lights to see how it affects distribution

High Mast Lighting Plans takes away the risk and all the guess work in selecting the right LED Lighting Solution for your outdoor location.


High Mast Lighting Plan
Led High Mast Light Fixture
Led High Mast Light Fixture
Led High Mast Port And Container Lighting

What are the best LED Lights for High Mast Applications?

The Best LED High Mast Light depends completely on the outdoor area you need to light up. The "Best LED High Mast Light" is the one that produces the best lighting, both in terms of light levels and how well distributed the light is.

To discover this, we might have to create a lighting plan and swap out different lights with varying wattages, lumens and optic packages to see which light ultimately performs the best for your space.

We offer LED High Mast Light Fixtures with either a 5 year or 10 year warranty.


Can LED's replace for Metal Halide High Mast?

Yes. We have LED High Mast Lights capable of replacing 400 Watt to 2000 Watt Metal Halide (and High Pressure Sodium HPS Lights as well as HID High Mast Fixtures. These terms all represent a family of high power HID bulbs that typically powered High Mast Lights ).

LED High Mast lights are high quality CRI lighting available in 4000K and 5000K. Many optic packages are available to help model the best light distribution for your outdoor area and poles configurations.

LED High Masts have much lower energy consumption when compare to their HID High Mast Fixture counterparts. You should expect energy savings of 50-75% when you convert from HID to LED.

Are there High Mast's available for High Voltage (480V)?

The standard driver for our LED High Mast Light Fixtures are 100V-277V.

That can be upgraded to 347V-480V or 277V-480V.

We also offer 10kVA and 20kVA surge suppression options. 

High Mast Conversion from High Pressure Sodium to LED

High Mast Lighting Application

freeway interchanges


sea ports rail yards and transportation terminals

outdoors storage yards and parking zones

large area applications

outdoor lighting applications

airport lighting

The mounting heights range from 60 ft to 120 ft and above. The fixtures form a circular pattern to distribute the light over a large radius or area.

Freeway interchange poles usually have 2 to 12 1000 Watt HPS fixtures. One 1000 Watt HPS lamp consumes a total of 1200 Watts (including ballast draw).

A pole with 8 light fixtures equals a power consumption of 9.6 kW. For that reason, cities have decided to switch the lights off after 11pm to save on lighting expenses. With LED, there is no need to switch off.

LED Lighting Supply will help you decide which of our industrial LED high mast area light systems is right for you.

Included are finishes designed to meet the harsh environments of coastal environments. Our outdoor LED High Mast lights & products are IP65 or higher rated and either UL or ETL listed. Most are DLC Qualified and rebate eligible.

LED Lighting at Container Port

What are some of the benefits of  LED Lighting Systems used in High and Low Mast Applications?

High Light Quality with CRI of 70+

Color Temperature Options - 4000K or 5000K

High Impact Resistance fixtures - IK08

Surge Protection - 10kVA or 20kVA

Lighting Control Ready - NEMA sockets to install Smart Controls or Photocells

Industrial Finishes for Salt Water Environments

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