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LED Flood Light Calculator

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What Is Included With A Lighting Plan?

  • Custom lighting layout with count & placement
  • Foot candle and light balance calculations
  • Light fixture recommendation and quote
  • Dedicated lighting specialist to assist with your project

How long does it take to get a plan?

Indoor1-2 business days
Outdoor2-3 business days


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What is a LED Flood Light Design / Lighting Plan?

An LED Flood light design is a lighting plan that shows how well an area will be lit after LED Flood lights are installed. The design calculates light levels and shows the customer where light is and is not. They can then determine if this solution meets their requirements and needs.

When Do You Need to Do LED Flood Light Design?

The main requirement is to understand the physical area where the floodlights are intended to be installed. Being able to “install” flood lights inside an area that closely resembles the physical location of the customer’s site allows us to properly light up the area. Knowing where lights can be mounted is also essential, and knowing the mounting height allows us to accurately create a lighting design that will help the customer.

What is the Difference Between a Flood Light Calculator and Flood Light Design?

For us at LED Lighting Supply, they are the same thing. We would produce a lighting plan / design instead of using a calculator. Calculators do exist, but they do not produce results we feel comfortable with. They do not show light levels across the physical location, nor calculate light balance and determine if the light is balanced across the entire outdoor space.

What are the Typical Design Standards when Using Commercial Flood Lights?

Standards are application-based. Flood lights used in perimeter security lighting would have a different standard than a high power flood stadium light used to light up a high school football field. Understanding the application, need and any local by law can all be addressed in creating a successful flood light calculation.

How Many Lumens are Required for Flood Lights Used in a Commercial or Industrial Location?

This depends on the application and the space you are trying to light. A small area behind a warehouse is fairly easy to light and does not require high-lumen outlights. Larger expansive areas will need larger, more powerful lights with higher lumen output.

How Can I Reduce the Glare?

You should consider adding some side shields to the lights to block direct view of the light source.

If you need help choosing the right lighting design for your space, contact our team of experts for personalized advice and to learn about our latest offers.

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