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Pole Barn Lighting Calculator

Determining the correct LED lighting fixtures for pole barns has been a focus of LED Lighting Supply for over 10 years. Each pole barn’s lighting needs are unique. Our team can help determine which of many different types of LED fixtures are most ideal for your particular space.

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Oakland Logo Poor lighting caused parking lot safety issues for spectators. Our lighting plan & new lights resulted in an improved experience.
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The ideal pole barn lighting layout is a detailed lighting plan. It shows the physical layout of the pole barn, along with the installed lights and foot candle measurements on the reported plan. It will also show you how balanced the lighting is (average / min). The lower this number is, the more balanced the light is across the pole barn.

The ideal layout to achieve 30-foot candles is between 4 to 6 120-watt LED UFO fixtures within the space. Since the ceiling height is relatively low, anything brighter than 100 Watts LED may be too much.

The ideal layout to achieve 30-foot candles is between 6 to 8 100-watt LED UFO fixtures within the space. 8 160-watt UFO fixtures would provide 50+ foot candles within the space.

That depends on your needs for the space. If you are using it to store things, then 10 to 20 lumens per square foot are more than enough. If you’re using the space to work, then you might want to consider 30 to 50 lumens per square foot.

For reference, 1 lumen per square foot is equal to 1 foot candle. So 10 lumens per square foot equals 10 foot candles.

Start with a lighting plan. We have done hundreds of lighting plans for our pole barn customers. Let us know the size of the space, mounting height, and how bright you want it and we will send you a lighting plan that specifically outlines your needs.

A UFO (compact and round) light is an LED High Bay fixture. If you are familiar with metal halide indoor lighting, this is a great option for you. They are very robust with a high impact rating and are also waterproof.

linear panel fixture is a replacement for fluorescent fixtures if you like that style. They are not as robust as UFOs, and most are not waterproof. By nature and design, they offer better distribution than UFOs, especially in lower ceiling spaces.

Canopy lights are designed to be ceiling mounted and work at very low ceiling heights. They are good for ceilings that are between 8 and 12 feet tall.