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LED Lighting Supply / Photometric Plan / Arena Lighting Calculator | Horse Arena Lighting Design

Arena Lighting Calculator | Horse Arena Lighting Design

The first question when working on a project is often: How Many LED Lights Do I Need for an Indoor or Outdoor Horse Arena? How bright does it need to be? How can I avoid shadows? A sports lighting layout for horse arenas is the ideal first step to ensure your LED lighting gives the desired foot candle level and bright, balanced light.

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Horse Arena Lighting Design is a process we offer to model lighting in an indoor or outdoor horse arena. Using our horse arena light fixtures, we create a visual plan for either indoor or outdoor arenas. The report will show the expected light levels, the locations of the lighting fixtures, and light balancing.

We recommend a range of 5-20 lumens per square foot for recreational horse arenas, 10-20 lumens per square foot for mid-level arenas, and 20-50 lumens per square foot for professional-level horse riding arenas.

Speaking of this in terms of lumens is not necessarily the best approach. We would recommend that you start with the foot candles needed. Then let us create a lighting plan that will specify the proper light fixture to meet your needs.

For those who need lumens per square foot, the formula is 1 lumen / square foot = 1 foot candle.

Outdoor Recreational Arena (Recreational) 5-10 fc
Outdoor Recreational Arena (Mid-Level) 10-20 fc
Outdoor Recreational Arena (Professional Level) 20-50 fc
Indoor Recreational Arena (Recreation) 10-20 fc
Indoor Recreational Arena (Professional) 20-40 fc

It’s particularly important to make sure the light is balanced across the arena space, whether it’s an indoor riding arena or an outdoor arena. It is easier to achieve balance in indoor arenas since led horse arena lighting can be mounted from above. It’s not just about brightness or energy-efficient, bright lights. It’s also about light balance across the entire arena, light distribution, and providing the perfect lighting solution.

An arena lighting calculator is a simple tool that will give you an estimate of the number of lights you might need to meet the requirements. But it’s only a starting point. More importantly, where the LED lights should be installed, and whether the lights need a specific optic or beam angle can only be discovered with a lighting plan.

We’ve heard a few horror stories where customers only use calculators and then find out the lighting is horrible. The type of light you choose is even more important than the number of fixtures you use.

The two most important criteria are light levels and balanced lighting. Horses do not like shadows, so having the light show up balanced without shadows and bright spots is the goal of a successful lighting plan. If you install the lights we specify in the lighting plan where we indicate they should go, you should have a successful result.

A lighting plan, and the data it shows, are 100 percent reliable. Assuming the information we are provided is accurate, and there are no known obstacles, the light you see in the arena should be extremely close to the foot candle readings you see on the lighting plan report.