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How many LED NSF Lights do you need?

The best and most accurate way to calculate this is to create a NSF fixture lighting plan.

A NSF Fixture lighting plan will provide you with a report detailing your indoor space. It details light location, light levels (foot candles) and how evenly distributed the light is over the entire area.

What are NSF Certified Food Processing LED Lighting?

NSF food safe lights are lights that are certified by NSF international as appropriate for use in a food processing plant or prep facility. As outlined by strict regulations, NSF lights are completely washable, with no visible screws or orifices. NFS food safe lights must also not contain glass or other breakable materials. These may seem like impossibly high standards, but with LED lights, they're easy to reach.

LEDs are uniquely well-suited to meeting these commercial kitchen lighting requirements. They are all designed without glass and their filament-less bulbs make it simple to produce a seamless fixture. In addition to this, LEDs don’t produce much heat and they don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. And, as an added bonus, LEDs help you save money on energy and maintenance costs. So, if you’re looking for NSF-rated lighting, choosing LEDs just makes sense.

Our LED Food Processing Lighting meet all the stringent food grade guidelines. They can replace 250 Watt to 750 Watt Metal Halide. These stylish food processing high bays provide bright light for a safe work place. If you want to learn more about NSF certifications and what's expected of NSF rated lighting, you can read about it here.

Are all High Bays NSF Rated?

No. NSF is a certification all on its own. Both types of high bays can share other common certifications, like UL / ETL and DLC, but NSF is a certification all on its own.


What is IP69K?

IP69K is a water and dust ingress rating that is the highest that a fixture can achieve. It basically means the fixture can withstand high pressure, hot water jet sprays to clean the fixture.

Are IP69K rated fixtures also NSF Rated?

No. Once again, NSF is a certification all on its own. However, it is very likely that a NSF rated fixture is also IP69K rated.


What is NSF P442 Certified?

NSF P442 is a Controlled Environment Light Fixture certification from NSF International. It validates that your light fixtures are built for use in areas such as pharmaceuticals, surgical, cleanroom manufacturing and food processing.

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