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How Do LED Drivers Work?

The LED driver’s main purpose is to convert AC power to low-voltage DC power, to provide power for LEDs.

How Can You Tell When a LED Driver Needs to Be Replaced?

LED drivers either work or don’t work. Not working could include the lights not turning on or strobing.

Are Dimmers Bad for LED Drivers?

No. But there are really 2 types of dimming options in LEDs. 0-10V or 1-10V uses low-voltage step dimming. Triac dimming is the type of dimming you find in homes and it comes with infinite variability.

Who Makes the Best LED Replacement Drivers?

There are many good driver companies. Meanwell is a well-recognized brand producing high-quality drivers. Inventronics is another good brand of LED drivers. It all depends on your specific requirements and your budget.

Can All Light Fixtures Use a Replacement LED Driver?

We’re not confident if all LED fixtures can, but the fixtures we sell can.

If I Cut the Wires and Add the New Driver, Is My Fixture Still IP65 Rated?

Yes it should be, since the driver is installed inside the fixture. As long as you don’t compromise the fixture in any way, you should have no problem keeping the fixture waterproof.

Are LED Drivers Interchangeable?

No. LEDs are very specific to the power requirements of the LED chipset. Unlike fluorescent ballasts that are standardized on power output, LED drivers are designed for specific sets of chips. When replacing an LED driver, it’s important to find one with similar specifications.

How Long Do LED Drivers Last For?

Smaller drivers inside small bulbs may have only a 10,000 life rating, whereas some of the better drivers, like mean well, are rated up to 70,000 hours. Heat affects the driver’s life more than any other external factor.

Why Do LED Lights Need Drivers?

LED diodes need DC power, LED drivers convert AC to DC.

Will Using a Replacement Driver Reduce the Efficacy of the Light Fixture?

Not at all. If you replace the driver with a like driver that is a replacement of the original driver’s specifications, everything should be okay.

Why Is It the LED Driver That Typically Fails First?

They tend to have a lower lifespan than the LED chips themselves. It’s not uncommon for chips to have long lives (170,000 hours to reach L70), whereas the best drivers can only reach 70,000 hours.

How do you install a replacement driver?

It’s quite simple and any qualified electrician can easily do it. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to replace a driver, if the fixture is easy to get to.