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Architectural LED Lighting

What is Architectural LED Lighting?

LED architectural lighting is a style of indoor commercial lighting commonly found in offices, schools, and other commercial spaces. We offer both indoor and outdoor architectural lighting options for commercial spaces. Many of the architectural LED lighting fixtures we sell are wattage adjustable and color adjustable, so you can choose the light levels and color temperature you like post-installation by simply changing some onboard toggle switches. This takes away any risk of having to decide what fixture you want based on power and color temperature.

What are the Benefits of LED Commercial Architectural Lighting over Fluorescent, Halogen, and Metal Halide Lighting?

  • Energy-efficient LED architectural lighting will reduce your company's lighting bill
  • reduce maintenance costs as there are no bulbs or ballasts to replace and bulbs to dispose of
  • no flicker or humming from old fluorescent ballasts
  • dial in the proper light levels with wattage adjustable features
  • choose the color temperature you like with color temperature onboard toggle.


Why You Should Choose LED Architectural Lights for Your Commercial Space

Architectural LED lighting offers numerous advantages beyond energy efficiency. They provide an elegant and contemporary design that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your commercial space or outdoor areas.

Their illumination from linear suspended light fixtures creates a comfortable and productive environment for your employees and clients.

Outdoors, provide lighting to brighten up any facade, walkway, or parking area.