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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke with first-time buyers and repeat customers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying linear LED high bays. For more information, please call us at (888) 423-3191 and one of our lighting experts will be able to assist you.


What Are Linear LED High Bays?

These fixtures are a style of LED high bay that resembles a panel style F54/T5/HO or T8 fluorescent fixture. They are square or rectangular in shape and contain strips of LED lights to provide the light source.

These led high bay fixtures usually have narrow strips of LED lights embedded on the back of the surface. Distribution is typically wide. By design, it is not often you will see an option to narrow down the beam angle with optics on these fixtures since the design does not easily accommodate optics.

How Do LED Linear High Bays differ from a traditional (fluorescent) light source?

There are many differences between led linear high bays and fluorescent fixtures. Here are what we believe are the major differences between LED and Fluorescent Linear High Bay Fixtures.

Energy savings: you should expect upwards of 50% reduced energy costs when using linear led bay lights over fluorescent linear lighting. There’s additional energy efficiency savings when controls, like motion sensors are used.
Lower Maintenance Costs: Depending on the quality of the product, fluorescent tubes can operate for 15,000 to 30,000 hours.
No strobing or humming: fluorescent lights always strobe. Near end of life, its very noticeable.  This strobing can cause eye strain and headaches. And fluorescent ballasts hum, and this becomes quite loud near end of the ballasts life. With LED, no strobing or humming.
LEDs are Instant On and Instant Off. Fluorescent lights are also quick, but take some time to warm up. This becomes a lot longer if the room they are installed in is cold.
Works well with motion sensors. LED linear high bay fixtures turn on and off quickly – and dim – so they work well with these energy savings controls. You need special ballasts to do this with fluorescent lighting.
Dimming: Most LEDs (not all) can dim. In warehouses, this means you can dim the lights when the space is empty. Works perfectly with dimming motion sensors. Fluorescent lighting needs special ballasts to dim.
Recycling: with LED, there are no expensive recycling processes because LEDs do not contain mercury or other harmful substances.

How can I choose the best Linear LED High Bay for my application?

The good news is we are here to help. We have 10+ years of lighting experience and have helped thousands of customers with their lighting needs. And we back it up by providing free lighting plans. This way you can see how the lights we recommend will light up your space, providing bright and uniform light across the space.

I’m looking to Replace F54T5HO Fluorescent Fixtures. What would you recommend?

Here is a quick chart of replacing F54/T5/HO tubes with energy-efficient Linear LED High Bays. The actual lumens needed will also change depending on the mounting height.

4 tube F54/T5/HO: 12,000-18,000 LED Lumens
6 tube F54/T5/HO: 18,000-24,000 LED Lumens
8 tube F54/T5/HO: 24,000-40,000 LED Lumens
10 tube F54/T5/HO: 40,000-60,000 LED Lumens

Led Linear Highbay Hblin5

Can Linear LED High Bays be used in wet or damp locations?

Some of our linear high bays are damp locations rated, but none should be used in a wet location. We would recommend a UFO LED Light instead if the location you are installing the lights is wet.

What are the lumen output and color temperatures available for Linear LED High Bays?

The basic color temperatures we recommend and stock are 5000K and 4000K. Most customers ask for 5000K lighting for commercial and industrial applications.

Our LED linear high bay fixtures produce between 13,000 and 65,000 lumens. In terms of replacement, we can easily replace 4, 6, 8, and 10 tube T5 fixtures, as well as 400 Watt to 1500 Watt Metal Halide.

Where are LED linear high bay fixtures used?

These lights are great for many commercial and industrial indoor spaces. We have customers who purchased Linear LED High Bays for:

factories and manufacturing facilities
aircraft hangars
industrial spaces
conference halls and event centers
rec facilities, gyms and fitness centers
retail stores


How does the spread of your Linear High Bay Fixtures compare to UFOs? And what’s a better option for me?

Our linear high bay LED lights are physically bigger than our UFO fixtures. The LEDs attach in strips over the length and width of the fixture.

A UFO is around 12-15 inches round. The LED diodes are densely packed. By the nature of the design of a linear fixture, it produces a wider beam spread.

You cannot add optics to our linear fixtures. Ceiling heights above 30 feet, the broad spread would work against the linear fixture. A UFO with a tighter beam angle would be a better option.

Do You Sell Design Lights Consortium Listed (DLC) Linear High Bay Lights?

Yes, we do have Design Lights Consortium Listed Linear High Bays. All our Linear Fixtures are eligible for utility rebates.

What kind of warranty and certifications do your LED linear high bay lights come with?

All our lights are either UL or ETL Listed. That is the certification that lights are tested and safe.

For rebates, most of our high bay LED lights are DLC and DLC Premium Listed. Rebates and rebate amounts are controlled by utility companies, and amounts and timing will vary.

All the linear fixtures on this page come with a 5-year warranty. And if there is an issue, you call us, and not some third party. We’re here to help, pre and post-sales.

How do I Replace Fluorescent Lighting with your LED Lights?

Replacing linear high bay lighting fixtures is quite simple. We can replace fluorescent fixtures with LED one-for-one. So there is no need to add more lights.

Our lights hang the same way fluorescent fixtures do. They mount by pendant mount or chain/wire cables. They hook up to the power source and have only 3 wires to connect – line, neutral, and ground.

Do You Sell Fixtures with Motion Sensors or Emergency Battery Backups (EMB)?

Yes, we can offer both motion sensors and EMB options as we have both. Call the experts at LED Lighting Supply at (888) 423-3191 to determine the best model for you.

What Mounting Options Do You Sell with your  Linear High Bay Lights?

The three main mounting types for our linear high bay lights are

chain mounting / wire mount
surface mount
pendant mount

UFO vs Linear

110w Hblin2 41fct 15 Feet2


How Do I Install these Linear LED Fixtures?

Installation is easy. It’s the same as the fluorescent lights they are replacing. Wiring is also simple, there are only 3 wires to connect. We supply simple installation instructions for your electrician to follow.

Can I Install your Fixtures with a Surface Mount or Pendant Mount?

You can do both, but it depends on the linear high bay lighting model you choose. If this is what you need, contact us and we will help you find the best solution.

How Do I Connect your LED Lights to my existing Wiring?

Wiring our LED Lighting fixtures is simple for a qualified electrician. There are three wires to hook up – line, neutral, or ground. There is nothing terribly complicated about wiring a LED High Bay Linear fixture that any qualified electrician can’t handle.