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Linear LED High Bay

Linear LED High Bays, or Panel High Bays, are used to replace traditional fluorescent style T5 - F54T5HO and T8 - F32T8 tube lamp high bays. Linear high bay fixtures are constructed using steel or aluminum chassis with the LED strips attached to this body. Linear High Bays can be used in many applications, including warehouses, gymnasiums, shops, hockey rinks and provide bright efficient lighting at an affordable cost.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke with first time buyers and repeat customers to find out their biggest questions when it comes to buying linear high bays. For more information, please call us at (888) 423-3191 and one of our lighting experts will will be able to assist you.

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What Is Linear Lighting?

Linear high bays are a style of LED high bay that resembles a panel style F54/T5/HO or T8 fluorescent fixture. They are typically square or rectangle in shape, and contain strips of LED lights to provide the light source. Usually, the lower wattage options are 24" x 12" and the higher wattages are 36 - 48" X 12".

What Are the Benefits of LED Linear High Bay Lights?

When compared to fluorescent lights, there are many. You are probably looking at at least a 50% reduction in your lighting bill and no expensive tube replacements and recycling costs. LEDs don’t strobe, flicker and hum, and they produce bright, high quality light. They work well with motion sensors and can be dimmed.

Is a Linear High Bay Powerful Enough to Replace F54/t5/ho Fluorescent High Bay?

Yes. Most of the products on our site are defined by how well they replace metal halide. Here is a quick translation of F54/T5/HO tubes to LED Linear High Bay replacements. Actual lumens needed will also be impacted by the mounting height of the fixture.

4 tube F54/T5/HO fixture: look for LED Lights that produces over 12,000 LED Lumens
6 tube F54/T5/HO fixture: look for LED Lights that produces over 18,000 LED Lumens
8 tube F54/T5/HO fixture: look for LED Lights that produces over 24,000 LED Lumens
10 tube F54/T5/HO fixture: look for LED Lights that produces over 40,000 LED Lumens

What Is the Difference Between Linear and Non Linear LED Lights?

In terms of high bays and low bay fixtures, the only other real options beside linear high bays are round UFO LED lights.

In broad comparison, you could say that linear fixtures are a great replacement for fluorescent lights, and UFO fixtures are a great replacement for metal halide fixtures. But either can be interchanged and will produce very similar results.

What Are the Different Types of Linear High Bay Lights?

There are several types: high bays, low bays and shop lights. The real differentiation between these types are power and application - all have specific tasks they excel at. High bays would be too powerful for a low bay or shop application, and vice versa.


Where to Use High Bay Linear Lights?

Linear high bays work well in many commercial settings, like warehouses and shops. For those who are familiar with fluorescent style panel fixtures, converting to this style of LED fixture will be an easy transition.

Is the Coverage/Spread Wider/Bigger on Linear High Bay Lights Than an UFO?

A panel fixture is a much bigger fixture, and the LEDs are contained in strips over the length and width of the fixture.

A UFO is at most, 15 inches round, and the diodes are more densely packed. By just the nature of the design of a linear fixture, it has a wider beam spread and coverage.


However, you cannot add optics to a linear fixture. So, in tall ceiling applications, the spread would work against the linear fixture and a UFO with a tighter beam angle would be a better option.

Are Linear High Bay Lights Waterproof?

Most Linear High Bays are not IP65 (water proof) and are only rated for damp location usage. We have 2 models, a 150 Watt and a 300 Watt unit.

Do You Have Linear High Bay Lights in Stock?

We do, and have access to 1000’s of units in several warehouses across the USA, including our main warehouse in Nashua, NH.


Are the Linear High Bay Lights You Sell DLC Listed?

Yes, and they are eligible for utility rebates.


What Are the Best Applications for Linear High Bay Lights?

Linear high bays work well in:


Pole Barns

Machine Shops
Sports venues

How to Replace Linear High Bay Lights?

Replacing linear fixtures is quite simple, and we can easily replace fluorescent fixtures with LED 1 for 1, so there is no need to add more lights. Our lights hang the same way fluorescent fixtures do, either by pendant mount or chain/wire cables. They hook up easily to the power source and have only 3 wires to connect - line, neutral and ground.

Do You Have a Version with a Motion Sensor or Emergency Battery Backup (EMB)?

Yes, we can offer both motion sensors and EMB options as we have both. Call the experts at LED Lighting Supply on (888) 423-3191 to determine the best model to accommodate these items.

110w Hblin2 41fct 15 Feet2


How to Install Linear High Bay Lights?

Installation is easy, and essentially the same as the fluorescent lights they are replacing. Wiring is also simple, there are only 3 wires to connect. We supply simple instructions for your electrician to follow.

What Are the Mounting Options for Linear High Bay Lights?

The main types are chain/wire mount, surface mount and pendant mount.

Can I Surface Mount or Pendant Mount?

You can do both, but it depends on the model you choose. If this is what you need, contact us and we will help you find the best solution.

How to Wire LED Linear High Bay Lights?

Wiring is simple for a qualified electrician. There are three wires to hook up - line, neutral or ground.



What's The Best Way to Choose a LED Linear High Bay?

The best way is to start with a LED high bay lighting plan.

A LED high bay lighting plan creates a report that shows how bright and balanced the lighting will be.

It identifies the locations of lights, and select the best OPTIC to use. We have done 1000's of FREE high bay lighting plans for both UFO and Linear fixtures.

Indoor Horse Arena Lighting Plan
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