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Want a well lit Outdoor Area?

Let us do a Commercial Wall Pack lighting plan for you.

Wall Pack Lighting Plans allow you to see your outdoor space lit up with LED Wall Packs - without spending any money. Not all wall packs are the same - and minor differences can make the difference between under lit to well lit.

We can model and simulate different wall packs inside our lighting software. By using the Lighting Plan software, we can see how well and what wall pack is your best lighting option.


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Frequently Asked Questions about LED Wall Packs

What are Commercial LED Wall Pack Lights?

LED Wall Pack Lights are wall mount lighting fixtures that can project light outwards and downwards. They are a general purpose light that can provide outdoor  security lighting, facade lighting and can provide additional light to pathways and parking lots near the building walls. Wall mount lights are typically dark bronze  in color.

What are the benefits of LED Wall Pack Lights?

LED Wall Pack lights offer many benefits over Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium Wall Packs.

LED Wall Mount Lights provide super bright, energy efficient, long lasting powerful outdoor lighting solution that can provide both general purpose and building security lighting.
The quality of light produced by LED Wall Pack Fixtures are higher than metal halide and vastly superior to High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and HID Wall Packs.

Energy costs are much lower, and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced since their are no bulb and ballast replacements.

 Extremely long expected life ranging between 50000 hours and 100,000 hours (+)

What are the different types of Wall Pack Lights?

There are three main types of wall packs, and one hybrid type. The three main types are:

Forward Throw Wall Pack - aka NonCutoff Wall Pack

Semi - Cutoff Wall Pack

Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack

The hybrid type is a wall pack with an adjustable head, that can swivel from full cutoff to semi-cutoff.


Full Cutoff Wall Packs

These wall packs only allow light to escape out the bottom of the fixture.  This design ensures the lights are dark-sky compliant - eliminating light trespass and reduces light pollution

They are not a good option for general security lighting. They are an excellent option for wall facade lighting. 


Forward Throw Wall Packs

Forward Throw Wall Packs flood an outdoor area with bright LED light. Light is distributed in almost every direction, but predominantly outwards and downwards. They are the wall pack with the most forward-throw of light.

These lights are your best choice for security and general lighting, and are also the best option for path way and parking lot lighting that are close to the building facade. 


Semi-Cutoff Wall Packs

A semi-cutoff wall pack is a marriage of full flood and a full cutoff wall pack.

It tries to limit the amount of light that might trespass upwards while providing some forward-throw. 

The design of the fixture prevents some upward light pollution, it is not a good option for dark-sky lighting.


Adjustable Wall Packs

These hybrid wall packs can swivel between full cutoff and semi-cutoff.

Adjustment is done at time of installation, so this allows for on-site lighting optimization.

These led mini wall pack lights are an excellent option for those looking for a wall mounted light that provides adjustability.


Can you add lighting controls to a LED Lighting Wall Pack?

Yes. It is common to find photocells and/or motion sensors on led wall packs. Photocells turn the wall pack on at dusk and off at dawn, where as motion sensors turn the wall packs to full brightness when motion is detected and off when no one is around. A motion sensor light option is an excellent way to make a wall pack fixture a good outdoor security light. 

Do LED Wall Packs make good outdoor security lights?

They do. You will often see wall packs mounted on the exterior of buildings to provide lighting used as security lights. You can equip them with motion sensors so they are off when no one is around and full brightness when motion is detected.

What are LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits?

Wall Pack Retrofit kits converts your existing wall packs from Metal Halide to LED. Once you remove the existing ballast, bulb and socket, you can install the LED Retrofit Head and LED Driver in the same locations as the old bulb and ballast. 

What are the best LED Outdoor Wall Lights to replace Metal Halide?

We always recommend a lighting plan to make sure you have the right solution. However, here is a quick guide as a reference to replace some common Metal Halide bulbs

Replaces 150W MH:  look for a LED Outdoor Wall Pack producing between 6,000 and 9,000 lumens

Replaces 250W MH:  look for a LED Outdoor Wall Pack producing between 9,000 and 14,000 lumens

Replaces 400W MH:  look for a LED Outdoor Wall Pack producing between 14,000 and 21,000 lumens

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Retrofit Kits for LED Wall Packs

We have wall pack retrofit solutions where you can install LED inside your outdoor wall light fixtures. We can easily replace your HPS or Metal Halide lights with a simple conversion - its as easy as a bulb and ballast replacement.

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