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LED Wall Pack Lighting Plans - Get it Right before you buy

Why are lighting plans important? They allow you to see your area and how it would look under LED Lighting taking the risk out of buying. We can easily run different options with our lights, and provide you with the proper information and guidance. We're here to save you money with LED. But it's as important to get the lighting right. 

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LED Wall Pack Lighting: Why choose from us?

LED Lighting Supply offers a full range of LED Wall Packs and LED outdoor wall lights to convert your existing HID and fluorescent wall packs to energy savings LED. Easy to install providing bright and long lasting outdoor security lighting commercial facilities need. Our Commercial Lighting LED Wall Packs replace 100 Watt to 400 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures. 

LED outdoor wall packs are designed for commercial and industrial building exteriors. You will also find then on the perimeters of parking areas used in conjunction with parking lot lighting. Dusk to dawn LED wall packs with photocells and motion sensors light up when movement is detected. They turn on at dusk and off at dawn. We offer full flood and full cutoff wall pack options. Many of our LED Wall Packs are DLC Premium for utility rebate eligibility. We can even supply High Voltage solutions up to 480V. 1000's in stock - Quick Ship Available!


Full Cutoff Wall Packs


These lighting fixtures are fully covered except at the bottom. Their unique design ensures they only distribute light downward. Because the light is tightly controlled, the fixtures are usually dark-sky compliant.

The full cutoff design ensures that light trespass is reduced or eliminated. The lamp can only be seen when one stands below the luminaire. Full cutoff wall pack lights only illuminate the walls and areas beneath them. 

Flood - Non-Cutoff Wall Pack


These are the most common of all wall packs we offer. They have the ability to discharge and flood light out from the wall. They are usually mounted on walls and used as flood area lights and outdoor security lighting. They can light up path ways, drive ways and loading areas of commercial buildings.

They are not dark-sky compliant without the use of a shield mounted at the top of the fixture.


Semi-Cutoff Wall Packs


A semi-cutoff wall pack merges the design of a traditional flood wall pack and a full cutoff wall pack. The luminaire in the fixture is slightly covered by a top that comes down to the front. While the design of the fixture prevents some light pollution, it's not dark-sky compliant.

A semi-cutoff wall pack distributes light downward but some of the light goes upward. Just like a traditional wall pack, this wall pack mounts on the wall to provide light to a specific area. The light fixture can also accommodate a myriad of light sources.

Adjustable Head Wall Packs


These wall packs feature a full cutoff or a semi-cutoff design and a tilt mechanism. This allows for precise light aiming.

Adjustable wall packs offer placement of the light module. Light can focus upwards, downwards or between. These wall packs are ideal for outdoor areas and perimeter lighting. They use different light sources and some include photocells. They make perfect replacements for conventional wall packs and floodlights.

LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits

What are LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits?

Wall Pack Retrofit kits converts your existing wall packs from HID or fluorescent to LED. The kits require you to remove ballasts, bulbs and sockets and install a LED Head and LED Driver. The light is directional, lighting up the wall pack lens with 100% of available light

building with wall packs

Retrofit Kits for LED Wall Packs

We have wall pack retrofit solutions where you can install LED inside your existing fixtures. We can easily replace your HPS or MH lights with a simple conversion - its as easy as a bulb and ballast replacement.

Shop Commercial LED Wall Packs - easy to install providing bright and long lasting outdoor and security lighting business need. 1000's of LED Products in stock!
Last Updated: 10/21/2020
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