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What are LED Wall Pack Lights?

Commercial LED wall pack lights are designed for outdoor commercial locations and residential applications. They are good at illuminating the exteriors of building perimeters, pathways, parking lots, parking garages, and other outdoor spaces. These outdoor lighting fixtures are commonly installed on exterior walls and are typically used for security lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and outdoor wet locations.

They are cost-effective and energy-saving lights designed for new construction or to replace an existing fixture installed on building perimeters.

How to Select LED Wall Pack Lights

Here’s a general rule for replacing old Metal Halide / HID fixtures with LED Wall Pack Lighting fixtures:

  • 100 Watts – choose an LED fixture producing 3000 to 5000 lumens light output.
  • 150 Watts – choose an LED fixture producing 5000 to 7500 lumen output.
  • 250 Watts – choose an LED fixture producing 7500 to 15,000 lumens.
  • 400 Watts – choose an LED fixture producing 15,000 to 25,000 lumens.

You can determine the specific output by understanding the following factors:

  1. What is the current wattage of your existing wall packs?
  2. How many fixtures are there? Is the lighting adequate?
  3. How high are the fixtures mounted on the wall?

Choose a style:

  1. Forward throw flood: best suited for “flooding” the space in front of the wall pack. Best for security lighting. These lights will provide the best widespread illumination.
  2. Full Cutoff Wall Pack: these would be your best choice if you are concerned about Dark Sky Compliance. LED cutoff wall packs and adjustable styles have a more focused light downward.
  3. Semi-Cutoff Wall Pack: A marriage of the above two lights. Not quite full flood, and not quite full cutoff.

You should also consider:

  • Voltage: 100-277V or 277-480V.
  • Motion Sensor: Dim the lights when no one is around
  • Photocells: Do you want the lights to turn on at dusk and off at dawn?
  • Color Temperature: 4000K or 5000K. A natural white light is best, stay away from cool white light.

For new installations or if you need guidance, then we recommend making a lighting plan. A lighting plan will help choose the right option.

What is a Full Cutoff Wall Pack?

Full cutoff lighting is a specific type of wall pack where all the light is only directed downwards. It must rely on optics to push the light forward and outwards from the wall.

You should use them when permitting requires dark sky compliance. The trade-off is these lights produce less forward-throw lighting.

What is a Non-Cutoff Wall Pack?

Noncutoff wall packs are also known as flood or forward throw wall packs. They incorporate lenses that push the light down and outwards. It has the greatest forward-throw potential of all three designs. It is the most common wall light used for security lighting.

What is a Semi Cutoff Wall Pack?

A semi-cutoff is a hybrid solution combining full cutoff and non-cutoff. It does allow for some forward throw of the light.

A semi-cutoff wall pack operates like a full cutoff. It also provides some forward throw from the fixture (flood). This restricts the forward throw produced by a wall pack flood light by 50%. It is a nice solution when more light is needed but provides a limit to the light pollution produced.

What is a Wall Pack Flood?

A wall-pack flood directs the light downward but also throws the light forward. It provides the most light coverage of all wall pack versions and it is the most commonly used option.

Non Cutoff Wall Pack

Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Semi Cutoff Wall Pack

Forward Throw Wall Pack

Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Semi CutOff Wall Pack

How Far Do LED Wall Packs Shine?

Assuming you are using a wall-pack flood light, the distance of the light will depend on its mounting height. We can model our wall packs inside our specialized lighting plan software. It will show you the light coverage of our wall packs on your building.

How Long Do LED Wall Packs Last?

You can expect 10-20 years of use from an LED wall pack lighting system, assuming they run around 12 hours a night for 365 days a year.

UL / ETL Approved LED Wall Pack Lights

All of our LED Wall Mount lighting is either UL or ETL listed and approved. Many are DLC Listed for rebates from your utility. We stock many wall-mount fixtures in our warehouses in the USA, including our main warehouse in Nashua, NH.

100 Watt Wall Pack Flood

60 Watt Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Benefits of LED for Wall Pack Lights

LEDs have several advantages over metal halide wall pack traditional lighting fixtures. Some of them include:

  • They use less energy and can provide energy savings to reduce your lighting bills by 50-80%.
  • They’re designed to operate for years with little to no maintenance.
  • They are a high-quality bright light source and a powerful lighting solution.
  • They can turn on and off instantly and pair well with motion sensors and photocells.

Where Will You Find LED Wall Packs Used?

You'll find LED wall packs installed on many commercial and industrial buildings. They are the perfect light solution if there is an exterior wall available. Some common applications are:

LED Wall Packs and Dark Sky Compliance

Dark Sky Compliance means the light fixture can not produce light pollution or glare. Color temperature and foot candles also play into whether a light fixture meets dark sky requirements. Your best option is to look at Full Cut-Off Wall Packs or maybe semi-cutoff Wall Packs.

Recommended Mounting Heights for an LED Wall Pack Light

The ideal height for mounting a wall pack is 8 to 25 feet. To start, choose the correct wall pack wattage and type for your mounting height. Consider the height, the light needed as well as any permitting considerations.

How Many Wall Pack Lights Do I Need?

The best way to calculate the amount of wall packs is to create a lighting plan. For example, we have created hundreds of outdoor lighting plans for our customers using wall packs. We can also add shoebox lights and flood lights for their outdoor parking lot spaces.

A combination of all these lights can give the customer an idea of how well-lit their space will be. The lighting plan gives them all the details including the number of fixtures needed.

Light Coverage and Spread You Can Expect from Wall Pack Lights

The spread of a wall pack is more “flood” than “spot” coverage. You can determine the exact amount if we do a lighting plan for you. The report can show your building and the coverage area of our wall packs installed on your building.

How Far Apart Should Wall Pack Lights Be?

This depends on your specific requirements and needs. Once we understand your goal, we can create a free lighting plan. It will give you all the details, light levels, and distance between fixtures.

Can I Use Wall Packs for Security Lighting?

Yes, you can. By themselves, Wall Packs may not be enough for your needs. But they are a good solution when mounted to the face of an exterior wall. Wall packs will light up the area around your building.

Is There a Difference Between a Wall Pack and a Security Light?

Wall packs can be used as security lights, but they are not quite the same. We think of wall-mounted security lights as small-wattage flood lights with angled heads. These lights use motion sensors so that they detect when someone is in the area and turn on.

LED Wall Packs and Installation Hardware

Everything is included to install the wall pack and we included detailed instructions as well.

LED Wall Pack Lights with Photocells

We have some models with built-in photocells and some other models can have a photocell added as an option. This ensures the lights are dusk to dawn ready.

Attach an LED Wall Pack to a Metal Building

We have lots of customers who have done this. We recommend you contract with a licensed electrician. They will be able to provide you with the best options for mounting a wall pack on a metal building.

Best Way to Install LED Wall Pack Lights

The process is very simple for any qualified electrician. It involves disconnecting the power from the existing wall pack and removing it. You would then install the new wall pack with all the provided hardware that’s included, and wire it.

There are only three wires in a wall pack, line, neutral, and ground. Nothing complicated.

Led Wall Packs

150 Watt Equivalent Led Wall Packs