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LED Wall Pack Lights

Need a Free Wall Pack Lighting Plan?
Need a Free Wall Pack Lighting Plan?

LED Wall Pack Lights


LED Wall pack lights are generally used to provide a wide swath of illumination to high-traffic ground areas. But, they also function well as an added layer of security for property owners. It is common to see wall packs mounted on the exterior walls of commercial and industrial buildings, providing general and security lighting to exterior grounds. In fact, this type of lighting is one of the most common commercial outdoor lighting solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to first time buyers and long-term customers to find out their most commonly asked questions when it comes to buying LED wall pack lights. If you couldn’t find an answer to your question below, feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 and a dedicated lighting expert will help you find the best light for your needs.

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What Is a Wall Pack Light?

A wall pack light is an outdoor wall mounted fixture that projects light out and down from the building to light up walkways, parking lots and building exterior. It is commonly found lighting up loading dock areas of commercial buildings.

What Are the Different Types of LED Wall Pack Lights?

There are three types of wall packs:

Full cutoff
Semi cutoff
Wall pack flood lights

What Is Full Cutoff Lighting?

Full cutoff lighting is a specific type of wall pack where all the light is only directed downwards. It must rely almost entirely on optics to push the light forward and outwards from the wall.

These are required to be used when the permitting requires only Dark Sky compliant lighting solutions - no light pollution. The trade off is these lights produce less forward-throw lighting.

What Is a Non Cutoff Wall Pack?

Non-cutoff, also known as flood or forward throw, incorporates lenses that push the light down and outwards. It has the greatest forward throw potential of all three, and it is the most common wall light used for security lighting.

What Are the Advantages of LED Wall Pack Lights?

LEDs have several advantages over the metal halide wall packs they are designed to replace. Some of them include:

They are significantly more energy efficient and can reduce your lighting bills from 50-80%;
They are designed to operate for years with little to no maintenance;
They are a high quality light source;
They can be instantly turned on and off and pair well with motion sensors and photocells.

What Is a Semi Cutoff Wall Pack?

A semi cutoff is a hybrid solution combining full cutoff and non cutoff. It does allow for some forward throw of the light.

A semi cutoff wall pack light operates like a full cut off but also provides some forward throw from the fixture (flood). This is restricted to approximately 50% of the out light throw produced by a wall pack flood light. It is a nice solution when more light is needed but provides a limit to the light pollution that is produced.

What Is a Wall Pack Flood?

A wall pack flood directs the light downward but also throws the light forward. It provides the most light coverage of all wall pack versions and it is the most commonly used option.

Where Are LED Wall Pack Lights Used?

Our wall packs are installed on many commercial and industrial buildings. They are the perfect light solution if there is an exterior wall available that they can be installed on. Some common applications are:

Outdoor storage facilities;
Commercial warehouses;
Commercial buildings, like real-estate offices and doctors offices;
Outdoor loading dock areas.

What Is Dark Sky Compliance?

Dark Sky Compliance means that the light fixture (applies to wall packs, parking/shoe box and post top fixtures) can not produce any light pollution. Light pollution is when the fixtures are mounted in a way that light can reach the sky.

These fixtures need to be mounted at a 90 degree angle (horizontal with no angle or light escaping upwards). This is required by many towns and cities and would be part of the permitting requirements.

How Long Do LED Wall Packs Last?

Used under normal operating conditions (12 hours a night, 365 days a year), it is not unreasonable to expect 10 – 15+ years of life from one of our LED wall packs. All our wall packs come with a 5 year warranty.

How High Can I Mount a Wall Pack?

The ideal height for mounting a wall pack is 8 to 25 feet. To choose the correct wall pack wattage and type for your mounting height, consider the height and the amount of light needed as well as any permitting considerations.

Why Use LED Wall Pack Lights Instead of Conventional Lighting Solutions?

LED lights provide bright, energy efficient lighting and need very little maintenance, if any at all. Compared to fluorescent (CFL), metal halide or high pressure sodium wall packs, the difference is quite significant and provides a major upgrade over these conventional light sources.

What Wall Packs Comply with Dark-Sky Compliance?

Full cutoff wall packs are designed to be dark-sky compliant.

light pollution Graphic

Can I Use LED Wall Pack Lights for Security Lighting?

Yes you can. Alone, they may not be enough for your needs, but they are a good solution when mounted to the face of an exterior wall. Wall packs will light up the area around your building.

What's the Difference Between a Wall Pack and a Security Light?

Wall packs can be security lights, but we typically think of wall mounted security lights as small wattage flood lights with angled heads and an included motion sensor.


What Is the Brightest LED Wall Pack?

The brightest LED wall pack light we offer is 150 Watts producing 19,500 lumens.

Can I Use Wall Pack Lights on a Small Commercial Building?

Yes, they work great on most commercial buildings, large and small.

Do Your Wall Packs Come with Photocells?

Some do, and some other models can have a photocell added as an option. This ensures the lights are dusk to dawn ready.

I Am In Need of UL / ETL Approved LED Wall Pack Lights. Do You Have Them In Stock?

All our lights are either cUL or cETL listed and tested, and many are DLC Listed for rebates from your utility. We stock many wall packs in our warehouses in the USA, including our main warehouse in Nashua, NH.

100 Watt Wall Pack Flood

How Far Is the Light Spread? How Much Coverage Do I Get?

The spread of a wall pack is definitely more “flood” than “spot” coverage. The exact amount can be shown if we do a lighting plan for you. The report can show your building and coverage area of our wall packs installed in your building – before you have to make a purchase.

Do You Have Any LED Wall Pack Lights Smaller Than 40 Watt?

Yes, we offer many solutions of wall pack lights under 40 watts.

60 Watt Full Cutoff Wall Pack

How Far Do Wall Pack Lights Shine?

Assuming you are using a wall pack flood light, the distance of the light will depend on the mounting height. We can easily model our wall packs inside our specialized lighting plan software to show you the light coverage of our wall packs on your building.

How Many LED Wall Pack Lights Do I Need?

The best way to calculate the amount of wall packs is to create a lighting plan. For example, we have created 100’s of outdoor lighting plans for our customers using wall packs in conjunction with shoebox lights and flood lights for their outdoor parking lot spaces.

A combination of all these lights can give the customer an idea of how well lit their space will be after the installation. The lighting plan gives them all the details of the solution, including the number of fixtures needed.

Do You Have Wall Packs to Replace 400 Watt Metal Halide?

Yes we have several models that can easily replace 400 watts metal halide, 1 for 1.


Can Wall Pack Lights Be Mounted on the Ceiling?

Yes, LED wall pack lights can be mounted on the ceiling, however, that would not be the best use of them. There are far better lighting options to accomplish this, like canopy lights, or for indoor use, high bays and low bays.

I Have 'X' Watt Metal Halide Wall Packs. Do You Have a Replacement?

Yes, we can easily replace any metal halide wall pack from 50 Watts to 400 Watts with a 1 for 1 LED solution.


How to Install a Wall Pack Light?

The process is very simple for any qualified electrician. It involves disconnecting the power from the existing wall pack, removing it, installing the new wall pack with all the provided hardware that is included, and wiring it.

There are only three wires in a wall pack, line, neutral and ground. Nothing complicated.

How Far Apart to Install Wall Pack Lights?

This really depends on your specific requirements and needs. Once we understand your goal, we can create a free lighting plan that will give you all the details, light levels, and distance between fixtures.

How Do You Attach a Wall Pack to a Metal Building?

We have lots of customers who have done this. We recommend you contract with a licensed electrician and they will be able to provide you with the best options for mounting a wall pack on a metal building.


Want a Well Lit Outdoor Area? Let Us Do a Wall Pack Lighting Plan for You.

Wall Pack Lighting Plans allow you to see your outdoor space lit up with LED Wall Packs - without spending any money. Not all wall packs are the same - and minor differences can make the difference between under lit to well lit.

We have create 100's of free outdoor wall pack plans for our commercial customers. The plans allow us to alter placement, power and type of wall pack so that we can optimize the results before $1 is spent and you - the customer - is having to fix a poor buying choice.

We can model and simulate different wall packs inside our lighting software. By using the Lighting Plan software, we can see how well and what wall pack is your best lighting option.

LED Wall Pack Lighting Plan
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