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What Are LED Forward Throw Wall Packs?

LED wall pack flood lights are wall mounted outdoor lighting fixtures designed to distribute a broad, bright light to illuminate large areas providing commercial customers with a powerful lighting solution. These are commonly installed on the building facades and exteriors, parking lots, and outdoor public spaces for security, visibility, and safety. They use LEDs ( light emitting diode ) that are renowned for their energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance and long lifespan.

How Do I Select the Right LED Wall Pack Flood Light?

Choosing the right LED wall pack flood light depends on your specific needs.

Illumination Area: Determine the area you want to illuminate. Larger areas may require lights with higher lumens or multiple fixtures to maximize light distribution around building perimeters.

Purpose: Are these lights mainly for security, general illumination, or accent lighting? The purpose can help determine the brightness and beam angle you’ll need.

Energy Efficiency: LED Wall Pack Fixtures are energy-efficient, but there are still variations among models. Consider the energy consumption in relation to the light output.

Additional Features: Many LED wall pack flood lights come with features such as motion sensors, dusk-to-dawn photocells, and dimming capabilities.

What Are the Advantages of LED Wall Pack Flood Lights?

LED wall pack flood light fixtures offer numerous advantages:

Energy Efficiency: A LED Wall Pack Light consume less power for the same amount of light compared to traditional lighting options.

Long Lifespan: LED lights can last 50,000 hours or more, reducing the need for bulb and ballast replacements and maintenance.

Bright, Quality Light: LEDs provide quality, brighter light that’s perfect for security, cameras and visibility.

Low Maintenance: With their long lifespan and durability, LEDs require less maintenance when compared to HID sources.

What Are Your Most Popular LED Forward Throw Wall Pack Lights?

Our selection includes a range of LED wall pack flood lights designed to cater to diverse needs. Some of our most popular models include:

50-Watt LED Wall Pack Flood Light: Ideal for illuminating smaller areas with a clear, bright light.

100-Watt LED Wall Pack Flood Light: Suited for larger areas, offering a more powerful light output.

Motion-Sensor LED Wall Pack Flood Light: Equipped with a motion sensor for added security and energy efficiency.

Can I Control the Brightness of a LED Wall Pack Light?

Yes, some LED wall pack lighting come with dimming capabilities, allowing you to adjust the brightness as needed. This feature can also contribute to energy savings.

How Do I Install LED Wall Packs?

Installation of LED wall pack flood lights should be carried out by a professional, qualified electrician.

The basic process involves mounting the fixture onto the wall, connecting the wiring, and securing the fixture in place. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the product.

What Other Features Should I Consider When Buying LED Wall Pack Flood Lights?

Consider features such as weather resistance (look for IP rating), color temperature, and beam angle. Always make sure the product is certified by a recognized safety standard organization such as UL or ETL. If you are interested in rebates, make sure the lights are DLC (Design Lights Consortium) Listed.