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What are Parking Lot Light Poles Made of?

Parking lot lighting poles are typically constructed of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Wood and concrete poles are less common but are available in some instances. The choice of pole material will depend on a combination of price, lifespan, and pole strength.

Commercial parking lot light poles are available in two shapes, round or square. They are also offered in a range of heights so that they can accommodate parking lots with different shapes and sizes. They are usually installed directly into the ground or anchored to a concrete pier.

How Much Does a Parking Lot Light Pole Cost?

A parking lot light pole’s price usually ranges from $700 – $1500 each.

Price can be dependent on the material that they are constructed of and/or their height. For example, a 20’ parking lot light pole will be less expensive than a 40’ parking lot light pole (made from the same material).

Aluminum parking lot light poles will be more expensive than steel parking lot light poles.

What Is the Standard Parking Lot Pole Height?

It usually ranges from 15 to 30 feet. By contrast, light poles used for roadways can typically be up to 40 or 50 feet in length. The required height depends on the size of the parking lot. The mounting height of luminaires is also determined by local ordinances. Each area will have its own requirements.

What Is the Proper Parking Lot Light Pole Spacing?

Pole spacing depends on three things:

The mounting height of the luminaire
The number of lumens that will reach the ground
The parking lot usage type. This usually comes down to the kind of vehicles that will be parked in the lot. Will they be cars or trucks? Poles would need to be farther apart for trucks so that they can have enough space to maneuver in the lot.

Reference guide

The table below is a general reference for the spacing of parking lot poles. It’s best to consult a lighting expert for a lighting plan that will provide you with the optimal illumination of your parking lot.

Mounting Height is the height of the luminaire. Spacing is the spacing of the poles. Lumens are the number of lumens that will reach the ground.


Mounting Height Spacing Lumens
15’-20’ 20’-30’ 12,000-18,000
20’-25’ 30’-40’ 20,000-30,000
25’-35’ 40’-50’ 30,000-70,000