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LED Retrofit Kits

What Are LED Retrofit Kits?

LED retrofit kits are designed to upgrade existing HID and fluorescent lighting without replacing the fixture. Depending on the type and style of the kit, LED retrofit kits replace the fixture's bulb and ballast with an equivalent, if not better, LED light source. An LED Retrofit Kit uses all the same LED Technology that you will find in brand-new LED Fixtures.

A Retrofit Kit to replace metal halide consists of LED Modules, LED Driver, and mounting hardware.

Different Types of LED Retrofit Kits

There are many types produced by LED retrofit kit manfacturers. The most common kits replace metal halide bulbs, high-pressure sodium and fluorescent tubes, and fluorescent fixtures. We also have different sizes and mounting options, depending on the specific fixture.

Where Does It Make Sense to Use Retrofit Kits?

There are many reasons to use retrofit kits; the most common is an LED retrofit in an existing fixture. This is not always possible or practical; in this case, the existing fixture would need to be replaced entirely.

  • The fixture may be unique, expensive, and hard to replace.
  • Changing out a fixture may require permitting or expensive engineering costs.

In these cases, retrofitting is a great option.

Best LED Retrofit Kits

We have several LED retrofit options and this depends on the light fixtures' size, type, and wattage.

Contact us and we can help you find the best option.

Metal Halide LED retrofit kits and photocells

Our LED Retrofit Kits work well with photocells. If the fixture you are retrofitting already has a photocell, keep it. It will still work when you convert over to LED.

How Efficient Are Retrofit Kits?

LED retrofit kits are extremely efficient, on par with the most efficient new light fixtures. Our shoebox retrofit kits operate at 165 lumens/watt. Many options on the market are even DLC-approved LED retrofit kits to allow for maximum rebates due to their high efficiency.

Installing LED Light Retrofit Kits

We provide complete instructions, but LED lighting retrofit kits should be thought of as bulb and ballast replacements. The kits are designed to replace the traditional bulb with an LED equivalent and ballast with an LED driver. We highly recommend you use a licensed electrician.

Do I Need a Ground Wire for Commercial LED Retrofit Kits?

Most LED drivers have 3 wires: line, neutral, and ground.

Our retrofit kits installed in existing customer fixtures

Outdoor Shoebox Retrofitted With Led

45 Watt Led Retrofit Kit Parking Lot

120W retrofit kit conversion

400 Watt Metal Halide Led Retrofit Kits

1000 Watt Metal Halide Led Retrofit Kits