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LED Retrofit Kits

Need a Free LED Retrofit Kit Lighting Plan?

LED Retrofit Kits

Need a Free LED Retrofit Kit Lighting Plan?

LED Retrofit Kits replace existing Metal Halide and Fluorescent bulbs (and sometimes the  ballast) within an existing light fixture. Think of a retrofit kit as a LED replacement of the lighting components inside your existing fixture. The difference between retrofitting or replacing an existing light fixture is: Retrofitting is the process of replacing the internal lighting components of an existing fixture with LED components. You keep the existing fixture. Replacing is the process of removing the existing fixture and installing a new LED Fixture in its place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions to consider before you make your first LED Retrofit Kit purchase. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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What Are LED Retrofit Kits?

LED retrofit kits are designed to upgrade existing HID lighting fixtures without replacing the fixture. Depending on the type and style of kit, LED retrofit kits replace the fixture’s bulb and ballast with an equivalent, if not better, light source.

What Are the Different Types of LED Retrofit Kits?

There are many, but the two most common kits replace metal halide bulbs and fluorescent tubes. We also have different size and mounting options, depending on the specific fixture.

Where Does It Make Sense to Use Retrofit Kits?

There are many different reasons to use retrofit kits, the most common one is the need to use the existing fixture. The fixture may be unique, expensive and hard to replace. Or, changing out a fixture may require permitting or expensive engineering costs. In these cases, retrofitting is a great option.

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What Are the Best LED Retrofit Kits?

We have several options and this depends on the fixture size, type and wattage. Contact us and we can help you find the best option.

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How Efficient Are Retrofit Kits?

Some retrofit kits are extremely efficient, on par with the most efficient new light fixtures.


How Do You Install an LED Retrofit Light Kit?

We provide complete instructions, but kits should be thought of as a bulb and ballast replacement. The kits are designed to replace the traditional bulb with a LED equivalent and ballast with LED driver. We highly recommend you use a licensed electrician.

Do I Need a Ground Wire for an LED Retrofit?

Most LED drivers have 3 wires: line, neutral and ground.

Get Your Free Retrofit Lighting Plan

Founded in 2008, LED Lighting Supply has been providing high bay lighting solutions to facilities across the country for more than a decade.

Whether you need a free lighting plan or have questions about LEDs, our expert lighting team will help you make the right choice – whether that’s for a school gym or a 1,000,000 square foot facility.

 Contact us for a free lighting plan or to discuss your LED lighting goals.

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