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LED Retrofit Kits

A LED Retrofit Kit replaces existing Metal Halide and Fluorescent bulbs (and sometimes the  ballast) within an existing light fixture. Think of a retrofit kit as a LED replacement of the lighting components inside your existing fixture. The difference between retrofitting or replacing an existing light fixture is: Retrofitting is the process of replacing the internal lighting components of an existing fixture with LED components. You keep the existing fixture. Replacing is the process of removing the existing fixture and installing a new LED Fixture in its place. Get Your Free LED Retrofit Kits Lighting Plan

Why would you retrofit and not replace an existing light fixture?

There are many reasons why retrofitting makes sense.

There are times when retrofitting does not require permitting where as replacing would.

When replacing would need costly engineering drawings where as retrofitting doesn't.

When the investment in your existing fixtures are great and therefore costly to replace.

When the cost of a new fixture is so expensive that retrofitting your existing fixture makes economic sense.

Are retrofit kits as good as new fixtures?

Yes. At least the ones we sell are. Our retrofit kits are all UL or ETL listed and DLC Qualified. They all come with at least a 5 year warranty, and some even have a 10 year warranty. They have all the same components of LED inside a new fixture. They all use high quality drivers and high quality LED chips.

Our Retrofit Kits are UL and ETL listed - meaning they have been tested as a Retrofit Kit for the sole purpose of replacing old technology with LED. The UL Standard for this is UL1598C.

There is no reason to believe a LED Retrofit Kit will not perform as well or as long as a LED fixture.

How do you install LED Retrofit Kits?

Installation is typically as easy as if you were replacing the fixtures bulb and ballast.

Typically you would replace the ballast with the LED Driver and the bulb with the LED Bulb, Lamp or Head. For the most part, no fixture modifications are required.

LED Retrofit Kits are designed to replace old components inside existing fixtures.

Will the fixture lose its UL certification once it is retrofitted with LED?

No. As long as the retrofit kits are certified as UL1598C retrofit kits, you follow the instructions properly, and don't modify the fixtures, you should be able to keep the original UL, ETL or CSA certification that came with the fixture.

Do LED Retrofit Kits work with Lighting Controls?

Most do, but it depends on the type of retrofit kit.

Our Metal Halide LED Retrofit Kits work with motion sensors and photocells, but are not part of the retrofit kit. If your existing Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium Fixture, for example, has a photocell, then you will be able to still use it.


Do Retrofit Kits work in High Voltage environments?

Yes - as long as the LED Driver is a high voltage driver, there is nothing to stop you from using a retrofit kit when you have 100V to 277V or 277V to 480V.

What are the best LED Retrofit Kits?

The best retrofit kits are the kits that work best in your space or area. How do you determine that? The simplest way is to have LED Lighting Supply create a Lighting Plan. A lighting plan is a software derived plan modeling your space with our lights. The output of a lighting plan is a report showing light levels in your space marked as foot candles and a calculation of how well the light is balanced within the space.

A lighting plan will determine what the "Best LED Retrofit Kits for you" are.

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