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Frequently Asked Questions

We spoke to our customers to find out what questions they have when buying LED parking lot lights. Feel free to call us at (888) 423-3191 to speak with one of our lighting experts.

Looking for more information on these lights? Click here to read our Buyers Guide to Parking Lot Lights.

General Information About LED Parking Lot Lights

What are the Types of Lighting Outdoor Parking Lots?

There are four main types of parking lot lights:

HID or High-Intensity Discharge Lamps (Metal Halide)

High-Pressure Sodium Lamps

Mercury Vapor Lamps

LED Lights

HIDs have been the most popular lamp used to illuminate parking lots, but LED Lamps are becoming more popular because of their efficiency.

How can you Choose the Right LED Parking Lot Light?

The following factors can impact the right fixture for your needs:

Light Level Required. How bright do you want it to be?
Mounting Height. This can range from 10 to 50 feet in height.
Mount Type. Slip fitter or pole mount.
Voltage Required. 100-277V or 277-480V.
Fixture Color. We stock traditional bronze and white.
Is a Photocell or Motion Sensor Required? This can impact availability and cost.
Commercial Grade. High-Performance Quality Commercial Lighting
Cost Preference. There is a cost scale based on performance, quality, and warranty – Good, Better, and Best.
How quickly is it needed? We have many in stock options.
Color Temperature. Choose between 4000K and 5000K

Best Led Parking Lot Lights

(completed parking lot lighting project at a shopping center)

Do You Sell LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures that can replace 400-Watt Metal Halide Lights?

Yes, we do. Our street and parking lights are powerful and bright fixtures. We recommend them for pole applications not exceeding 30 feet. These lights produce between 15,000 and 25,000 LED lumens. Check them out here.

Do You Sell Commercial Lighting for Parking Lots that can replace 1000-Watt Metal Halide Lights?

For 1000-Watt HID equivalent lights for parking lots, we have many different options producing between 39,000 and 50,000+ LED lumens. These commercial LED parking lot lights are commonplace on poles up to 40 feet high.

What are the advantages of LED parking lot lights over traditional (HID) lighting?

There are many. Here are a few based on our 10+ years of experience.

  1. Energy savings: you should expect upwards of 50% reduced costs over traditional lighting
  2. Less maintenance: HID (Metal Halide) bulbs need replacing at around 15,000 hours. At 1/2 life, they have lost 1/2 of their lumens. So for those who need bright light (sports fields), you may be replacing bulbs sooner than you think.
  3. Instant On – Instant Off. No long start-up/strike times with LED.
  4. Works well with motion sensors and photocells. Because they can turn on and off quickly, they work well with these energy savings controls.
  5. Dimming: Some LEDs (not all) can dim. In parking lot lights, this means you can lower the light levels when the lot is empty. Works perfectly with dimming motion sensors.

What Fixtures Are the Most Popular?

By far, our most popular fixtures are our:

150-Watt Fixture (SBHO2 150 Watt) – replaces 400-Watts HID / Metal Halide

300-Watt Fixture (SBHO2 300 Watt)replaces 1000-Watt HID / Metal Halide


What are the Best LED Parking Lot Lights?

There is no one perfect light for all applications and situations. That said, there is a reliable and dependable process you can count on to identify illumination solutions ideal for your needs. It helps you determine what fixture is your best option.

There are too many variables to choose from. Power, lumens, optics, and shields. It makes it difficult for any true lighting professional to claim they have the best light. Even among fixtures, it’s surprising how two similar lights behave in a lighting plan.

The secret to success is to start with a lighting plan. The plan helps determine what the best LED light is. Here are the steps:

1. Start with determining how much outdoor lighting you need. That’s a light measurement of lux, lumens per square foot, or our preferred measurement, foot candles.

2. Have us create the lighting plan (we do these for free). Provide us with a map location or scaled drawing. State where the poles are or tell us to suggest pole locations for your parking area lights.

We’ll try different fixtures and provide you with options. The plan will show you light levels, light balance, light distribution and the number of fixtures used. It will also tell you what fixture we used. Light balance is important, as you are always trying to avoid shadows within the lighted zone.

This is the best formula for success. We can help you find the best LED lighting solution for your needs.

Parking Lot Lighting Plan

Contact us for a free lighting plan or to discuss your LED lighting goals.

List of Best LED Parking Lot Lights in 2023?

  1. 100-Watt LED Shoebox Light | 16000 Lumens | 10 Year Warranty | 5000K | 100V-277V
  2. 150-Watt LED Shoebox Light | 24000 Lumens | 10 Year Warranty | 5000K | 100V-277V
  3. 300-Watt LED Shoebox Light | 48000 Lumens | 10 Year Warranty | 5000K | 100V-277V
  4. 100-Watt LED Shoebox Light | 13000 Lumens | 5000K | 100-277V | Type 3

How long do Commercial Parking Lot Lights Last?

There are two components of this fixture that have different lifespans. The first is the LEDs. Today, higher-quality Commercial Parking Lot Lighting LEDs can last 100,000+ hours. Typically, you do not replace LEDs if they fail.

The second is the driver. Most high-quality LED Drivers, like the ones you find in our fixtures, are rated for 50,000 to 70,000 hours. You can easily replace them when they come to the end of their life.

These numbers vary by quality. You can generally gauge quality by the cost of the product. Many ‘cheap’ LED Parking Lot fixtures use lesser-quality chip sets and drivers.

Why would I Choose Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights?

Solar parking lot lights have come a long way, and while they are more expensive than parking lot lights that are wired into the electrical service, they are optimal in scenarios where the wiring infrastructure is not in place. Solar-powered parking lot lights are powerful lights (up to 20000 lumens from a 100-watt fixture at 200 lumens per watt). They can provide light for up to 4 days in smart mode and rely on motion sensors to dim the lighting when no one is around.

Can you replace 400-Watt Metal Halides and 1000-Watt Metal Halides with Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights?

Replacing 400-Watt Metal Halides / HID Lights is no problem, you can choose an 80-Watt Solar Powered Light producing 16000 lumens or a 100-Watt Solar Powered Light producing 20000 lumens.

To replace 1000-Watt Metal Halides, we would recommend (2) of the 100-Watt Solar Powered Lights for a combined total of 40,000 lumens.

Before You Buy: LED Parking Lot Lights

What Size LED lights / how many lumens replace Metal Halide / HID Parking Lot Lights?

Here are some replacement guidelines to follow:

250-Watt HID / Metal Halide:  9,000 – 12,000 LED lumens
400-Watt HID / Metal Halide: 15,000 – 25,000 LED lumens
1000-Watt HID / Metal Halide: 35,000 – 50,000 LED lumens
1500-Watt + HID / Metal Halide: 50,000 – 90,000 LED lumens

What Optics Do You Sell with your LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures?

There are five basic types of optics, designated Type 1 to Type 5. By far the two most common that we offer and stock is:

Type 3: This distribution’s designed for the parking spaces and general roadway areas. They are higher than Type 2 but not as wide. It’s the perfect choice for lighting on the edges of the parking lot area.

Type 5: This distribution is circular. It generates the same amount of light in all directions. It works great for spaces that need a lot of even lighting. It’s ideal for poles mounted in the center of parking lots.

Do you sell LED Retrofits for my Outdoor Parking Lot Lights?

We can supply both new fixtures as well as retrofit kits designed for parking lot lights. If the fixtures are in good shape, a retrofit can be a great option. The kits contain everything you need to replace the internal lighting components.

Retrofitting is about as challenging to an electrician as an HID bulb and ballast replacement. Instead of replacing the old bulbs and ballasts with new ones, he is substituting in our retrofit kits.

What are the Brightest / Most Powerful LED Parking Lot Lighting Lights We Offer?

The brightest parking lot LED light we offer is a 500-Watt Fixture producing around 70,000 lumens.

Do You Sell Motion Sensors?

We do. Motion sensors will dim or turn off the light when all motion has stopped for a period of time. It works in conjunction with our LED 0-10V or 1-10V Dimmable Drivers.

This will save you even more money on your lighting bill, extend the life of the light, and lower the amount of maintenance needed. If you have an outdoor space that’s empty for 75% of the night, dimming makes sense.

Dimming to 10% will create incredible savings over the older HID-style lights.

LED Parking Lot Lights

How Much Do Your Parking Lot Lights Cost?

It depends on a lot of factors/features that meet your requirements. There is a cost scale based on performance, quality, and warranty – Good, Better, and Best.

It’s best to qualify your requirements with us and we will identify the cost options. We show pricing on all our lights above, and we do offer contractor / large quantity discounts.

Do you sell LED Parking Lot Flood lights?

We do. You can find all the LED Flood Lights we offer. Flood lights are different from parking lot lights in terms of the function they perform. What they can do really well is light up a dark corner of the lot from an existing location without having to add a new pole. They are designed to throw light a far distance if needed.

Do You Sell Photocells?

We do. Photocells are automated light switches that turn on the lights at dusk and off at dawn. They install into a NEMA Socket with a twisting motion. This ensures the lights are only on when it’s dark.

Do You Sell Light Poles for Parking Lot Fixtures?

We do sell light poles for parking lots. Our poles can accommodate 1 to 4 led street lights and led shoebox lights (depending on the pole type and EPA rating for your area). We can ship our poles to most locations in the lower 48 states.

Installation Information On LED Parking Lot Lights

How Easy is it to Install these LED Lights?

There is no difference between installing LED lights and Metal-Halide / HPS lights. Any qualified electrician can work on the installation. They will need access to a boom truck or lift. They go through the process of removing and replacing the lights. Because of the heights involved, it is best to use a qualified electrician for this process.

Can You Adjust the Lighting on LED Parking Lot Pole Lights?

There are two types of adjustments that you should think about: beam pattern and light levels. Choose beam patterns at the time of purchase. Having a lighting plan is the best way to choose this.

If you start with a lighting plan, we have never had a customer ask us to make adjustments once installed. In very few cases, a customer will add extra fixtures because they want more light in certain areas.