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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created the list below based on questions from first-time buyers and repeat customers. Check out the most asked questions on LED tube lights or call us at (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.

General Information About LED Tube Lights

Can You Replace Fluorescent Tubes with LEDs?

Yes, LED tubes will replace fluorescent tubes inside the existing fixture.

Are LED Tubes Brighter Than Fluorescent ones?

They are. We find you can replace 2 tubes with 1 LED tube. The process of removing tubes is de-lamping. We recommend sampling a few fixtures first before a total de-lamping strategy.

In the offices of LED Lighting Supply, we’ve converted all fluorescent fixtures to LED using de-lamping. The light levels have improved within the office and warehouse space.

How Many T5 LED Tube Lights Can You Connect Together?

There is no limitation to the number of tubes connected together. The only limitation is how many tubes can you put in a fixture. LED tubes do not consume as much energy as the fluorescent tubes they replace. So there should not be any issues with amp load on the panel circuit even if you replace tubes one for one.

How Many T8 LED Tube Lights Can I add in a Single Row?

There are no limitations, but at some point, too many tubes will make the area too bright.

How Long Do LED Tube Lights Last?

Most tubes will last 50,000 hours. At 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s 16 years of life.

Fluorescent Tube Bulb Sizes

What Is a Type “A” LED Tube Light?

A type “A” tube is one that is able to use the existing ballast inside the fluorescent fixture. A word of caution. There are times when the ballast is not compatible with the tube. So there is no guarantee that the tube will work with your existing ballasts.

Type “A” Pros: simple installation, remove the old tube, install the LED tube;
Type “A” Cons: at some point you will still need to deal with the ballast. Your ballast and the LED tube might not be compatible. The ballast still consumes electricity and may hum.

What Is a Type “B” LED Tube?

A type “B” tube is not ballast compatible. This is known as a ‘ballast bypass’ or ‘direct wire tubes’ solution. solution. The ballast’s disconnected and the tombstones rewired to accept standard AC power. There are two types of Type “B tubes: internal driver and external driver models. By far, the most common are internal driver tubes.

Type “B” Pros.  no ballast, largest energy savings, never an issue with ballast compatibility. Greater energy savings over Type “A”;
Type “B” Cons: longer installation time, but once you’re done, no ballast issues.

What Is a Hybrid Tube?

A Hybrid Tube is both ballast compatible and direct connection [Type A and B], so you can use it either way.

Are Tube Tombstones Shunted or Non-Shunted?

Shunted tombstones can only accept singular power. Non-shunted tombstones can accept both line and neutral power sources.

Led light tube vs fluorescent light tube

Can I Switch from T5 to T8 LED Tube Light Bulbs?

This is more of a function of the lamp holders. If the end pins are exactly the same, then yes, you can convert. There has to be enough room in the fixture. T5 tubes are about half the diameter of T8 tubes. So make sure there is enough space and that you will get the light level you need. There is also an option to use magnetic strips if more light’s needed. So you have many options to replace fluorescent lights.

How Many Lumens Do I Need to Replace My T12 / T8 Fluorescent Tube?

We recommend a tube that produces between 1500 and 2500 lumens. The perfect tube will allow you to de-lamp as well. So a 2000 lumen tube might be ideal for replacing 2 fluorescent tubes with 1 LED tube.

How Many Lumens Do I Need to Replace T5 Fluorescent Lights?

T5 fluorescent lamps are very bright, especially the HO versions. Look for a tube that produces around 3000 to 4000 lumens.

LED office lighting

What Is Single-Ended Power vs. Double-Ended Power?

A single-ended power tube requires a non-shunted tombstone and is powered up from one end of the tube only. The other end’s unpowered. A double-ended tube requires shunted tombstones. With line power to one tombstone and neutral to the other.

Do You Replace Tombstones with LED Tube Lights?

No, but if you are using Type B tubes, you will need to rewire them to accept AC power and not fluorescent ballast power.

Before You Buy: LED Tube Lights

When Should I Use a Tube Instead of a New Fixture?

Installation is quick and easy when you use tubes, especially ballast-compatible tubes. You do not need to hire an electrician to install these tubes. Your normal maintenance staff in your facility can do the replacement. Make sure the power’s turned off before you change out the tubes.

How Much Do LED Tube Lights Costs?

You can buy them for under $10 per tube. Large quantity and bulk discounts apply.

Do These Tube Lights Have One-Sided Power?

Yes, some of the LED tube lights we sell are single-ended power.

Are LED Tube Lights Color Changeable?

We do not offer color-changeable tubes.

I Can Get Tubes for $5 – Can You Meet That Price?

We’ve had customers buy $5 tubes on their own and then come back to us because all the tubes are failing. Quality costs a little bit more but it always pays off in the long run. The tubes we sell come with a 5-year warranty.

Do LED Tube Lights Have a Motion Sensor?

Some tubes come with a motion sensor option, but we do not offer that option.

Are LED Tube Lights Dimmable?

Some are, but not all. Talk to a LED Lighting Supply expert and we can walk you through our dimmable options.

Installation Information On LED Tube Lights

Can You Use Plug and Play LED Lights into Tube Lights?

Yes, we have ballast-compatible LED tubes.

How to Bypass a Ballast to Install LED Tubes?

That is a function of cutting out the ballast, and then wiring the tombstones to AC power. It’s important to understand whether you have single-ended or double-ended powered tubes. And the types of tombstones in the fixtures. You will need an electrician to do this.

How Do You Retrofit LED Tube Lights?

If you have ballast-compatible tubes, it’s as simple as removing the old fluorescent tubes and installing the new LED tube lights. If you are looking to bypass the ballast, you need a qualified electrician to do the rewiring of the fixture.