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Strong and versatile, steel light poles are the most common type of light pole. Except for wood light poles, they are the least expensive compared to other types of materials such as concrete, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Their life can be prolonged when using galvanized steel or other specialized finishes, such as stainless steel light poles. Steel light poles are an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and reliable option.

The strength of steel light poles can be a key factor depending on their location. If your street lighting project is located in an area that experiences hurricanes, they can be designed to withstand winds of 150 mph or more.

Steel Light Pole Features

Wide Variety of Sizes – The height of the poles can range from 8 feet to 235 feet. The height of the poles will be dependent on their application.

Two General Shapes – Square steel light poles and round steel light poles are the standard shapes that you’ll choose from. Round poles can also be tapered towards the top as their height increases. This makes them more wind- and vibration-resistant.

Installation Types – Installation is a critical factor when choosing steel light poles for sale. There are two general ways that steel light poles are installed, direct burial and anchor-based.

As the name implies, direct burial poles are inserted directly into the ground. They do not require a concrete base or mounting hardware. This type of installation is easy and inexpensive, but it requires a solid soil base, and the poles can be difficult to replace.

By contrast, an anchor-based installation costs more and is more time-consuming. It requires a concrete footing, and you’ll need to use anchor bolts, nuts, and washers. However, the poles will be easier to replace and are better at withstanding impacts.

How Much Does A Steel Light Pole Weigh?

The weight of street light poles will vary depending on their height, thickness, style, and material. Steel light poles will weigh more than fiberglass or aluminum street light poles. Taller and thicker light poles of the same material will weigh more, of course.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Steel Light Poles Over Wood Or Concrete Poles?

Compared to wood light poles, steel light poles are much stronger and have a longer lifespan. Steel poles are better equipped to withstand high winds and can hold more light fixtures. They are also resistant to fire, infestation, and decay.

Concrete light poles have the same advantages over wood light poles as steel. However, they are more expensive and extremely heavy. Their weight makes them difficult to handle and install.

Should You Use A Steel Round Light Pole Or A Steel Square Light Pole?

Generally speaking, both pole shapes are designed to meet the requirements of the lights being mounted. The decision is mostly about aesthetics. Do you prefer the square or round look? This said round steel light poles do have the advantage of a cylindrical shape. This helps to reduce wind load on the steel light pole.