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Harsh Environment LED Lighting

Harsh Environment LED Lighting covers a broad spectrum of  Lights in the Industrial and Commercial space that includes hazardous location lighting, lighting for food service and processing, and lighting in high ambient temperature environments, to name a few.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions around harsh environment LED lighting. So we’ve curated a list from first time buyers and repeat customers. Check out our most asked questions below or call us on (888) 423-3191 to find the right lighting for you.

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What Is Harsh Environment LED Lighting?

Harsh Environment LED lighting is a broad category of lights. They’re designed to work well in areas that are harder on lighting than general areas. There is not one environment or situation that defines “harsh”. It could include areas of of high temperatures or food processing. Or offshore environments where salt water and spray are constant. These lights are more robust, with high impact ratings. They have large components and higher grade finishes to be able to withstand a harsh environment.

What Are the Benefits of Harsh Location Lighting?

A harsh environment light’s designed to provide years of maintenance free lighting. No one wants to buy harsh environment LED lighting and have them fail in a short period of time.

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When Does It Make Sense to Use Harsh Environment LED Lighting?

Do you have an environment where explosive materials, such as gas or dust, are present? In concentrations that a spark from a light could create an explosion? Then consider using Explosion Proof Lighting for hazardous locations. Your local government will mandate the use of these lights in such conditions.

What Are the Different Types of Lights That You Can Use in Harsh Environments?

In areas where food are being processed, NSF Food Safe Lights are your best option. In manufacturing areas with high ceilings, use industrial grade High Bay LED Lights. In high ambient environments, high temperature LED lights are your best choice. In parking garages where car exhaust would harm the internal components of a light, choose LED Vapor Proof lighting. And in offshore or nearshore locations where salt water is present, choose fixtures with a marine-grade finish.


What Makes Light Fixtures Durable Enough for Harsh Environments?

It depends on the type of light. For the most part, these lights are very robust. They’re industrial grade with heavier casting, high impact ratings, and special finishes. In the case of explosion proof lighting, it’s the lights’ design and engineering that comes into play. It keeps explosions created inside the light from causing an explosion. For high temperature lighting, it’s uses a heavy duty heat sink and other design factors to keep them cool.

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How Do You Install Lighting in Harsh Environments?

A licensed electrician who’s familiar with your environment is your best option. Following the instructions and local code is the best way to install these fixtures.