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LED Oil Rig Lights

What is Oil Rig – Refinery – Petrochemical LED Lighting?

We generally think of oil rigs, refineries, and petrochemical facilities as hazardous locations. Therefore, a lot of the LED lighting fixtures need to be rated as explosion-proof lighting. These lights are UL 844 certified and can work in both Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 environments, both indoors and outdoors.

There are instances where you could use general (non-hazardous) lighting. These include wall packs, flood lights, and parking lot lights. For indoor areas, high bays, and office panel lights are the preferred options.

Recommended Fixtures for Oil Platform Lighting / Oil Rig Lights / Drilling Rig Lights / Oil Field Lighting

Strict guidelines are in place about the types of lighting You can use. It will be either Class 1 Div 1 or Class 1 Div 2 lights.

Using Class 1 Div 1 or Class 1 Div 2 depends on the area. If hazardous conditions exist all the time, Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) is required. If hazardous conditions exist some of the time, use Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) lighting. You must understand the environment before deciding. If unsure, C1D1 will also cover C1D2 areas.

For oil refineries, you will need explosion-proof lighting if the area is considered a hazardous location. There are parts of the refinery that are not in a hazardous zone, and using general lighting in these areas will be fine.

Non-explosion Proof Outdoor Lighting Recommendations

It depends on the area that needs to be lit up. For parking areas, we recommend shoebox lights. For security lighting, we recommend flood lights and even high mast lights. For building exterior lighting, we have wall packs. For interior lighting, LED panel lights will fit into a suspended ceiling.

Are LED Lights Safe to Use as Oil Rig Lighting and Refinery Lights?

They can be, but you have to choose the right light for the right application. If the area requires explosion-proof lighting, that’s what you should install in the area. LED lights are only unsafe if you use the wrong lights for the wrong application.

Considerations for LED Lights in Oil Refineries Lighting Design

Oil refineries are rather complex areas. So the lighting design needs to take into account all the obstructions that a refinery has. This will provide the best and safest light coverage.

Speciality Lighting for Oil Rights and Oil Refineries

Extreme Cold Conditions: We have many fixtures installed in Alaska, where winter conditions are commonly below -40F at night.

High Temperature Areas: We have high-temperature-rated lights up to 302F. Also, explosion-proof fixtures are rated to 140F.

Saltwater Environments: We have marine-grade fixtures with special powder coating and epoxy paint finishes.

SASO / CB Rated LED Lighting: we have a wide selection of SASO and CB-rated fixtures.

oil right lighting at night

Oil and Gas Refinery

What's the Difference between Oil Rig Lights / Refinery Lights and Commercial LED Lighting?

Oil rigs are dangerous environments. Installing a non-explosion-proof light in this environment could prove dangerous. Do not confuse “vapor-proof” lighting with explosion-proof lights. They are not designed to be explosion-proof. Make sure you understand your lighting requirements before you purchase.

Are There Special Requirements when Installing Industrial Rig Lights / Petrochemical Lighting?

We recommend using a certified electrician. One who is familiar with installing lights within these types of facilities. There is nothing difficult in installing our fixtures. Understanding codes and regulations is essential in these types of facilities.

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