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Why you should consider converting to LED Panels?

2X2 LED Panel
2X4 LED Panel

1. 2 X 2 LED Light Panel and 2 X 4 LED Ceiling Panel

LED Lighting Supply offers both 2X2 LED Panels and 2X4 LED Panels in both edge lit and direct lit styles. Edge lit LED Panels offer an extreme thin design that accommodates shallow ceiling heights. For cost effective solutions, our back lit or direct lit series offers great performance for those on a budget.

All lenses are shatter resistant and install easy in existing commercial t-grid ceilings. This makes conversion from fluorescent troffers to LED Panels simple and easy.



2. LED Light Panel: Color Temperature Options

We offer both 4000K and 5000K temperature options on our standard 2X2 and 2X4 LED Panels. These 2 color options are by far the most common. They're widely used in both commercial and educational indoor spaces.

Our Tunable Color Temperature LED Panels takes out the worry of selecting a color temperature. Using a remote control, you can switch between 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. You can also control the light intensity with 4 present light levels. Spaces can be set up to accommodate color and light levels independent of other spaces.

Emergency Backup Power Supply 

3. Emergency Backup Flat Panel Lights

Battery Backup makes sure the panels are on when power goes off. Not every panel you install needs to have this option. But having Emergency Back-up lighting inside commercial indoor spaces provides a safe, well lit hallway or space when there is a power outage.

Motion Sensors

4. Motion Sensors Lighting Controls

Motion sensors are lighting controls that keep the lights on when people are around. They also can dim, or turn off, the lights, when everyone has left.  

We want to show you how much you'll save when you convert your fluorescent troffers.

So let's put it in dollars.

By converting to LED, you may save up to $81* for every fixture (every year) on energy costs alone.

If you have a large facility with many fluorescent lights, there’s no doubt that you will save a lot of money.

(* depends on your cost of electricity and hours of use)