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Surface Mount Flat Panel LED Lights

Surface Mount Flat Panel LED Lights are 2X2 or 2X4 ceiling lights designed to fit inside the grid of a commercial indoor drop ceiling whereas commercial grid ceilings are either 2X2 or 2X4 spaced. LED Panel lights fit perfectly inside these grid spaces. Not only can they replace fluorescent lighting, they also provide flicker free, hum free lighting at typically 50% or more energy savings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot of questions to consider before you buy your first LED panel or troffer light. Scroll below to find answers to our most common questions or call (888) 423-3191 and we’ll do our best to assist you.


What Is a LED Panel Light?

LED panel lights are lights designed to install inside a dropped ceiling grid system. You see these fixtures inside offices, schools, hospitals and other commercial facilities. They come in 3 sizes – 1X4, 2X2 and 2X4.

What’s better for interior lighting, LED Troffers or LED Panels?

Both panels and troffers are the same size, 2X2 and 2X4.

Panels have a flat panel surface, the entire face of the panel is flat.

Troffers are usually fixtures with an architectural stylish surface.

Which style of fixture is better? Troffers offer more indirect light and is more of an architecturally styled fixture. Panels are more direct lit with the light being visible on the face of the fixture. It really comes down to personal choice.

Should I Buy Edge Lit or Back Lit LED Panels?

The main difference between these two fixtures is where the manufacturer locates the LEDs. In edge lit panels, they mount LEDs in the outside frame of the panel. The LEDs point inwards, lighting up the translucent panel. Back lit panels have LED strips installed on the back of the fixture. The LEDs pointing downwards toward the floor.

How Do I Select LED Panel Lights?

The process starts by asking us to create a lighting plan after indicating how bright you want the space to be. The lighting plan software we use will allow us to switch out different panels and troffers. We can set the spacing, until we meet the the desired light levels.

If you are currently using panels, you should be able to replace them one for one with LED. You should expect the same or better lighting with an LED panel.


Which are better: 2X2, 2X4 or 1X4 Panels?

It all comes down to your preferences and needs. Panels drop into the ceiling in most cases. So it can also depend on the drop ceiling configuration that you have. 2X4 panels will put out more light than 1X4 and 2X2 panels.

We also carry standard and high output panels depending on your requirements.

Do You Sell Color Changeable LED Panels?

Yes, and we have them. Some can change using a remote control. Some panels have switches on board the fixture, you can choose the color temperature. So you no longer have to decide which color temperature to choose upfront. You can select it after or as you install the light.


How Are Panel Lights Mounted?

There are three methods.

You can drop then into the existing grid of a drop ceiling.
You can suspend them from the ceiling with hanging wire.
They can be ceiling mounted using a ceiling mount frame.

How Do You Dim LED Panel Lights?

Some panels come with a dimmable 0-10V driver and 1-10V driver. Some of our panels are dimmable using a supplied remote control. Others can connect in series using low voltage wire and a wall mounted 0-10V dimmer switch.

Do Your Panels Come with Safety Clips on the Back?

Some models have safety clips. This makes them safe for installation in earthquake prone areas.

Do your LED Panels Come with a Remote?

Some do. For example, our color and wattage changing panels are configurable using remote control.

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How Do You Wire Flat Panel LED Lights?

These panels are simple to wire. There are only three wires to hook up – line, neutral and ground. Any qualified electrician can install them.

How Do You Install LED Panel Lights?

They drop into a drop ceiling grid, and all you have to do is wire them to your power circuit.

How Do You Install a Battery Backup on a LED Panel?

Some of our panels have battery backups as an option. If you order these panels with the battery backup, they are already installed. There is nothing for you to do other than wire the panels to the circuit. Make sure you following the supplied instructions.