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2X4 LED Flat Panels


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Frequently Asked Questions

LED lighting offers innovative, efficient solutions to illuminate a variety of spaces. Among these, 2X4 LED flat panels are an optimal choice for large areas, thanks to their powerful, uniform light. This FAQ section provides answers to common queries about 2X4 LED flat panels.

General Information About 2X4 LED Flat Panels

What are 2X4 LED Flat Panels?

2X4 LED flat panels are energy-efficient lighting commercial indoor ceiling lights. They are ideal for large commercial spaces like offices and schools. They are 24 inches X 48 inches in size. They can fit into a drop ceiling grid or be surface-mounted. Most LED Flat Panels are either edge lit or back lit.

Lumen output is comparable if not better to existing fluorescent fixtures. The panels evenly distributes light within the drop ceilings making it the right choice for indoor lighting. Common color temperatures are 3000K, 4000K or 5000K.

How do 2X4 LED Flat Panel Lights compare to other sizes?

2X4 LED flat panels offer the most extensive coverage among LED panels based on their large size. They provide the same quality of light as other panel sizes but in a larger format. 2X4 panels are by far the most popular format installed in commercial spaces.

Before You Buy: 2X4 LED Flat Panels

What are the mounting options for 2X4 LED Flat Panels?

2X4 LED flat panels offer these installation options:

They can fit into an existing drop ceiling grid.
They can be suspended from the ceiling using hanging wires.
They can be directly mounted to the ceiling using a surface mount kit.

Can 2X4 LED Flat Panels be dimmed?

Yes, many of our 2X4 LED flat panels come with a dimmable driver, allowing for adjustable light levels. This ranges from off to full power. Some models even include a remote control for easy dimming.

Installation Information On 2X4 LED Flat Panels

How do you wire a 2X4 LED Edge Lit Flat Panels?

Wiring a 2X4 LED flat panel is identical to any fluorescent 2X4 panel involving 3 wires. These are line, neutral, and ground wires. This process is straightforward and makes for an easy installation. Always use an electrician to install LED panels of any commercial or industrial lighting fixture.